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  1. cl.klink

    Is it clear which night is Pirate night?

    Thanks. Is it usually a sea day, then? - Joel
  2. How can I find out? - Joel
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I did book the 12/06/2019 sailing, but I will need to move some things at work to make it possible. I get that such changes may need to happen some of the time. I guess I'm wondering how likely it is that I can expect that this cruise will go as planned, or if this too will be changed? When is it safe to commit to plans? - Joel
  4. I was signed up for the December 10, 2019 Journey cruise out of Miami, western Caribbean. Got an email from Azamara that they decided to cancel the cruise. The email said it was because they wanted to focus more on Cuba. They let me transfer to one of those cruises (11/25 or 12/06), neither of which fits my schedule well but they gave me some extra onboard credit and let me transfer my deposit with a good deal. I know that cruises sometimes are cancelled but this just seems kinda strange. It's cancelled to concentrate on Cuba? Really? One year out? I've never sailed Azamara yet and I was looking forward to it after what I've been reading and seeing online. I appreciate that they tried to accommodate a change to a new option. But, I confess it makes me think a little. Is this likely to happen again? How often have any of you had something like this occur? - Joel
  5. cl.klink

    Doctor's Letter?

    You need your doctor's advice as to whether or not to go and what if any restrictions s/he wants to advise. Other than that you do not need to show a note to anyone on your trip. - Joel
  6. cl.klink

    Celebrity shuttle from Seattle to Vancouver

    Thanks for all these ideas! - Joel
  7. Anyone know how much it costs? We plan to sail on Infinity out of Vancouver on 9/02/2018. - Joel
  8. ;) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Right. But even if I did (I did not), whatever it is that the website says, it should say it the same no matter whether it’s accessed via an iPad or a Galaxy. It’s that discrepancy that is puzzling. Both devices are set to the same day, date, and time, and are accessing the website within minutes of each other, from the same geographic spot (my den in Columbia, MO), via the same WiFi. - Joel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I’m just curious why the same web page gives different numbers for the same sailing based on what device I’m using. Doesn’t make sense. - Joel Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. When I sign into my account on the Celebrity website in my iPad, it says there are x days left until my next booked cruise, but when I signed on using a Samsung Galaxy device, it says a number that is one day less (x-1). I’m signing in mid day, within minutes of each other, and at the main web site (not the mobile version). Huh? What gives? - Joel Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. cl.klink

    Oops, oh no, what are we going to do.

    Passport. Bad show. I don’t recommend. - Joel
  13. cl.klink

    How Do You Book Your Cruises?

    So, I’m confused. If I book onboard, and I then find a TA to become the owner of that booking, the TA can give further benefits / perks IN ADDITION to what I already got from Celebrity? I can ask the TA for that/those? - Joel
  14. cl.klink

    Lunch on port days

    Thanks, everyone. - Joel
  15. cl.klink

    Lunch on port days

    My wife and I will be sailing on the Magic with our daughter and her family November 30. We may stay on the ship on port days while the kids and grandkids are ashore. What is open for lunch on the ship on port days? - Joel