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  1. Just got back from an Alaskan cruise on Carnival (August 24, 2021). Everyone did wear masks. What I found very odd is that no disposable gloves were provided for the buffet lines and using the utensils. Everyone used the same utensil to serve themselves. I just thought that was very odd and not safe. After serving myself, I would go wash my hands.
  2. Also went for the 11:00 check in. You are kinda freaking me out how we met on here an soo much alike ha.
  3. CC rider......you cant miss me, I am a 6 foot 2 blonde with a bald husband, but Im sure he will have an A&M or Navy ball cap on. Do you have United club access? We could meet for drinks if so:) God I am hoping for a negative result....ha!!!
  4. Uber it is!!! Thank you for your input. Now can we all get past this Covid..ugg.. Scary but we are going for it. I just dont know what to think anymore. All we can do is take all the precautions. The kids tell us to go for it.
  5. I am no expert, but I have read do not take light rail. Like a mile walk with luggage from where it stops to pier?????
  6. Seattle Marriott Airport. Pretty sure the hotel provides shuttle ride from hotel to airport.
  7. Arriving the day before we depart on our cruise in Seattle. Is it worth going back to the airport to catch the Carnival Cruise transport bus or should we just Uber from hotel? I see it is like 30.00 bucks a person and you have to sign up for Carnival airport shuttle bus. It is for my husband and myself, so 2 people. If we take Carnival bus, do they handle the luggage once we get to pier?? Right now I am thinking it will just be easier to Uber vs. going back to the airport. Anyone have experience with this????
  8. Yes is the correct answer . No charge at CVS...they even do testing on the weekend!!!
  9. Great pics!! Well hell, I might as well go to Costco now and get my fill of crab legs, ha. I love the idea of Ketchikan crab fishing feeds!! Its almost time to go.... come on August 17!! Thanks
  10. Hmmmm, I will have to look into that. I thought we just stayed on the ship. Thanks!!
  11. I have a Stateroom with large window on Carnival. Will I still have a good view? I know its not a balcony, but hoping I will be able to sit on bed and look out window:))
  12. Leave August 17, 2021 on Carnival. Which port is best to see whales?? Which port is best to see bears eating salmon? I tentatively booked a whale watch tour (6 hours) in Juneau, but I also really want to go to the Mendenhall Glacier and I am afraid I wont have enough time. Since Canada is closed they extended time in Skagway....whales/bears there to see?? Any and all suggestions appreciated for our 3 stops. No hiking please. I prefer a nice tour outside of the downtown area, where I can always shop. A must is eating King Crab legs and Halibut. Thanks!!
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