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  1. Montana...we are high on list for new cases and our total pop only a million. Suppose it is visitors and more contact period in summer. National Parks opened, some restaurants opened, no rules about masks but may change. 2 teachers in my family taught online and are required to take teaching online specialty course this summer. We did not connect until phase two...outside on May 30th for an important family Birthday and again outside for father's day. We do have about 6 people Sunday diners now inside or out as a family.... once a week. My dad and I, 60 and 86, were told by our doctors not to go on main street shopping, tourist and open street part time at least...and we only do the family dinner and grocery and med shop with masks..I know pro and cons on masks..leave it at that. Big event this week was driving to dump which is a gorgeous drive here with dad and truck windows open. Then Dad wore mask at DQ and they allowed him to order at window and pick up at front door with his mask on and drive through to small the with truck and horse trailer..and we had burgers on my porch...this was my first restaurant food since we all closed down in March. I thought i would see more Rv's coming through this time of year with this but i see less,,,even with parks open. I got really bad...sad and blue,,,even with phone right before phase two...no hugs or pecks on cheek with family and our Sunday dinners out really got to me...and while dad had us calling and on Easter my sis dropped of easy cook yourself Easter dinners by our doors...realized an odd different depression can sure hit...way better now..hospital here now ready and if things had not been slowed it would not have been...this shall pass and pray soon..still in the middle in summer is rough. ( 7 to 9 months of winter coming...} My grandfather drove the wagon of the dead in the 1918 epidemic as a young teenager...we are still better off than then...
  2. Hi trbarton..."Googled" it in duck duck,,,,and number and pics came up....
  3. Great review so far...long time since I have been on..still want to try other lines..but Carnival improves and improves and so great for better cabin and suites,,,thanks Jimbo...I want a pre-dinner drink there at the still new to me..Dr. Mixers we have the rx for your poison..I know I have the name wrong. Like these Cucumber Basil kind of Martini's..yup we even have them here.
  4. This is great..I would love to cruise with you too..and some other dear ones here. I love that we are getting specific Suite info too..and last cruise too long ago was the Spirit and having a friend who will work until she is gone God willing ..we were closer when so many of these ships were new and coming out and I loved going over them like I love watching the new ones now....we all want info on how well kept up...how squeeky etc.. But I still have never been on a new ship except Star Princess with this TA that I adored and was honored as she needed me as a buffer..her business partner just passing.....all the rest of my one handful my whole life of cruises have been older ships and treasured...kept up and refreshed...there are always old wonderful extremely expensive things they did "then" to me that change and make them wonderful and Unique. And about that Legend size down to Fantasy size..there is so much difference I would think in getting around every year noticed more LOL.... Enough hiking on them. To me...being on a ship and moving has the most ensconced and happy feeling I can describe..love planes, trains and automobiles and buses,,,but the ship..that is THE BEST..and resting in a nice cabin seeing water and haveing a balcony...though never a snob if need an inside....this will be coming more and more part of what I will want, especially the one I can get dad on..praying so hard....so thanks Jimbo.
  5. Sure made me happy to pop back into Cruise Critic...be welcomed and find you here!!! Following now...Hi all...excited.
  6. I read that when getting caught up on new ships...old ships..so sorry. That is the bummer..great to see you too..just turned the Big 60..so more cruising and just family weekend time soon I think. My cowboy dad is still here and pray to take him to Hawaii and to see a friend of his living on Molokai..both 85, then we will see..I still want one cruise with him and one with whole family in my bucket list of cruises and travel BUT..mom got sick the second they got off their nice Alaskan cruise and gone 6 weeks later. It was not the cruise's fault, but is was a rare heart virus from God knows where and how she got it and she had had more bugs recently.... but he is not sure now. I have the places picked where we will see the ships in Hawaii and maybe he will get urge, if not it is mostly local land stuff and that is good too......He is still active..has a second new mule after the Grand Canyon ride almost 5 years ago......lol..but more he is more tired and muscles get tired more quickly......so good to see you and your travels list again too. We have to trust your replacement plans will be fantastic..speak to you soon...Blessed Sunday.
  7. Thank you for topic..this is great for many excursions I want to do and love the security of ship ones...a real new bonus to me with Carnival when you are going to do a lot of excursions..vs ship things. This was a very new to me offered perk one can apply for....
  8. Yes...new ships look so nice!! Love more food options. So good to see you...
  9. Possibly could be food storage and not too bad!!
  10. It has been a long time...love these discussions...always working on weight loss and have stopped coke except special occasions. When I have it..well I want more and 5 lbs happens seemingly instantly. In search of an additive completely good for me that I like..I like those Mia things but all the dye. I can get into different teas with Stevia. I see they never stop making new beverages and combine them with different lines. The college kids in my family love the different things. My brother-in-law has worked for coke plant here over 30 years and mom was only Pepsi gal...sorry for all who LOVE and adore coke. Tis hard to give it up or only have a 12 pack for many. Not only a mix but a coffee for many!! In a smaller community that is growing it is funny to see the back and forth this beverage contract fight. The one multi-move theater went back to coke to stay so far lol. I can see this being a Ping Pong deal over next few years with Carnival and NCL. Some brave souls will figure something better they like and some will find they love H2O which is a wonder when that hits. When all you want is ice tea and H20 and you do a lot of the latter and only a cocktail or glass of wine every eve for vacation. You may find yourself thinner or same weight after a cruise with all extra activity even walking more on ship and in port only... And it can be a good time to try to work on one poor health addiction; when so busy with other things; if you think you will not be brought too low. My mom was addicted to Diet Pepsi...I am finally getting back to coke only occasionally like before she passed...it became a security blanket before and after this event for LONG time!!! I do think it affects your immune system; ike many many other things and must be addictive within mix more than we know......I have no judgement here; almost nothing is good for you in prepared foods and drinks.......Happy Travels my friends and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
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