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  1. Is there signifiers showing which room is yours on the back? Would be terrible to throw it into someone elses cabana area.
  2. This is why the packs come in 2's or 3's (or 6's) so you have at least one spare depending on how many people are going. Since testing has to be done within 2 days of sailing I highly recommend everyone having at least 1 spare just in case. Would suck to have to rush for an appointment last minute since there's no way you're getting it shipped again in time! I just wish the spares were still good for longer so we could use them for our cruise 6 months later and buy less extras!
  3. Aren't you supposed to be at your flight a couple hours early anyway? What if the ship arrives late? I wish you luck! Luckily its a Saturday so hopefully traffic won't be too bad and the lines at the airport too long.
  4. I had booked them for our cruise last year and when I went to cancel they didn't respond so about a week or so later I just requested a refund via paypal or however I booked and easily received the funds back. They responded about a month or so later and apologized for the delay. We rebooked a while ago for our cruise this year in November. I couldn't find my emailed receipt (which turned out went to junk mail) but when I emailed a couple weeks ago them in regards to getting another copy they responded about a day or two later.
  5. OMG I loved the lil snacks at Redfrog pub. So it lists in the middle ships that don't serve them and then lists the 4 that do. But Mardi Gras isn't in either list. Anyone can confirm if Redfrog has those yummy snacks on Mardi Gras or not? RedFrog Pub Promenade Deck Island-inspired snacks; waiter service ($); snacks are not served on the Freedom, Legend, Miracle, Pride, Radiance, Splendor, Sunrise, Sunshine, Valor Breeze, Magic, Spirit, Vista
  6. I emailed Optum about their expiration dates and this was the message I received: At the moment the current expiration dates we have for these tests are for October. So with the extended shelf life, the expiration for these would be January of 2022. I'm planning to wait until beginning of November and hope they might have later expiration dates.
  7. Any unique places to stay the night before our cruise to Bermuda in May 2022? There will be four of us flying in and splitting the room so we could splurge a little for comfort and luxury! Would like it to be nearish the port but also near stuff to do for the night before. Thanks for any recommendations!
  8. I don't know if I missed it in this thread, but where does Carnival show it accepts the home kits? And has this changed with the recent updates to their policies? Just don't want to buy something that ends up not being allowed. Thanks!
  9. I just booked it for my group with discoverroaton (its a website) and they have a coupon that comes up in the chat. Pricing was much better than other places and I googled to make sure the site was legit, seemed like it since I saw good reviews on yelp and other sites. We also added the sloth tour with it. They also have an all inclusive package that includes food but I'm cheap and making everyone go a la carte LOL. But both packages includes transportation so that's a bonus.
  10. Rooms are a lot cheaper with a 3/4 people in it. Normally you'd expect since there's less of these rooms you would need to book earlier to get one (we booked over a year in advance for our cruises as even at that point there was only 1 room available left for four people in the price point we wanted). With everything going on and probably also a money factor of wanting to get the most out of the passengers it makes sense to limit rooms to 2 people at this point.
  11. Enquiring minds would like to know, how good is it? What do you recommend? Is it worth it? 🙂
  12. Any descriptions about what they do in the other classes they offer?
  13. I've never seen the entertainment shows like comedy or musicals on tv, just the games and things the regular ship staff do.
  14. Yup that's what I'm trying to book
  15. I still don't understand why they don't put the entertainment on one of the tv channels for those who want to partake but don't want to be in the crowds. More people would have access and people could be spread out more that way. Edit: And just thought of an even better idea on top of that, add a place in their app to let us watch it on the lounge chairs outside. We could relaxing anywhere on the ship and put it on our phone or tablets that way!
  16. I'm working on booking some specialty dining options during the week and was wondering if the menus are in the same order no matter which itinerary you cruise on? If so, does anyone have the menus so I can figure out which days we wouldn't mind skipping on the MDR? Thanks!
  17. Dunno why anyone is surprised it's 3x the price of what it would cost on land. Haven't you seen the prices of everything else ever offered on a cruise? Lol. I'll prolly do it once just to try it but not something I'd do repeatedly. Same with the ropes course and that's free!
  18. Anyone on the Mardi Gras with info on what port changes were for the itenary that was supposed to go to Cozumel, Costa Maya and mahagony bay? Going in November and just curious what the changes could be to at that time.
  19. Ellusionz

    Best salsa?

    Any recommendations on salsa to buy in Cozumel? I prefer it to be a good flavor of spicy (not hot just to be hot) and not chunky.
  20. Howd you get obc for not cancelling? We've been booked over a year and didn't hear any of that. Also sailing in Nov.
  21. I don't mind either way but one issue I see with that suggestion is the casino. It's a heavily trafficked middle inside area. Only way to avoid is to go outside on some cruises (might be issue for some people due to weather and such). Maybe if they made the smoking area further away from the main walkway deeper into the casino? But I know a lot use the bar to smoke that everyone has to walk by there. Never actually thought of smokers spreading further with them exhaling smoke out tho. Maybe if they exhale downward or into a napkin? Dunno what would be proper edicate or manners for that step lol
  22. I don't use ride shares often, but don't they allow you to request from their websites too? Or does that forward it to download the app?
  23. I've never done Chefs Table and since we are booked for Marti Gras later this year I figure thats the trip to splurge on it! Unfortunately their website isn't allowing me to complete my purchase of the specialty dinings. Anyone else having issues or know of a fix?
  24. Just wondering between all the AI and PAYG places if there's a spot that just had the best food (and drinks) available? And when I say best I mean selection and taste. Price isn't much of a deal breaker, I just love to trying new places to eat and from experience I know a lot of these types of places go for best bang for your buck vs quality. Beach view is a must. Being on the beach would be preferred tho. Thanks for any suggestions!
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