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  1. Happy New Year everyone!! This time last year my daughter got engaged on our cruise in Mare. They would like to get married in 2022 and were thinking of a destination wedding on a cruise, having their ceremony in Mare and then back on board for their reception. Has anyone done something similar? They don't want to have the actual ceremony on the ship they'd like to do this part on the island. I'm sure they would need to go through a Mare Tour company for the wedding ceremony. After advice, pros and cons.
  2. Hi we are cruising on Sunday and purchasing a laptop today. I know that I can claim at the OPT but my question is does the laptop box have to be sealed and unopened or can we open beforehad and load our software etc and use it for the next couple of days. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Hi all, question for all you regular Carnival cruisers. My daughters are looking at going on Carnival Splendour in March and have enquired about a drinks package direct with Carnival and were quoted $118pp per day, which seems like a lot of money to me. Can you purchase drinks packages on board cheaper? Do they ever have sales online for their packages? Thanks in advance!!!!
  4. Hi we are off on Voyager on Friday and we have our check-in time of 11.30am. There are a few smokers in our group that would like to ask if they can get back off the ship to have a cigarette once they've checked in. Apparently one of the travellers was told on their last cruise that they couldn't smoke until sail away because of the ship refuelling, which I completely understand. So does anyone know if they will they be allowed off ship once checked-in?
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies. Looks like Noumea Turtle Tours might be a great option, I'm going to look into this one further tonight 🙂
  6. Hi needing advice on things to do in Noumea. Has anyone done both Escapade Island and Signal Island trips. I can't decide between the two of them. They are both roughly the same price but if anyone could offer pros and cons would greatly appreciate it.
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