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  1. When I called this morning I was told I am still sailing out of NYC On 4/19 and into Seattle with no itinerary changes. This has been the same news as I have had every time I have contacted NCL
  2. We did a very similar itinerary a few years ago. Kotor and Dobrovnik are walkable towns. You will need tour/transport for your Italy stops we had private taxi tours because of a wheelchair though I would do the same tours same people again.
  3. Who else is cynical enough to be thinking that the lawyers are looking at this and they will use our cruises and threats of not cancelling as leverage to get the govt to include them. The last month of cancellations came after they were told they would be helped. http://labor411.org/411-blog/cruise-lines-that-avoid-u-s-taxes-by-incorporating-overseas-fear-they-wont-receive-bailout-funds/?fbclid=IwAR2_4XqaNHOXg3xnY9VUOYALPX47CZl_ZkJcSD5DQFt67D84NeRD3pYZEaA
  4. Where did you see that? There’s rumors that the Bliss crew was all sent home too, but I can not see that anywhere either.
  5. We are on the Bliss from NYC to Seattle on the 19th. When I called on Monday I was told it was going ahead as planned, Even though very few of our ports are open. I asked what the new itinerary was and was told they would know today. I emailed My PCP today and asked where I should change my flights To and from (Ha ha). No reply. I doubt we will ever give NCL money again.
  6. We are meant to be on the 2nd cruise out of New York in April. 29 days to go. I sent a message asking why we had not been informed of port changes 30 days out as per the letter we got. Message was read but not answered. I don't think there's a single port on our cruise still open right now. WE called and got all refundables refunded, we cancelled upgrade offers, waiting for NCL to cancel so we can get our money back. If that doesn't happen very soon NCL will lose our future business, no matter how good the product, bad customer service gets me shopping elsewhere.
  7. Lake Tahoe is closed 🙂 No casinos open, no hotels open. Shelter in place until mid April. Would love to see your tourist $ when we are back open though.
  8. Nothing yet, we are booked on the Bliss on the 19th, 31 days out with multiple ports that are closed.
  9. I think 3 or 4 ports we are meant to go to are closed, plus the whole Alaska cruises may not be able to happen thing. I doubt we are going but we have not been told it’s cancelled yet.
  10. I have playing cards, cribbage board, travel monopoly and chequers, my self imposed rule was everything extra had to fit in a gallon ziplock, crochet hook and yarn and downloaded a how to learn as I have zero idea. Have loaded up ipad with extra books and games. Tacking extra meds, added some sample packs of laundry detergent to our cruise kit that has all the regular stuff in it. Bought a couple of extra battery tealights and more cough drops than usual. 6 weeks tomorrow we are on that ship.
  11. We will fly to NYC either way, we are flying Wednesday for a Sunday departure. I'm looking at what to go see if we take a month road trip instead (suggestions welcomed going North or West). The biggest thing for me would be needing at least 4 days heads up that they cancelled so that I can bring my Service dog with me as I wont take him on a 21 day cruise, but a road trip would be way more fun for me with him. I laughed at myself for putting extra bleach wipes on my cruise packing list, I know I am not going to wipe down everything every time I walk into the cabin, or clean again after the steward has done so. I will be content with wiping down remote controls, and the insides of drawers like I usually do when I first get to my cabin. I will be wiping down airline trays and the hard part of the seats with them though. No matter what IMHO I have more chance of catching a virus in the confines of a rental car than on a cruise ship.
  12. I have vision issues Seeing AI is the best app to help with this.
  13. We just got bidding offers on every category right up to the Owners suites from our GTY Balcony. So its no longer just the next 2.
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