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  1. mommyloons2009

    Excursions canceled for rain? What are the odds?

    We just cruised last week and our Helicopter Excursion in Juneau was cancelled due to rain and low visibility. We were bummed but did the Canoe excursion to the Glacier which was great.
  2. Has anyone ever taken an Uber from their hotel to Pier 91? If so how was it. Any other recommendations to get from the hotel to the pier?
  3. mommyloons2009

    Sports coverage on Board

    Thanks everyone. I do have the unlimited internet package so I guess I could live stream it or go on FIOS on the go. If not I will have to rely on Twitter for updates. :)
  4. mommyloons2009

    Sports coverage on Board

    My husband thinks I am crazy but I was wondering if there were any bars on the Solstice that would be showing football. College football starts the weekend I will be on my cruise. Big game between Virginia Tech and WVU on ABC prime time Sunday the 3rd. Just wondering.
  5. mommyloons2009

    Celebrity website BEYOND INSANITY

    I thought I was going crazy. I get locked out every time I move around the website. I did check in and got my paperwork but it keeps saying can't check in until pending items are completed. Pending items are completed. I have never been on Celebrity usually a RCL or Carnival girl. Hopefully the website is no indication of the whole cruise. It is very frustrating. :(
  6. mommyloons2009

    Using iMessage on iPhone for texts on board

    You will get a message from your provider about how much text messages with cost when you are out of range. Verzon is I think .05 to send and .50 to receive. Once you are at sea I don't think you can use your unlimited internet without purchasing Royal's plan. On was on Carnival last year and they have limited internet access for 25 dollars a week and a bit more for more access. That doesn't help Royal Caribbean customers. Hoping Royal will follow.
  7. mommyloons2009

    My Time Dining

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with MTD. We have done it in the past with reservations. Do you really need to make reservations? We just recently went on Carnival and we just went when we wanted.
  8. Does it really take away from the experience if the guy next to you isn't wearing a suit and tie on formal night? Everyone should be able to dress they way they want and not looked down upon. Go enjoy and don't stress about the dress code.
  9. WE took my daughter on the Allure when she was 18. It was a bad age for her because she had a friend that was only 17. My daughter could use the clubs but not the teen club and visa versa for her friend. She didn't feel comfortable going to the clubs herself. Yours have each other so they will have a good time. They can gamble. We are going on the Allure again this week. We will see if my now 20 year old feels more secure to mingle with the older crowd. :)
  10. mommyloons2009

    Swimsuits ruined on Oasis

    Last year in the Oasis pool I was wearing my sterling silver Tiffany bracelet and it turned black. I wore it in cruise pools before and this has never happened. Not to mention that silver cleaner isn't working to turn it back. :mad:
  11. mommyloons2009

    Women In Shorts MDR - Casual Night

    My husband has worn nicer shorts in the MDR on the last few cruises we took. We are going on the Allure in August and my Brother in Law says he is on vacation and will not bring a suit for formal nights. It shouldn't matter what you wear it doesn't change the experience as far as I am concerned. You will see people that will have on Black Tie attire on formal nights and others who just dress like any other night. It is your cruise to heck with the rest.:)
  12. mommyloons2009

    Allure Review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/11 Sailing

    I have sailed in both a Central Park Balcony and Boardwalk Balcony. I did prefer the Boardwalk since I could watch the aqua show and see the water. The noise never bothered me as when the doors are closed they are pretty sound proof. Just my opinion.
  13. mommyloons2009

    Rooms Next to Each other Question.

    The funny thing is I originally booked with Royal on my own but my mother-in-laws cousin is a TA so she wanted to give him the business. I think we were his first client. I had to tell him how to do everything so I feel if I was in charge no issues would have occurred. We will just get the keys switched if I don't get a response from Customer Service. Just another thing to think about.
  14. mommyloons2009

    Rooms Next to Each other Question.

    Thanks everyone for your answers and suggestions. I guess it seems weird that my 20 year old who rents a house at school needs her mom to allow her to be alone in her room. She is of legal age to do everything else but drink. I know it will all work out. My DH says keep it the way it is that way he won't have to listen to me snore. LOL.
  15. I am a bit frustrated. When I booked my rooms,(directly from Royal) I was told that as long as my kids one 20 the other 17 were either across the hall or next to us it wouldn't be a problem. When my travel agent went to pay the remainder of our balance he was told we couldn't have the rooms this way. So he had to move my DH and DS together and me and my DD together. The funny thing is that he originally paid the balance without gratuities with no problem, then when he went to add the gratuities he ran into the problem. He called Royal and the agent was surprised this happened but the computer wouldn't let him change it. Has anyone else had this problem? We have two balcony rooms next to each other but just don't feel like dealing with getting the keys switched, as suggested when we get there. Also is it possible to open the dividers between the patios. Any input would be helpful. It just seems ridiculous that a 20 year old has to be in a room with her mommy or daddy. :( Thanks,