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  1. Valencia - too long to walk to town. There will be a Princess shuttle bus, or if you walk past the shuttle buses, there are free local buses which will take you out of the port to the main road. From there you can get the local bus into town. Taxi, when I was there recently, was EUR 12. Malaga - yes you can walk into town. It's about 20 minutes, via Muello Uno, which is part of the port and is a lovely complex with shops and restaurants.
  2. There is a new cruise terminal in Valencia, which is not near the local bus stop for the number 4 bus. Outside the terminal to the left, after the ship's shuttle buses, are free local buses which will take you to the main road for the regular bus. When I was there a few months ago, taxi fare to centre was EUR 12.
  3. I also did this itinerary on the Royal Princess (sister ship to Regal) last year and it was fabulous. Agree with every point in post number 2 above. Everyone on the Royal Princess was really friendly, the same as on a small ship. In my opinion Princess are far superior to Royal Caribbean, with better entertainment and food. (Though I do like Royal Caribbean's cabins better).
  4. Both are cruises, apart from that they are very different. On a Princess cruise you are in the US, and on an MSC cruise you are in Italy, everything is done the Italian way, very different from the American way. I have cruised both and much prefer Princess, but you pay more. The food is WAY better on Princess. Everything on MSC ships is announced in 5-6 languages, but you get used to it. Having said that I have enjoyed the Princess cruises and the MSC cruises I've been on, they're just very different. The rooms are much nicer on MSC though.
  5. I was on the ship last year and loved just about everything about it, didn't want to get off at the end of the cruise. I don't mind the smaller balconies everyone moans about - if I can sit on the balcony, it's fine. I make a point of falling in love with each ship when I cruise on it, makes for an enjoyable cruise :)
  6. As the Orkney Islands is a tender port, you should take into consideration that sometimes the sea is too rough to tender and it gets cancelled. In May or September the weather will be cool, It can even be cold in the first half of May or second half of September.
  7. Did this cruise last year. We had a cabin on the starboard side, which was the "land" side most of the voyage. Nice views sailing around the north of Scotland. By late May the weather will have "warmed" up. You will still find it cold after Florida. British weather is completely unpredictable and can change at any time during the day. Typical average daytime temperatures in the south would be around 65-70 deg F and in Scotland 10 degrees less. It can rain at any time, so take umbrellas. PS I was originally from the UK.
  8. Do not wait until after final payment, that will be too late. You can put in the request now, either through the travel agent you booked with, or directly to Princess if you booked with them.
  9. We did this last year. You have to get permission from Princess to disembark in Le Have and the French authorities only allow a certain number, so put in the request to Princess as soon as possible. We hired a car from Le Havre, toured around Normandy with it, drove to Paris and returned the car on arrival in Paris in the evening. The one day hire was not expensive, around EUR 70 for an automatic transmission. Manual transmission was much cheaper. There are a few car hire companies a five minute taxi ride from the port.
  10. I have used Whatsapp in the past on ships to make calls. You have to pay for the wifi on the ship, but the calls are free! You can ask on the ship which of their programs supports Whatsapp. Before you go, download Whatsapp to your phone, and ask everyone you intend to call to download Whatspp to. It only works if both parties have the Whatsapp app.
  11. It's the 2 round pin European style, not the flat-pinned British type. If I remember rightly, there's also another similar 220V in the bedroom.
  12. Coming from Florida you will be cold in London. Late September/October is already winter temperatures. Take sweaters and a warm coat, and of course, an umbrella. As you cross the Atlantic, the weather will gradually get warmer until you reach Florida, so you need some clothes for all seasons. Hazel (ex-UK)
  13. Do you have the names of the relevant companies as I am in the same position and couldn't find them in a Google search?
  14. We disembark our ship at Port Everglades and our flight home is from MIA at 5.45 pm. We would like to do something during the day and not go straight to the airport. Does anyone have suggestions, which include where to store our suitcases and reasonably price transport options. Thanks in advance for your help.
  15. When we left our ship in Venice a couple of weeks ago, there were no taxis available outside the terminal. We had to walk to the port entrance (about 10 mins) before we were able to find a taxi on the street. Allow as much time as possible.
  16. As long as you don't expect a British or American ship, you'll enjoy yourselves. MSC are Italian/European and do things a little differently. English speakers will be the minority, though there will be some. It's like cruising in a different country. ☺️
  17. Also thinking of travelling with toddlers soon. How much to RC charge per hour for the nursery?
  18. Haven't cruised on the Musica, but did cruise on the Magnifica a couple of years ago; the 2 ships are very similar. We had a great time. We are going on the May 20 cruise, if that's the one you're referring too - a really interesting itinerary. I don't know if you've cruised MSC before. If you have not, the experience is different to the American cruise lines. It is European in style and everything is in several languages. English is always the first language. Although the experience is different, MSC cruises are still great.
  19. Be sure to let your bank know you're travelling to Europe if you intend to use your card for ATMs or payments. If you don't do this they may think the use of the card is fraudulent and block the card!
  20. I would suggest you notify MSC as soon as possible that you require assistance for embarkation and disembarkation. That way they will escort you and you won't have to wait in the lines.
  21. The dress code on MSC is much less formal than P&O. There is no black tie, no dinner suits or long evening dresses required. People generally do dress up a little more than normal on Gala nights, but not everyone. A shirt and tie, and maybe a jacket is fine. Basically, you can wear whatever you like, there is a wide range of attire, with everyone wearing what they feel comfortable with. As you can see from the map above, there is no direct transport from Marseille airport to the cruise port. For public transport you would have to take the train or bus to Marseille town and then a taxi from there. I would not recommend taking a public bus from Marseille to the cruise port, as you would have to walk 1-2 kms with suitcases from the bus stop to the ship. A taxi might be a good idea. You can check the prices on taxi price calculator web sites or maybe ask on the France Ports board. Alternatively, ask MSC about their direct transfer from the airport. MSC transfer prices are often reasonable.
  22. Usually buses are sorted by language, with one language per bus. If there is not enough demand to fill a bus, they sometimes have the tour in two languages. Have never experienced more than two languages on one bus.
  23. Downey wrinkle release is not available in Euorpe, only in the USA. Jealous!
  24. hlperez


    I have been upgraded from an oceanview to balcony twice on MSC.
  25. If you booked with a travel agent you can give them your details over the phone and they'll do it for you. I had to do this.
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