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  1. Pinnacle on Royal and Zenith on X get Diamond on MSC. Diamond on Royal gets Gold on MSC.
  2. Congratulations it sounds like you made the right moves to get the YC experience. Good to know for future cruises.
  3. What is your original cost for the balcony and what was your bid? Curious to see if it is worth bidding or to just purchase from the start.
  4. We just got off 9 nts. on the Equinox. We had anytime dining and told the receptionist we want to social distance and each night she held the same table for 2 along the railing back by the wine tower. She made sure no one sat near us. Others had no problem sitting at a large table or tables for 2 next to each other. Make your wishes known. They are very accommodating. As previously stated the ships are half full and at 7 pm there was plenty of room to spread out.
  5. Equinox has craft social. Very nice area.
  6. We were hoping to stop there on this cruise. What is the substitute?
  7. On Equinox now. Still have comp drycleaning 1 piece each for Elite. Just got slacks back. They are also doing pay drycleaning and laundry. Also 1 free bag wash and fold.
  8. Does anyone think perhaps seniority and not gender should get first choice at the new ship. With LLP at the helm I guess gender rules. This has no judgement on Kate's abilities.
  9. You are one of the joys of being on cruise critic! I don't like hearing from people who never have anything good to say. Hopefully we will meet on Crystal one day.
  10. Good morning Keith. Is that you jogging on deck at 7:45 this morning? We are on our balcony on the Equinox. We board Serenity on November 8 and can't wait after reading your wonderful experiences. Safe travels home.
  11. What was your original pp cost and what was the winning bid amount? Good to know for future reference. Congratulations on winning the bid. Like to hear success stories! 🥂👍
  12. Please come back and post if you find a new promotion. I will do the same.
  13. Just got off the Meravihlia. Enjoy the YC. Robbie is great.
  14. Whoa there partner...telling people to shut up and move on is crossing the line. Perhaps ignoring their posts if you don't like what they say would work better. Not everyone is a Kate cheerleader.
  15. We are waitlisted on the Mia - Sju run Hopefully it will come through.
  16. We are waitlisted for an o/v cabin on the 12/4 sailing. Anyone know what our chances are of getting it?
  17. If you don't mind me asking how much was the YIN and how much was the min. Bid on a balcony? We never tried this! Good luck.
  18. I believe it refers to their new ad which aired last night on NBC during the football game.
  19. I am really glad to hear that they have weathered the covid storm. They are a really sweet couple. I am not on any social media sites.
  20. Don't want to hijack this thread but speaking about top cruiser, has anyone heard from Arno. I know his story with X but thinking someone may know what he is up to now. Cruising on another line perhaps?
  21. Thank you. The lower the better for us! 🥂 it's never too early.
  22. Don't know if you posted this already but can you find out how many passengers are on board. Love following your posts. We will be on board in October.
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