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  1. Has anybody done the morning walk on water program? Is it an instructor-led program? do you need to book in advance? I have not heard of anything like this before - sounds intriguing ps my fitness level is a bit blah at present
  2. Thanks Keith We both have Whats App on our ipads and phones - haven't used it but good to be able to list for dad the options we have available to try. Probably a good option as he also likes to keep updated with photos. Text is also good in case video quality is crap - at least I can say "Hi. Video crap today!"
  3. Thanks for that. My dad is in his 90s and likes us to keep in daily contact when possible - it needs to be visual. He is very tech savvy though - just making sure we both have the right apps loaded before travel.
  4. Thanks so much for your attachments of reflections and menus every day. As someone who is soon to do my first Crystal cruise, I am soaking it all up. Whilst I am salivating at the amazing looking menus, I am also concerned about what my husband is going to eat as we are polar opposites in that area. He is a very fussy, very plain eater. Typical day - Breakfast. egg and bacon with toast, or cereal. Lunch. toasted ham and cheese sandwich. Could have a beef burger with cheese, lettuce and grated carrot - no sauces or mayonnaise Dinner. French onion is the only soup he likes. Chicken (roasted or schnitzel) or steak/beef/lamb/pork (well done). No sauces except for gravy. Potatoes - preferably fries. Peas and carrots. Dessert - ice cream. He is happy to eat the same think every day if he can get it. Are we going to be confined to the buffet? Should I plan to attend the specialty restaurants without him?
  5. First time with Crystal. We usually communicate with folks at home using Skype whilst cruising, however I understand that this can't be done on Crystal. What do others use to (video) communicate?
  6. Thanx Maxx. Must get into the habit of regularly checking the planner!
  7. We have received an email telling us that RC are offering 15% off the Deluxe Package and 30% off the Refreshment Package at the moment. The prices on the website are $78.30 a day, and $33.08 a day. Are these the full or discounted prices? Spent ages on the phone with an RC rep who was clueless.
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