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  1. On 1/7/2019 at 4:41 AM, Gwendy said:

    Only 1 minibar, even though 2 elites and only 1 upgraded toiletries package although 2 female elites, mother and daughter.

    If you really use them, then ask your steward for a second upgraded toiletries package.  We are both Elite, and our Steward has always given us a second one upon request.

  2. Prinsendam Questions


    We are booked in a Large Outside Cabin Guarantee


    Bathrobe – Do we get bathrobes?


    Refrigerator – Is there a fridge in the cabin?


    Toiletries – What are the toiletries like? Is conditioner provided, or is it “Conditioning Shampoo”? Bar soap or Bath Gel? Lotion?


    Self- Service Laundry – What is the cost for Washers and Dryers? Is detergent available for purchase?


    DVD Player – Is there a DVD Player? DVD Movies for rent?

  3. Pacific Princess - Port or Starboard for the following itinerary:


    London (Dover), England

    At Sea View onboard experience

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    At Sea View onboard experience

    Tallinn, Estonia

    St. Petersburg, Russia

    St. Petersburg, Russia

    Helsinki, Finland

    Stockholm, Sweden

    Stockholm, Sweden

    Riga, Latvia

    At Sea View onboard experience

    Kiel Canal, Germany

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    London (Dover), England

  4. you take the train from civitavecchia to either marina di cerveteri (20 minutes, €2,10) or ladispoli-cerveteri (25 minutes, €2,60),. From either station you can get a seatour bus to piazza aldo moro in centro cerveteri.


    trains that stop at one of these stations do not stop at the other.


    From the ladispoli-cerveteri station you can take bus #23, from marina di cerveteri you can take #25 (the bus schedule calls it stazione cerenova, just to confuse things a tad).

    seatour bus schedules: http://www.seatour.it/docs/pubblico/2017-cerveteri-ladispoli-20171030.pdf

    the museum is just across the street and up a short flight of stairs from the bus stop.

    you can take a bus to the necropolis from piazza moro or walk (about a half mile) to the necropolis.



    thank you!!!!!

  5. Can I book EZ Air through Princess if I book my cruise through an internet travel agency


    I have never used EZ Air, but with Princess' current promotion, their EZ Air is much less expensive for my Trans-Atlantic cruise in October. However, the actual cruise is much cheaper through an online internet agency.

  6. All-Inclusive Photo Package



    How does this work? :confused::confused::confused:


    Do I get hard copies and digital copies?


    Does the All-Inclusive Photo Package include every photo of me that is taken during the cruise .....Ports, Embarkation, Formal Night, etc


    If I set-up a Group photo where each person buys their own photo, would the All-Inclusive Photo Package include my copy of the Group photo?

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