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  1. What a relief, we have finally cancelled our cruise on Bellisima, well worth losing the deposit for the peace of mind. I am a woman of a certain age with many years of travelling experience and am not easily influenced by the thoughts and opinions of other people, but the more I read about this ship, the more I regretted the booking.I hadn't voiced my fears with my husband, I hoped I would become more optimistic as time went on, but after he started doing some research, hebegan to voice his doubts, albeit reluctantly.We then decided that if we both felt the same way, what was the point of trying to convince ourselves otherwise. However I hope everyone who has booked on to this ship has a great time and it is everything you want it to be, at the end of the day we can only do what we think is best for us as individuals, happy holidays😎
  2. I am well aware of your anxiety Viccarol, and try as I have been, I am not looking forward to my booked cruise on Bellisima, so much so, I am going to cancel, and book a holiday that I will be actually looking forward to. We have cruised on a variety of cruise lines, in the past, and enjoy the experience, but the more I read about this line, the more I regret my booking , losing the deposit will be worth it, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and make a decision and move on.
  3. Thank you for your suggestions, which I will give some thought to, but just to clarify, there are no left luggage facilities at the Port?
  4. We are due to arrive at Barcelona approx. 09.00, our flight home isn't until later that evening, what are the arrangements for leaving luggage until later collection, thanks
  5. Looking at booking for Summer 2019, just a few queries if anyone can help On disembarking day, if you have an early flight, what is the procedure for leaving the ship? Can you bring your own drinks on board, purchased on trips ashore? Is all dining open and can you find tables for two? approx. how much are bar prices e.g wine and lager? Thank you:cool:
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