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  1. Well if you care to read the proposal, it is very easy to find on-line. It's about 74 pages. Now what I have NOT found anywhere is if the CDC has agreed to adopt these proposals. Of course RCCL or any cruise line can adopt their own rules. Such as in the MSC cruise line case back in August. As to my second comment, Yes, I agree that the virus is "REAL" however it is NOT the automatic death sentence that seems to be being inferred. Yes, I agree that the cruise lines should do what they feel is necessary for the safety of the crew and passengers and to get back to operation. But I al
  2. I think most if not all of us are aware of the proposed guidelines RCCL made to the CDC to reopen cruising. One proposal says that shore excursions should be limited to "cruise-line sponsored or verified excursions." I have posted it below. As I read this, it goes further than just limiting shore excursions to ship-sponsored, it controls whether you can get off the ship at all. The ONLY way a passenger can leave the ship in any given port is to do so as part of a "cruise-line sponsored or verified" excursion. Can't speak for everyone but this SUCKS!!!! Many times we don't do an excursion, we'l
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