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  1. Yes our cruise was due to sail June 28th. Maybe next year... but who knows. I also have some international flights which we cancelled and hope to do next year to visit family overseas.
  2. We are not currently aboard the Song. When we cancelled we were told that about 50 passengers were still planning to sail. I wonder if masks are required on the boat.
  3. Anyone taking an American Cruise Line trip this summer? We are booked on one and I am not sure if it is wise or foolish to do it. We can get a full refund.
  4. We fly into Spokane, and selected the pre cruise hotel there rather than getting ourselves to Clarkston where the cruise starts. Will the cruise line take us to the ship next morning?
  5. Really glad to read this, since you’ve been on the route I will be on, Oregon to Washington.
  6. Thanks! Very comprehensive. Your information will be useful. We are likely to choose short tours rather than any lengthy ones. We are also comfortable walking about on our own in the places the ship stops. Since it is all in the USA, we speak the language! My concerns are the reports of abysmal wifi, and how well they will accommodate somewhat unusual food restrictions and requirements. I think it will be great fun to be aboard this vessel over the Fourth of July.
  7. Tell me all about the Northwest Pioneers Cruise please! We are taking it this summer. We are used to ocean cruises on Crystal so this will be quite a change.
  8. Phew, I thought the was your stateroom aboard the ship for a moment and knew it was fancier than I am used to. Then I read it was on the 33rd floor and knew better.
  9. One correction that I think is important: Crystal Cruises now offers free unlimited WiFi on its entire ocean, river and yacht fleet. The cruise line used to offer free WiFi to all of its suite, penthouse and deluxe stateroom guests, with other guests getting one hour per day free. Non-suite guests could choose a pay-as-you-go plan for an additional $.74 per minute after that free hour. Under the new policy, there will be no limit on usage or bandwidth used during a sailing.
  10. Sadly my computer lacks the sniff feature or I could ask you to message me the a whiff of the scent!
  11. Thanks. We called and they were most helpful. The hotel where they have an included pre cruise night has a shuttle from the airport. The ship has a shuttle to the post cruise airport.
  12. Does American Cruise Line have shuttle service to and from the airports where you embark/disembark the cruise?
  13. As long as they replenish supplies I am okay with that.
  14. Thanks so much, that’s what I was hoping.
  15. Thanks so much, that’s what I was hoping.
  16. In a Junior Suite is there separate hair conditioner or us it a combination product?
  17. one the Rx bottles is not a big deal, they are small. Taking the OTC bottles (15 of them, often bought in large Costco sizes, like the Calcium), is harder. I'm thinking photographs of those might suffice.
  18. Where the medicines I you had in your pillbox RX or OTC?
  19. Most of us frequent cruisers are of the age where we take three to five rounds of pills each day and take a bundle of those SMTWTHS pill boxes along! Thank G-d we lived long enough to require a little help.
  20. Alaska is in the US. I only have concerns if I am going to countries with different rules like China or Japan.
  21. We left the number needed for the trip (plus a few extra) in the original containers, and left the remainder at home. So while the containers are large, they are not loaded or heavy.
  22. You said they confiscated extension cords and surge protectors. Are power strips okay? A couple typically has multiple devices to charge.
  23. Yes, but. With ships I have been aboard I know whether the evening wrap is important. I like to pack only what will be useful. I might hedge my bets and pack a shawl which weighs less than a sweater or jacket.
  24. Interesting. People aboard now (in a FB group) are reporting that no sweater is needed.
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