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  1. Leaving on my first Crystal cruises in 9 days (but who is counting) I have heard about an app that shows restaurant info and such ....but I can't seem to find it. On the Crystal site it only lists apps for newspapers and movies. Have I misunderstood or is there an app for menu's and daily events. Thank you
  2. Well, that is disappointing to learn 😕
  3. To be clear, does that mean that the glass roof is closed all the time?
  4. Thank you Keith. That is very clear. The tickets were delivered to the office of the agent and no one told the agent... apparently. When she realized that we did not have tickets (after I emailed) she said we could print them off which I was pretty sure was not true (I have gone through that registering site pretty thoroughly, lol) My friend is going to meet with the agent next week to pick them up. She did offer up a bit of extra on board credit ......so I appreciate that.
  5. My friend and I sail in 28 days and still had not received our tickets last week. I had her reach out to her agent and the agent said we could print them online...did I miss something? Regardless my friend is meeting with the agent next week because I want the actual tickets 🙂 I want to know for future cruises (hopefully!!) Thank you
  6. Oh wow! I just sent a screenshot to my friend of the Crystal site saying "44 days until you set sail" I thought that was exciting...but seeing your docs...just amped up the excitement level!! ☺️😁😆
  7. For those of us not in a suite, are we only entitled to the water, soft drinks and beer, or can we request a bottle of wine as well?
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