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  1. Earlier this year we had a B2B booked and later added an additional B2B in a different cabin. Everything went as if all booked at one time without us doing anything extra.
  2. Considering the size of the ship, there is lots of outdoor space. As noted there is some space for sitting on deck 5. The pool deck is all windowed with lots of sitting options. The area near the windows is covered by the upper deck while the area near the pool is open to the sun. Even on sea days we found space and it was not noisy. The aft area of the buffet dining area offers outdoor sitting. Not nice to sit and read there during meal times but alright other times. The deck above the pool offers a track with limited sitting. There is a large forward indoor lounge that is good if the weather is poor. It is usually quiet but sometimes has events like bingo or afternoon tea. The forward sports deck gets very little use - about an hour a day when used for shuffleboard and mini golf but there are also some lounge chairs up there.
  3. We have done this 3 times. The first time we had a shuttle to the other ship - we were the only ones on it. The second time the ships were at adjoining piers so no help. The third time (last March) we were originally told no, but there were 21 passengers doing the change and shuttle was provided. For this time, I think the reason for the change of mind was the ship returned to a different pier and all those returning to the parking lot were given a shuttle and the 21 of us were about last off the ship and were then shuttled after everyone else If you need to take a taxi it is $8 within the port area
  4. While Maritime regulations require passengers go to a muster at least once every 30 days, there is a suggestion that it be every 10 days. Princess takes the route that is the least interruption for their passengers while other lines prefer to take what they feel is the safest route for their passengers. On Oceania they have mandatory muster after 10 days or so on longer single voyages as well as the start of each cruise. For someone doing their first B2B be prepared for repeating menus and repeating shows. All the Princess production shows will repeat. Guest entertainers may or may not - sometimes a guest entertainer will do a show near the end of 1 cruise and then then same show near the start of the next cruise before leaving.
  5. We have done 14 cruises over the last 2 winters which included 4 of the 10 day voyages. There were some children 8 yrs and younger, mostly 4 or younger. I don't recall seeing any that were older teens travelling with family. Possible to get some young couples (early 20s) travelling together.
  6. The cost of the package has more than kept up with inflation over the past few years.
  7. With 4 credits for the first 2 segments you will have enough to be elite for the 3rd segment but not the 2nd segment where you hit the magic number. Ignoring your credits for a moment, by hitting 150 days during the third segment would not get you anything for that voyage since on Princess the benefits do not take affect until the cruise AFTER the cruise where you made the change. There will be a lot of elites on the Jan cruise so laundry will take longer than normal - at least 3 days and possibly 4 days. If you do not get a notice, ask your steward for the expected timing. We just made final payment - see you then
  8. High and low tide timing is predictable within a few minutes a long time in advance so that should not be an issue. A lot of ships with a much larger draft than O ships use the port so a small difference in tide should not affect an O ship. I would be tempted to think that with the closure of Cuba (known for sometime now) and now Freeport that there may be a lot shuffling of itineraries and the port is needed by another ship in the afternoon. Certainly not nice and if early in a cruise would not explain other changes. You can google 'whats in port' to see if another ship is arriving after 1pm for the day involved but it may not be up to date for recent changes. Also 1 of the berths used in Key West is in the naval yard. I don't know if there could be an issue related to the Navy needing a berth.
  9. Getting off original topic but re port fees - My understanding of the regulation is IF the port fees are listed as a separate item then the cruise line must refund them. Doing it this way , while meaning the money leaves the business, they do get to offer the cruise at the cruise only price that appears to be cheaper. IF the advertised price has the port fees included without a separate line to the customer then the fees do not have to be refunded - O likes to use this loophole to their advantage.
  10. StanandJim - A hop on off cost less than a $100 so IF one could get a $100 back for an unused tour and then spend part of that $100 on a cheaper option a passenger would be ahead of the game. That is what the OP is asking but since the answer is NO, then one can not do this.
  11. I believe there is an exemption to the 20th cruise rule. We currently have 15 credits. Our next cruise is a world cruise which will jump us to a total of 30 credits. I have been told by O head office that our 31st cruise would count as the free cruise.
  12. When hurricane Sandy hit New York a few years ago some ships that were due to return to the NY port could not, and ended up going to Boston. This made mess of schedules for the then current and next cruise. As I recall passengers were given the choice of disembarking in Boston or staying on board until the ships could return to NY - free except for expense such as drinks. All cars left at the port in NY were write off due to flooding. Normally staring in NY and ending in Boston would be illegal without a distant foreign port but special case exceptions are allowed. Similar cases can happen with mechanical issues such as when Carnival Triumph broke down in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. It was towed as few days late to the closest port and passengers were allowed to go home from there or be bused back to the original port. How well a cruise line handles these situations can vary greatly and effect their reputation. If it is a weather related issue the ship would more likely stay at sea longer since if the port is closed so would likely the airport and hotels in the area. I haven't read the boards for the ships currently effected, but they could go over the open waters west of Key West and wait until safe to return. Not good if you need to get back to work, but great if your retired and want a coupe extra free days at sea
  13. In years gone by we have done a 12 day and a 14 day Christmas cruise that partly due to the length had few children and no issues. We were on the Sky's sister ship, the Royal Princess the first week on Jan. this year. There were just over 200 children that week, mostly under 7 years old. We were told there had been over 800 the prior week for New Years - I would expect the previous week (Christmas sailing would have been similar. We had no problem with all the young ones in Jan. With more older kids doing their own thing at Christmas, there is more of a chance some of them becoming an issue.
  14. In the offerings for the 2019 and 2020 world cruise one of the items under the Exclusive Prestige Package of extras for booking the full voyage is 'free internet'. At the time booking for those w/c opened regular cruises did not include free internet but it has now been standard for awhile. I'm assuming when the price of the cruise was determined, all those items in the Package were built into the fare. For the 2021 w/c that was placed on sale in Feb this year, the package once again includes free internet (this is not 2 per cabin) I wondering if Oceania gave anything (OBC) on the 2019 voyage in place of a booking bonus that was no longer special.
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