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  1. Yes. They can confirm the see the request for refund. There is no number associated with it (so they say).
  2. I just got off the phone with RC because I did not get an email either. We paid alot of money for our cruise and we are both looking to potentially be out of work now for maybe a month (schools are closed and we have no remote option). So it's ignorant of people to say "chill out, it will come". It's nice to be in that position, so please be kind to others that are trying to figure out how ends will be met without income for the next possible 4 weeks or more. Some clarification points I got from a really helpful RC agent (who I only waited maybe 10 seconds on hold to talk to). 1- Full refunds will be issued in 30 BUSINESS days (not calendar) from the day you put in the request. 2-If you cancelled your OB activities (chops, ect) prior to cancelling your cruise, you will get that back in 7-10 business days. If you did not, see above. 3-Confirmation emails will not be sent for those in the "suspended" sailings- through 4/11. She explained this as the way the coding happens in their system. You didn't cancel your cruise, Royal did, so you don't get a cancellation email. If you were cancelling a cruise outside that window, you will get an email (makes no sense at all to me, but alas, that's what she told me). Hopefully that reassures people during times that are already maddening.
  3. I don’t have unreasonable expectations, I was just more concerned that I didn’t get an automatic email confirming my selection. I don’t expect an immediate refund. Just trying to figure out what everyone else was getting.
  4. Our cruise was one of the ones canceled (4/5 Harmony). We opted for the full refund over the FCC. When I submitted the form, Royal said they will refund me within 30 days and I will receive a follow up notice. I didn’t get any notice yet. Anyone else push the refund button? What’s been your experience thus far? I used different cards for the deposit, incremental payments, and final payment....so am I getting credit cards refits credits all over the place?
  5. Gov Hogan is awesome....People up here think its extreme. But he is a business man and understands when things need to get done. He has my vote as POTUS 😉
  6. Toilet paper is a supply chain issue, not a demand issue. Most paper products come from China. As China has limited their operations, so has the supply been limited. People understand that the supply is limited and therefore they are stockpiling. My kids barely use toilet paper, so I'm good 🤣 I am curious with this travel ban how Royal's workforce will be impacted. Many workers fly in from European countries. If they do not have staff, they will not be able to operate their ships. Most of the areas with restrictions are areas from which they employ. If the government does not force their hand, operationally, it may be forced for them.
  7. We are definitely cancelling our 4/5 trip. But we are waiting for the actual cancellation.. We paid alot of money for our cruise during spring break at suite level. I don't want that FCC, I would rather a cash refund.
  8. If you have met any 4 year old or 7 year old in general...then place then in a cabin for X amount of days without being able to run....its gonna get loud...also obnoxious...there may be a broken lamp or two....JUST SAYING... Our school has announced that any student with ANY international travel will not be permitted at school within 14 days of that travel. They are also anticipating a closure soon (my guess is Monday). We have a case at the feeder highschool that is currently testing. They shut that school down until Tuesday while they await the results. I really needed a cruise too...
  9. We are booked on April 5th with two littles- 4 and 7. My biggest risk was quarantine in the room, so I called and upgraded my balcony cabin to an Owners Suite for no additional money. I think we can handle almost 600 sq feet in a quarantine with two kids. Our cabin neighbors may hate us though 🙂
  10. Your travel agent is wrong. I called yesterday because my cruise dropped $3000 for my party. I was immediately given the opportunity to upgrade to an Crown Loft or OS complimentary. Maybe your agent doesn't want to sit on hold for an hour and a half to find out?
  11. Yes that's the cruise I am on (4/5) Harmony. I plan on checking again. I may get the Royal Loft suite by the time we are ready to set sail! The lady on the reservation line said the ship is not very full now...
  12. I am feeling good if I need to be quarantined in there 🙂
  13. After about an hour and a half on the phone, I had the option of upgrading (for free) to either an owner's suite or a crown loft suite. I choose Owners since we have 2 little kids coming and space and balcony size are key. Whhooohoo!
  14. My cruise (4/5) dropped by $3000. I want to call Royal and find out if they will honor the price drop. The ship was sold out about 3 weeks ago and now has openings across the board. I wonder if they will honor the price drop since I plan on cruising and not cancelling?
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