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  1. Thanks everyone. I did not get the insurance because it seemed like a lot for this trip. We've gotten it in the past and have never needed it. I figured we could spend that money on other cruise stuff. It's been a few years since we've cruised, so yes, I did ask a lot of questions here, partly because I needed the info and partly because of the excitement of taking a cruise again. We definitely will go, but it just won't be right now.
  2. Thank you. Right now I am just stressed, concerned, upset...you name it. I'll have to keep an eye on my credit card for the refund.
  3. OK. Thanks. Do I have to contact Royal at all to make a request, or will they just automatically process things?
  4. So, I have a question I didn't want to have to post, but here it goes. First, a little bit of background. My mom, sister, niece and I were supposed to go on a cruise on the Navigator next Monday out of Miami. My sister had fairly major surgery a week and a half ago, but was still ready to go because she thought it would be good to relax. Unfortunately, due to some complications, she can no longer go. My mom, who has had her own health issues, who my sister and I take care of, doesn't feel comfortable going anymore. My sister cannot currently care for my mom in her condition because she h
  5. How did it go? What area did you end up on Cococay? How was it navigating the island with a parent on wheels? Our cruise is in a week, and my mom will be in a wheelchair.
  6. Does anyone have an updated cabana map?
  7. I consider not taking the official transportation back to the ship leaving early. We would definitely let them know if we want to hang back.
  8. If we book a tour type excursion, and we want to stay longer and not take the transportation back to the ship, does RC care? Or would they be panicked that some passengers did not return to the ship on the official transport? I know some excursion descriptions specifically say that you can stay and wander or head back to the ship, but this one doesn't say. My niece and I want to do the Discover Atlantis tour, but we want to stay longer than the 2 1/2 hours to explore more and do the shops and casino. Would that be an issue as far as RC is concerned?
  9. Thanks for the recent intel. Which beach area did you stay at/in/on? How far was it from where you settled to the walkways? My mom can only walk very short distances before getting winded and wobbly, so I'm trying to figure out how she'd do if walking is necessary, especially if there is more loose sand than packed sand. I assume nobody said anything about locking the wheelchair somewhere. I am concerned that you said you didn't see any beach wheelchairs. I read somewhere that there are 2 or 3 locations that they are usually placed, and sometimes they do go quick, so perhaps you didn't g
  10. Are there any official areas to leave regular wheelchairs after transferring to the sand wheelchairs yet? I was planning on bringing a bike lock and chaining my mom's chair somewhere. Would that be ok/allowed?
  11. Do you know where they are located on the ship? And, would it be better to use wide-mouth bottles, or can those with smaller openings be used?
  12. Does anyone know how high the beach beds are? Are the mattresses firm or do they really sink down when you sit on them? Are they easy/difficult to sit on or get up from for those with limited mobility? Thanks.
  13. I thought I read about Navigator having them. Where are they located? Can we use them to fill our own bottles or are they for those who purchase drink packages?
  14. I have done it in the Windjammer like that before. It's gets to be a pain filling with individual cups, especially for multiple people in a room. Besides, depending on where I am when I need a refill, I may not want to have to head to the Windjammer. I was just starting to look into water filters and bottles like this. Thanks for the suggestion.
  15. So, I messaged RC on Facebook, and got some answers... sort of. First, I was told that water was only allowed on embarkation day, and it must be carried on. To clarify, I asked if we could bring on a single bottle of water/juice/soda, and I was told that "these regulations vary by port", so I should ask security before I leave the ship. I thought it was up to Royal as to whether I can bring a bottle of water onboard, so I asked what Royal's stance was, and I was told that it is a case but case basis, so again, ask while onboard. So, not a really solid answer, bit an official one...I guess.
  16. Thanks. I used to end up filling bottles 1 cup at a time, was just wondering if things were different with the refurb. It's good to know there is a grocery store. I'll have to look it up to see where.
  17. Is there a shop in Nassau near the pier where we can get a few extra bottles of water to take onboard? We are going to bring our allowance of water on embarkation, but there are 4 of us, so it won't last long. Does the Navigator have any of those special water fountains that allow you to fill your water bottle in a more sanitary way? Or do the staff have to fill the bottles for you?
  18. It's been a few years since we last cruised (dad passed away, so we lost our zest for a bit), and on our last few cruises we didn't buy any photos. We bought them when I was a kid since cruising was new to us then. I wasn't sure how they did things now.
  19. That's what it said in mine too. I didn't see anything that specified it, so I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything in the fine print.
  20. True. As long as they take some that day. It's a 4nt cruise for us, so there really aren't too many oportunities to take official photos.
  21. I wanted to know if you get the prints right away, or if you pick them up, or if they're sent to you.
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