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  1. our june 6th cruise on niuew statendam was changed from 9 days to 7, so we cancelled it last week. waiting for the refund of the deposit. said it would take several weeks.
  2. we have an oct 24, 2021 viking ocean cruise....resulting from cancelled april and january cruises. so this oct one is already paid for....but, who knows if that will go...and flights? another worry even if italy lets US citizens in! i envision viking scheduling flights with multiple connections from CLT that we will hate! what an awful mess for everyone.
  3. i figured that... but both TA and HAL said to wait a few weeks for the final decree. guess we wont be going! maybe they will offer something in return for changing the itinerary? we have a viking ocean oct 24, 2021 (rebooked and paid in full after our april trip was cancelled) so it will have to be 2022. god, hope we live that long!
  4. our june 6th nine day cruise on niuew statendam to scandinavia has been changed....not sure to what yet....but it looks like it is reduced to seven days. if true, even if it goes, it is not worth the flights for a short cruise....was to begin in amsterdam....and end in bergen. now it might be RT amsterdam....we've been there and don't want to extend on either end...so it's probably a no-go. just wish they would announce something. it seems june is too close and too iffy to go anyway. glad we have memories and our health....but we're getting older and who
  5. we have a holland america trip to norway in june '21....at least i can get deposit back and don't have to decide anything as final payment is not till february. that trip may go bye-bye....and hopefully HAL will still be in business and be able to refund the deposit! but Amsterdam may still not allow US citizens entry, and if you can't fly in you surely can't sail out ....i have become accustomed to "wait and see"....and i have no patience. learning that skill now!
  6. who knows if Europe will even allow US residents in. wonder what viking does if ships can sail but US passengers not allowed into various countries. what a mess. even though we're now booked for oct 21 i am still wary. time will tell.
  7. we were booked on the iberian explorer in january 2021 with an extension in london. we rolled that over with our cancelled april 2020 cruise and put it all towards oct 2021 venice to athens. who knows if that will go or if we feel comfortable virus-wise... and since it's a voucher, i have to hope it: 1. sails 2. or if pushed back further, we will have enough brains to remember to GO. yikes.🙃
  8. our april cruise on the sky was cancelled .... it seemed to take forever for that decision though, some anxious moments. we took the 125% voucher. reading redtravels post i hope our re-booked cruise in oct 2021 goes...or we may be too old and feeble to remember we have a cruise booked if that has to be pushed back!
  9. xeena

    money bar

    mentioned it because.....chankanaab had poor snorkeling last time we were there....nice beach, nice places to walk, marine animal shows etc....but we enjoy a few hrs of snorkeling and not "beaching" it for a day....
  10. xeena

    money bar

    at least 5 years since we went to channkanab....and it was not good....since then have taxied to the Money Bar on two trips since then and it is much nicer AND free (except for the taxi RT to our ship). drinks good...good service too.
  11. xeena


    dont need a beach, just a way into the water....this is great info. thanks again
  12. xeena


    thanks! fab pix too! now i remember the name "eden rock" ! did not know about the other spot further down....will surely check it out. our friends do not have their own gear, does either place rent?
  13. xeena

    money bar

    i am not on facebook, (refuse to) but will check trip advisor and see if they have email.... thanks
  14. It has been several years since we were in the caymans...in the past, we walked to the right after getting off the ship to a beach bar where you could use your own gear and snorkel from the beach. anyone know if this is still possible?
  15. xeena

    money bar

    we will be in cozumel in a few weeks and had planned on taking our gear to the Money Bar for a few hours of snorkeling and drinks. anyone been there recently? is the area still open to snorkelers from the beach?
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