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  1. Hmmm. I wonder if I could strategize that, somehow. ... Hmmm. A positive test result toward the end of the the cruise ... Hmmm. - Joel
  2. So glad! Kudos on your perseverance and resourcefulness, and on cruise critic members who encouraged and made suggestions. And, despite the initial frustrating responses on the phone, Kudo's to Ms. Luthof-Perlo's office for responding, responding promptly, and responding appropriately. Now, all that's left to do, is to enjoy your trip! - Joel
  3. We took it up and down no problem. Great fish and chips up there, too. - Joel
  4. Wow. Sorry to hear. Call in all your chits. Get someone with some weight to advocate for you. If there is hope, it is going to be above the level of whomever answers the phone. Consider that Elliott guy. Good luck. - Joel
  5. Does not sound right to me. The person on the phone is likely reading from a script and I'd see if you can talk to a manager. If I had had a TA help (even with Celebrity Air) I would have that person advocate for you. Elliott Advocacy is a website that can advocate for you, as well. I hope you can work this out. - Joel
  6. Inquiring minds want to know! - Joel
  7. That’s for a cruise I might book during the pandemic. Does it apply to a cruise cancelled for COVID reasons a year ago? -Joel
  8. I've lost track. We have FCC from a cancelled March 2020 cruise. What is the latest sailing that this can be used for? I thought it was April 2022, but does anyone know if it is a specific departure date in April, or if it has been extended / changed? I can't tell from the website or any emails I have recevied. thanks, - Joel
  9. I hope there will be a CC poster among the passengers, who can post a trip report. - Joel
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