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  1. I would say they should move it to shows can be watched on tv from their rooms and other areas. And maybe have very limited seating inside the theater
  2. Wait I thought the White house didn't let cdc extend ban? I'm confused.
  3. I saw this article pop up on my news but the actual article doesn't come up. So was it retracted due to being wrong or too early to release? Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Carnival Cruise Line said it will cancel all voyages until early next year. Carnival announced Wednesday that Caribbean cruises are canceled until the end of January and other voyages are canceled into the spring. All affected guests will receive a credit or refund.20 hours ago ClickOrlando.com › 2020/09/17 Carnival Cruise Line cancels all trips unt
  4. Lol wow can't believe all the replies. So I am a US born citizen. Just some weird rule in my county you can only renew so often online or something. Or at a certain age they wanna make sure you still can pass the tests. I had a passport that expired this year just with only cruising once a year can't justify the expense.
  5. It was that time again this year, had to renew my drivers license (expired) but alas everyplace was closed. Now they are open again, only taking appointments and only booking a week out (impossible to get appointment). I unfortunately HAVE to go in this year for whatever reason, can't renew online. They gave me one of those temporary printed permits (plus I still have my expired license) that will expire Feb of next year. Will the cruise line take that if I'm not able to get an appointment by Dec (if my cruise sails) for my license?
  6. Can someone tell me how the obc offer would work in my situation if my cruise gets cancelled in Dec? We have 4 people in the room. 3 are also booked for cruise in 2021, 4th isn't able to do that but would plan to do cruise on their own scheduling. Do they break up that obc per person?
  7. I mock booked Fly2Fun for our cruise end of year. I thought it might be a good deal as the price appeared less than what American Airlines was going to charge for the same dates plus I'd have the assurance if Carnival cancelled I'd just have to deal with Carnival for refunds. But realized that they were going to charge a baggage fee on top of that price so decided to wait until some of the other cheaper airlines start putting out their schedules as I think Spirit will still end up being cheaper. They let you pick seats for the regular ones, but it said on the chart you'd have to ca
  8. oh my that looks good, thanks for sharing I know what I'm ordering if I get on the cruise ship 🙂
  9. I know we are all excited cruises are starting again. I'm hoping for a good experience in Dec. But anyone have any updates on how each island is doing and of they will even be willing to be open and take our ships in? I don't mind sailing around on the ship as it's a newer one we haven't been before but we would like to stop somewhere. And hopefully a good place!
  10. We booked over a year in advance for vista and 2 years in advance for Mardi gras to get the Havana interior rooms that would fit 3 or 4 people. I nagged my friends to book right away as they were the last rooms for those two cruises left.
  11. How far out can you check this? Everytime I goto the fly2fun site it keeps my home airport empty and won't let me input anything so I get errors anytime I try to search.
  12. Grand Cayman, cruise is in Dec.
  13. I'm making reservations for an excursion and am a bit confused if someone could assist. I've always cruised out of Florida to the Caribbean so never had to account for time zone differences. This time we're leaving out of Galveston which the lady said was Central Time I believe. She needed me to confirm so I got into the right group if the time Carnival quoted that we would be in port (9:30am) was going to be Eastern time or the Central time. Thanks for the help!
  14. Thats fine, I just wanted to see if I'd save money by waiting to pay grats and putting more money into cruise cash to get that extra percentage off. That would also cover purchases like special dinings? Drink courses? And one last thing, if we purchase drink package or cruise cash deal today. Does that get charged right away or added to the bill to be paid off before cruise starts or ends? Sorry one last one, if it doesn't get spent on this cruise would those cruise cash flow over to a booking thats done the following year?
  15. also, if I recall they auto add tips for drink packages. Is that an additional charge on top of whatever the final price is in that cart or is that included in that price?
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