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  1. The fish bowl deal may not be available all port days, we missed it the first port day and asked if they would do it again and they said no, they were having other specials those days.
  2. I think I figured my own answer out, based on some reviews I read most I bet the area isn't that busy since most rooms have their own outside area so they shrunk it down to accommodate that.. decisions now since we were splurging up to an interior Havana if that space is worth it or not LOL
  3. So I got really excited seeing photos of Havana pools online and finally talked my friends into spluring on the Mardi Gras but as I went to book I noticed the pool area seems a lot smaller on the Mardi Gras than Horizon/Vista. And they have more rooms to accommodate in that area too. Unfortunately there's no photos of the outside area on their website. Are the deck plans maybe deceiving and the area may be a bit larger than I'm thinking based on the how ship is designed or would I expect to be fighting for chairs like I would in the normal areas? Top photo is Mardi Gras, bottom is Horizon
  4. I thought I had read somewhere years ago before the ships with Havana rooms came out that there might be an option to purchase a day pass to make use of the area dependent on capacity for that day? Is this a thing and if so does anyone know the cost?
  5. I thought that too but when I asked at guest services they said it was 25% off future cruise, not based on rate currently paid.
  6. We just got off a cruise that we were told we will receive 25% off our next cruise. I personally thought we'd get 25% off of what we paid on this cruise off the next cruise but was told no, you actually get 25% off next cruise. I didn't think to ask but is that just off the cruise price? Or does that include what it totals with taxes port fees etc?
  7. Just got off this weekend. Was great. They guy tried to push the snow crab (wanted blue crab) due to size and it being a better deal but I love the taste of blue crab. I had the same guy cook it the two times I had it but as good as it was the first time he did it, second time was under cooked then had him try to fix it then was over cooked 😞
  8. Was test booking some stuff today, the offer comes up with the deal options as you do it (as low as $50 deposits) but when I get to the end with the pricing and todays deposit it seems to show full deposit nothing cheaper.
  9. Does anyone know any tour operators that take you here on a Wednesday?
  10. Anyone know what time they start to run the minibus's from the dockyard?
  11. Don't go for the book, but do go to the shop talk, sit with her towards the front row. And make lots of noise or do the weird stuff they ask for the free stuff they give out. There's usually something from the Del Sol (changes color in the sun) shop they give away, jewelry, t-shirts, bags etc... 🙂 She'll like any of that stuff better than the crappy charms they give away for free. Plus you can get her a cuter piece of jewelry for a lot less, spend more time seeing nicer things than stopping in at all these jewelry shops that you (unless you like over priced jewelry) see in the malls and probably pass by anyway LOL
  12. They prolly won't do too many port things due to staffing since thats times staff can do things off ship too, dunno how the scheduling goes.
  13. Ellusionz

    Bermuda Beach

    Snorkel Park is the one right next to the port, http://snorkelparkbeach.com/
  14. Theresa ferry from the Dockyard to St George, it would be closer to taxi from there.
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