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  1. Yes they dropped us at Bus station. I walked around . Few blocks there was a vegetable market. There were couple of other tour operators outside bus station, but their price was not much cheaper.
  2. Thank you all for answering. We returned from Carnival Fantacy safe and sound. 1) We parked our car in their parking lot at the cost of $ 90 2) We brought with us two bottles of wine in our hand luggage. Opened them in our room. So no corking fees. 3) We eat at any time dinning Celebrity Restaurant. Staff there was amazing. 4) We got off in Progresso and took free shuttle to Auto Progresso bus station. It looks like they have a almost monopoly there as per taking Excursions. We took one for Mayan (?) and town of Merida. Both were great. Cost was $ 45.00 / person. 5) We really enjoyed the entertainment on the ship. But stage productions especially Country Road was kind of boring. Cruise director Mardi was on the ball. Tried to attend his events. 6) Bought some duty free Booze on the ship, custom did not bother about it. 7) Cozumel port was like any other touristy place. We did walk around and took a cab to Downtown for $ 10. It rained all afternoon. There were 5 ships anchored there. 8) Chef's Table was bit pricy. $ 75 /person plus tips. Lots of food and wine. Chef Roy explained about the food we were eating. 9) Buffett was always full, we only eat breakfast there.
  3. Thanks. Tried to reserve Chef's Table couple of days back for Feb 9th Cruise, but got a email from them saying they are fully booked and put me on the waiting list.
  4. In Chefs table do they include Alcohol ? Or we have to pay extra. Thanks. Instead of state-Balcony cabin we have reserved Cabin with Window, so we can splurge a bit.
  5. My original post ask about Captain's Table it was Chef's table for $ 75.00 per person. Is it worth it?
  6. Thank you all for replying. Looking at AutoProgreso web site their tour prices are cheaper than Carnival. Any difference in quality of tours, except peace of mind about getting back on the ship on time.
  7. Hello we are going on Carnivals Fantasy cruise from Mobile, AL. Port of Call are Progresso and Cozumel. I have done extensive search on both places here. My question is 1) Want to do excursion in Progresso. Most of the companies I have found only takes you to 1 or 2 places.. My BIL say to disembark at the port and look for local excursion companies. They are much more reasonable and will take you to more than 2-3 places. He took them about 10 years back. They do guaranty that they will be back on time. 2) About Cozumel, we want to rent a car for few hours at Puerta Maya where The Fantasy will anchor. I can't find any rental company on the net that I can reserve the car from the port. there are several away from the port. Any suggestions? 3) I heard food on the cruise is not great. Any experiences with Steak House, and Asaian food. Captainstable is additional $ 75/person. Is it worth it? Thanks.
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