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  1. We had Matt for 58 nights around South America just before the shutdown - He was fantastic at all the game type events. He had been on vacation for just a couple weeks when he got a last minute call to come back do that cruise.
  2. The Pacific P was 30,277 so even it would not be allowed. The smallest Princess ship now is the Coral at just over 91,00 gross tonnage.
  3. We have not received a notice of this change from Princess. I wonder how many passengers will be arriving for their next cruise unaware of the change,
  4. One point re the low spend/frequent vs he high spend/very occasional cruiser is marketing cost. All our vacations are cruises. We are booked non stop on Princess De 5/21 to Ap 27/22 and another 75 nights for winter of 22/23. Princess has not spent a penny sending us any mail for several years or reached out in any other way. I get all my new booking info on CC. The occasional cruiser needs to not only be convinced to cruise vs other vacation options, they need to be convinced to go on Princess. Princess like other lines spend huge $$ on marketing - while booking man
  5. With the 4 device internet package is there any issue with asking another couple on a roll call to split the cost each share the package using our own device?
  6. I sure wish Princess could get a definite answer re the world cruise on the Island P that is scheduled to make 4 ports in Australia in Feb 2022. If we can't stop in Australia, with the sea days between ports, that is a lot of days to fill in some how in the middle of a world cruise.
  7. After 8 pages or so of post about internet changes, now we have an even bigger change for the most loyal guest. Taking away $200 OBC per cabin hurts on shorter cruises. Eliminating this loyality OBC plus eliminating the internet minutes takes away a major part of deciding on whether to book B2B as a single voyage or as 2 voyages.
  8. Assuming Princess will be using the 5% max unvaccinated rule - how where the unvaccinated identified while onboard and were they restricted in any way.
  9. My point was not which cruise line has the best loyalty benefits but to point out that, regardless of some regulation, access is granted with an invitation. The regulation would seem to be open to the Captain's interpertation.
  10. For an example from another cruise line - Princess offers a Bridge tour on the voyage when you hit 500 nights at sea, then again at 750 and again each additional 250 days after that. We have gone once - the Captain welcomed us and then a Navigator took over doing around 20 minutes of explaining procedures and Q&A.
  11. At this point Australia is indicating no external tourism until around mid 2022 so in theory a 2023 world cruise segment would be possible BUT Princess would rather sell full voyages so with sales of the full voyage going very well there are no segments after LA. Quite a few passengers that have a booking for 2022 world cruise have also booked 2023 in case the 2022 is a no go. If the 2022 does sail, then there could be a lot of 2023 cancellations and segments could open up.
  12. My wife and I are also in a Handicap cabin on the De 12 partial cannel voyage and the Jan 5/22 full cannel voyage. We were also on a full voyage early 2020. It is not the best ship for viewing. The best view on deck 14 would be from Horizons court but being a dinning area there is not a lot of seats with a view and they get claimed early. On deck 15 the sanctuary blocks any aft view. The Island will very likely use the old set of locks. Try to get a spot to watch from either side on deck 14 (shaded) or open air on deck 15. Most people disperse while going through the lake so
  13. Cunard has announced today that due to uncertain conditions they are cancelling their 2022 w/c.
  14. Lots of us the 2022 Island P world cruise are also waiting to see what happens with Australia. We are supposed to be there for 12 days starting Feb 15. Does anybody know if NZ is closely following Aust status changes?
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