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  1. I am also curious about this tour. I would love to hear about it from someone who's done it. What do you see? I'd enjoy getting on the bike, but I'd also like to see the villages. We did an e-bike tour in Bordeaux and it was so much fun. Some people didn't use the electric assist at all and some people used it alot and actually pedalled very little.
  2. What a great list! Thanks so much! I’ve started looking some of them up, but I think it’s clear we need to go back and stay for a week!
  3. We will be in St. Petersburg for two days for our second visit. We've done the more popular palaces; Hermitage, Catherine's and Peterhof and enjoyed them all. We have several sites that we'd like to visit this trip, but would also like to incorporate a few things that are not on the usual tours. We did not visit the Peter and Paul Fortress, subway, grocery store or do a canal cruise, so those are on our list. Any other suggestions? Thanks for any suggestions!!
  4. We booked the Ra last June 2018 for August 2020. It was the only date we could get two rooms other than a date right before Christmas. There was a random selection of single rooms available then. We booked it but just recently changed our date to March 2021, when the new schedules came out.
  5. We were in Monte Carlo last fall and used Sylvie di Cristo. It really was the perfect day. Sylvie is fun and interesting. We saw Monte Carlo and then went to a beautiful mountain village that was so charming and not overrun with tourists and buses. She picked a wonderful restaurant for lunch and we enjoyed a wonderful relaxing meal sitting outside on a medieval street. We did a short hike along the coastline for a beautiful view of the coast. Towards the end of the day we went to Villefranche. It truly was a spectacular day. She's also very flexible and will take you wherever you'd lik
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