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  1. Thanks for your input Paulchili. I've found out that should the 14 day quarantine day rule for UK citizens entering the US still be in place at the time then we will be cancelled off the cruise by Oceania because obviously we wouldn't be able to quarantine in the states before the cruise. We would then be able to get a refund or defer. Need to wait and see if anything changes, which it might.
  2. Thank you so much for your quick response - very interesting. Really appreciate it. Things might change though if the numbers continue to rise here in the UK!
  3. Is anyone from the UK also booked on this cruise? I wonder what would happen if the cruise goes ahead from Miami as scheduled and there are still restrictions about travelling to the US from the UK. If the restrictions are still in place, we would not be able to get into the States to embark. What would our position be? We booked the trip as a package with an agent. Spoke to said travel agent today who said that if it does go ahead there will be protocols in place ie, temperature checks before and whilst on board; guests having to wear a mask whilst going from one place to a
  4. We've just deferred our March 11 sailing on Riviera. We'd be travelling from the UK. We have complete faith in Oceania that they would do all they could to prevent carriers getting onboard however not everyone has a sense of social responsibility and we're just not willing to take the chance that everyone would be honest when asked the relevant questions. It would be such a dreadful waste of money should there be an outbreak and very upsetting to spend our time quarantined in the cabin. Hopefully we'll go next year when things have been sorted out (or not as the case may be!). Good luck
  5. We've just cancelled our cruise which goes tomorrow on Riviera. We have complete faith in Oceania as a cruise line however we didn't want to spend our cruise worrying and certainly didn't want to be incarcerated in our cabin should there be an outbreak onboard. Oceania are allowing us to defer the cruise until next year so hopefully this will be sorted out by then!
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