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  1. Ellusionz


    We did the cave tubing/zip lining tour. I would skip the zip lining and just do the cave tubing. Gives you more time to explore (they rushed us thru due to time constraints). But it was a really unique experience and super fun.
  2. Thanks for the information 🙂
  3. Carnival arrive Monday Sept 23rd at 4pm (hanging around the Dockyard) leaves Tuesday Sept 24th at 4pm (day of exploring the island).
  4. We are there the day prior in the evening and leave 4pm the next day (We will be docking at Dockyard). So was thinking we could leave early via the ferry to St. Georges to visit the Crystal Caves and eat lunch at Swizzle Inn. Original idea was after to take a bus to Horseshoe Bay for a lil bit then head back to ship with the bus. But if that might take too long (we leave at 4pm) would there be more to see around St. Georges and the beach of Tobacco Bay nice enough to skip Horseshoe? We've never been to Bermuda so want to get the most of the experience.
  5. How much travel time is it to go to Horseshoe? Have the same idea planned for our trip but wondering if we'd be wasting a lot of time traveling to there (and then more traveling back to cruise port) or if I should try to talk my friends into staying around St. George at Tobacco Bay so we have more time to explore and just take ferry back. Which might be better do you think?
  6. Is this the Behind the Fun tour? How much is it? I see on carnivals site it says Depending on the duration of the cruise, the cost is $55 USD to $95 USD per person and is approximately 2 hours to 3-1/2 hours long. Is longer or shorter cruises more expensive?
  7. Is this something they sell their mixed alcoholic drinks in? And you can use it for refills of them?
  8. I wish they would redesign the seating area so people could watch the show during dinner/desert time. But if they were really considering one of those two options since there are two dining areas why not have one designated to option one and one designated to option two. Assign wait staff that are better at entertaining to the longer diner time and ones that aren't to the shorter one. People could make their choice since it sounds like your time dining is the way most are going these days anyways.
  9. They have special cans of soda there from other countries. I had the Cheers package and the bartender at the time said it wasn't included. I had to go to customer service (package said all drinks were included) and they fixed the issue (making sure bartender knew it was). I think they said changes had been made recently (this was a year or two ago) and before it wasn't. I don't know if the same applies to the bubbles package. Main reason I got the cheers package even tho I'm not a heavy drink is the ability to try ALL the drinks on the Sunshine. They had the biggest selection of bars available :)
  10. I had the same issue since I bookmarked the comingsoon page. You have to delete that part of the url. Don't think website links work here so if you google dailygetaways you should find it. The site is kind of confusing, but click the calendar icon on the right to see all of the offers at once.
  11. That sucks, was hoping to get it for my cruise leaving 4/14 lol.
  12. LOL I could, but I never think about that question when I'm talking to her.
  13. I don't see any Carnival gift cards during the preview. Will they show up later anyone know?
  14. I didn't know that. Wonder why I still get drowsy on that and not on the bonine.
  15. No I haven't, I just heard on the news that there are surprise up charges or something during busy hours at times.
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