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  1. I appreciate what you are saying but hopefully someone on here has experienced a change of passengers last minute so understands what happens in this situation as it must happen very regularly and there will be a policy in place now for this
  2. To be honest its what the RC policy is on this that I need to know as they must have rules about changes of passengers post booking. I need to book now as we need transatlantic flights too which we can currently use Amex and Companion Voucher on which is a huge saving for us. Companion Vouchers for business class have very limited availability hence booking now. I looked at Miami but companion voucher availability goes within minutes so missed those!
  3. Hi, Just after some advice regarding policy should passengers change on a booking. Im thinking of booking Anthem for April 2021 (lets hope we are sailing by then!) for me, my wife, my 6 year old daughter and my 72 year old mother. I would stress that my mother is as fit as a butchers dog but of course I have to remember that this sailing is still a year a way. My daughter wants to share a cabin with her Grandma which Grandma is very happy with, with me and my wife having a regular balcony cabin. My question is that what would happen if my mother couldnt travel through i
  4. You must be smoking some strong weed if you dont think RC are absolutely planning their business around being able to take and keep hold of your money!! 🙂
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