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  1. Well we had the Spirit booked for Sep. and it got canceled, then booked another cruise line going roundtrip from Vancouver and now it is canceled. I had told my husband after rearranging flights for second cruise that if this cruise got canceled we could just stay in British Columbia sight see there. However, after reading the threads on Cruise Critic and seeing press from Canada we have nixed that idea. Just booked a Cruise on the Breeze going out of FLL and if that doesn't sail we booked a nice resort in Boca . We just didn't feel that we would be welcome in Canada even if they open up borders by September (our original date) .......and frankly sorta have a bad taste in my mouth about going to Canada for the time being. I do love Canada been there many times.....but things have gotten a little weird right now between us; I am sure it will pass. 😐 On another note here in Tennessee life is going well post Covid-19, we are almost fully open with the exception of the Smokies which are phasing in. Restaurants, Hotels, RV parks, Dollywood, lakes.....very little masks right now. Lots of outside visitors from other states as we live in a lake area, people are ready to live life and the kids need to get outside and be kids again.
  2. You will have no problem with a C-Pap in the OS. We sailed in October on 14 day cruise and the cabin steward quickly got us an extension cord that did plug into the plug in the vanity area. She taped it down so no tripping, kinda ran it down the wall and around the corner. They the cabin stewards are very familiar as to how to deal with this are very accommodating. Hope you have a wonderful cruise......no worries all will be fine. 😀
  3. Since when has China been upfront about anything? They lie about their economic numbers. Everything is to save face for the communist party. This virus though not getting much press in United States, this is not the run of the run of the mill flu. Jennifer lives in New York but has sources in China, things are not as we are being told by officials there in China. https://mobile.twitter.com/jenniferatntd
  4. Well the Westerdam that had no cases on it that finally docked in Cambodia has a passenger come down with Coronavirus after flying to Maylasia. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-malaysia/american-from-cruise-ship-docked-in-cambodia-tests-positive-in-malaysia-for-coronavirus-idUSKBN2090IW
  5. This email is probably brought on by the Westerdam not being allowed to dock anywhere. https://nypost.com/2020/02/07/ms-westerdam-cruise-ship-with-2000-aboard-blocked-from-docking-amid-coronavirus-fears/ she is part of Carnival Corporation. Also remember the Chinese have a closed monitored internet that is highly regulated. The information that is coming from them is always suspect. The Dr. that first reported this virus to local authorities has died from it.
  6. We just got back home yesterday from our Legend Journey's Cruise from LA to Tampa 10/12-10/27. I can tell you that we were very impressed how nice this cruise was. The crew is amazing, friendly, eager to help and engaging.....just a pleasure. The food in our opinion was the best so far on Carnival. The kept the ship very clean and they kept cleaning it 24/7. Highlights: Marina, Jose and Endy in the Red Frog Pub......outstanding !!! Entertainment: Band "Hot Shots" on Legend was the best we have heard....you have to catch them if you can. Usually playing in the Red Frog Pub. Also very good was "Emerald Trio" violins doing cover music......all three from Spain. Cruise Director: Jenn she was a hoot and kept up our spirits the whole 15 days, tough work. The only negative if there is one is that it was an Elite Casino Cruise as well , so the Casino could get really smoky !!! We love the Legend and have her book once again.....hope everyone enjoys her as much as we did.
  7. As the OP, I was doing a PSA not a debate as to the good, bad or whatnot of the toiletries. I just wanted others to be aware of them not being a part of the Suites anymore. I brought a full size shampoo but was figuring on there being conditioner as before. We are on a 15 day cruise and had to fly, so yes all the room we could get in our bags was precious. Not Diamond or Platinum either....., so no judging, please. I can tell you this though that on this ship in our room shower gel and shampoo/conditioner are the same color......🧐
  8. We are currently on the Legend Journey Cruise having a great time. This is more of and FYI for those expecting these amenities to be in your Suite( OS, GS etc), as they have before. Our cabin steward has said they are no more on Carnival, only to be given in Spa or Havana suites. They do have the dispenser on shower wall that has shampoo/ conditioner??!! (Maybe shampoo but most definitely not a combo) and then shower gel. Kinda shocked that they would do away with them, I wish I knew......I definitely need conditioner. 😕 Sorry if this topic has been discussed, maybe it will help someone else.
  9. Sorry I finally found it, I feel daft !! However it is not easy to find now like once before.
  10. I was getting on today to get a couple of bottles of wine for our stateroom as well as soda and water........it is gone!! The Shop by Category doesn't show it anymore!!!! I am missing it somewhere ? It shows Shore Excursions, Drink Packages, Spa and Salon, Internet Plans, Cruise Cash, Specialty Dining and Pixel....then Gift and Decor. Help !
  11. We went on the Miracle last April and really enjoyed our cruise. I fact we found that we really liked the Spirit class so much we booked 2 more cruises on a Spirit class ship. I will say the dining room is pretty over the top but you get over and don’t notice it much after the first night. Probably our favorite thing on the Miracle ( spirit class) is the deeper balconies not long and narrow, that has been our one issue with Carnival compared to other cruise lines.
  12. Thank you all for your help! There were a lot of good points and some I may use in the future like a B2B inside cabin on the Horizon in Havana. We decided to take the 14 day journeys cruise on the Pride, the itinerary just was too spectacular ( Grand Turk, Aruba, Curaçao, Barbados, St. Lucia, Saint Maarten ) with plenty days at sea. We also sprung for the Vista Suite Yogibear per your recommendation ( a new one to us). Anyone want to join us ?
  13. Are you on the October 12th Legend cruise ? We are coming in the night before, will Uber or Lyft to Doubleetree San Pedro, they provide transportation to port. Also I think quite a few are doing the Best Western and I think they offer it as well. Don’t know if this helps or not.
  14. Help us out! We have the Horizon booked in a Havana Cabana Suite for an 8 day cruise in Oct. 2020 ( never tried the Havana area or Horizon). Then we spied an 14 day Journeys cruise on the Pride Nov. 2020 in an OS for the same price and a really awesome itinerary for same price. We can’t do both......haha! We used to cruise on Celebrity but found for the price we can do a bigger room on Carnival and we love the fellow passengers on Carnival much more (always friendly, fun and down to earth). Help fellow cruisers! 🙏🏻
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