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  1. I had a thought that bidding on multiple categories (and what you bid for each) might affect your success. For example, say A and B have inside gty cabins and are otherwise equivalent. They get to bid on OV and balcony. A bids $100 on OV and $125 on balcony. B only bids $120 on balcony and doesnt bid on OV. If the other bids out for OV are averaging less than A's $100 bid, maybe A gets OV and B gets balcony, even though B bid less than A. I think it has to be optimized so that NCL gets the most profit overall, which in this case would mean cashing in on 2 passenger upgrades instead of maximizing 1.
  2. Jade is wonderful; sailed on her a couple of times. My one and done is the Celebrity Century. A truly god awful experience. It seemed she was being used as a training vessel, so inexperienced and unskilled (and sometimes really RUDE) staff all the way to Hawaii and back to San Diego. And it seemed the stabilizing system was off, so I was actually seasick and immobilized for three days, nibbling dry toast and tea and looking at a television the size of a toaster. Much of the food was spoiled; people got spoiled milk, there were spoiled vegetables on the Mongolian barbecue area, etc. And the rest of the food was SUPER salted. There must have been something wrong with the desalination equipment. She has either since been sold or sunk, but it was absolutely the worst. Now I am kind of concerned that people don't like Breakaway! I haven't been on a really big ship so this will be an experience!
  3. Just got upgrade on Breakaway 1/27! Inside guarantee (assigned IB) to aft B1. Very happy!
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