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  1. Here is just another thought ! We have seen such an increase of RV’s on the road here in the South. Just got back from a road trip fourteen days and the highways are packed. Within 15 miles on I-40 I started counting…..got up to 48 RV’s of various types. Also, the amount of boats on our lakes has doubled, local dealer is sold out and has back orders. Wall Street Journal said that National Parks attendance is at records this year and to expect lots of traffic. Many people have changed their ways of vacationing, we did VRBO in Amelia Island Florida and loved it so much we will gi
  2. I hate to sound awful but I am totally okay with skipping Canada. It is a pretty country been to BC many times but don’t feel welcome anymore. Strange times 😔
  3. Oh didn’t realize they were having problems. Hopefully fixed soon 🤞🏻
  4. This morning just doing a cursory check on our Antarctica cruise Jan 4th, 22 and there were No Club Class available where there had been 8. Great I thought we are filling up, but then at looking at others cruises there are none, not even out to March of 2023 for a Mexico cruise. Any thoughts on why this might be ?
  5. We saw this bit of news this morning and thought great good news ! However, we won’t be going this year, to many unknowns and frankly we are enjoying traveling by car to many places in the United States. We have been multiple times to Europe and Australia so a bit of been there done that. Also, we canceled our Glory cruise in October, just figured we would plan something we know for sure we can do. I hope those that really want to can take advantage of Europe opening and report back to us here.
  6. To all those going to Gatlinburg, TN ....a big thank you !! We live in Tennessee and you will love Gatlinburg, the city has a mask mandate until May but most everywhere in the state we don’t. Our Covid numbers have been low and we have been open since last May at various capacities depending on the individual countries. Hope you enjoy your stay in Tennessee!!
  7. Whatever I don’t remember watching “The Love Ship” ??? Or singing The Love Ship exciting and new Come Aboard. We're expecting you. And Love, life's sweetest reward. Let it flow, it floats back to you....... ? You say Ship 🚢 I say Boat let’s just get along. 🥰
  8. Well a quick walk down the beach we have live music and a happy hour, haha. You are right not the same however there is a sense of freedom that we have now that I am not sure will be there when we get on the boat. I pray that the old fun things like trivia and shows will still be there and fun. 🙏
  9. Honestly, we have a cruise booked for October which we have to do since family is booked but otherwise we are seriously considering doing land based vacations more often. Right now sitting we are on the balcony at beachfront condo in Amelia Island for the week. We started adding it all up what we are spending, VRBO, some groceries, daily dining at some of the best restaurants and we are coming up with same amount spent. Both DH and I remarked how we think we like this better, almost every vacation before this was a cruise. If they go up too much we will be landlubbers 😂
  10. Memphis is a neat town to see. Quite a bit of history and things to see, Graceland, Sun Records, The Loraine Hotel ( Martin Luther King assignation), the Pyramid......the list goes on. Only three hours from us and where some of the relatives live.
  11. Hoping you will have a nice summer however it may be. That actually sounds like a great plan !
  12. We all long for the days of cruising but, hey we have to live the life we have now. None of us are promised tomorrow and I can speak to this because we just lost a cousin today at the age of 41 due to an aneurysm. So here is an idea share a vacation you have done or plan to do this year in lieu of cruising. We will start, we sure missed the salt air so we are doing a VRBO on Amelia Island, FL and boy oh does it seem to fit the bill. Tremendous views and great food, a little more low key but when you miss the salt air just having a cup of coffee on a balcony sure will be nice. So shar
  13. Well not surprised, going to get the refund process started ASAP. It is sad though sorry everyone 🥴
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