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  1. Thank you all, We will not be doing public baths or swimming pools. We will be staying in Tokyo 4-6 days before the cruise, and maybe somewhere relaxing for a week afterwards, but as we will want beach and water this discussion has made us decide to move onto another country. We wish to be as polite as possible as we always are and if we had planned this trip last year would not have gotten the arm tattoos this year, but too late now. We can pack long sleeve cotton overshirts and see how we feel when we get there.
  2. We are going to cruise Japan and China in exactly a years time, I like planning ahead 😄 Both myself and DH have visible tattoos, not a whole sleeve but forearm, ones. Its going to be hot in August. Should we be looking for tattoo hiding makeup or sleeves? Or will we be OK showing them? Also since we both have larger than normal feet should we bring slippers or will clean wool socks work for visiting places?
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