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  1. hancogran

    Pre-purchase casino credits

    Thanks Ken! It says "After Cruise Planner closes for the sailing, all sales are final". What if something happened at the last minute and you couldn't sail? Would you get your $ back? Not sure I like this new offer! 😞
  2. hancogran

    I can't see any signatures.

    Thanks for the suggestion... mine was already checked to "View Signatures" but it's showing the message "Your chosen signature does not meet the guidelines". I will have to edit my signature but it's strange that I can't see anybody elses.
  3. hancogran

    I can't see any signatures.

    I'm on my laptop and they're not available so it can't be just mobile devices. 😞
  4. hancogran

    I can't see any signatures.

    I have the same problem 😞
  5. hancogran

    Just testing

    Test... Test
  6. hancogran

    New and Improved CC

    No, I'm using my laptop but the text is now darker or larger than it was earlier. 🙂
  7. hancogran

    New and Improved CC

    Sure hope they do something for the text size... it's just way too hard to read even after adjusting it to large in the settings.
  8. hancogran

    Spain Day Tours or Barcelona Day Tours?

    Same company and their tours are all great! We've done four or five with them over the past few years.
  9. November, 1957 on the Empress of England from Liverpool to Montreal (8 days crossing). Can't remember a whole about the trip except that my mother and sister were sick all the way over. Back then, I don't think there were patches or meds for sea sickness the way there is nowadays.
  10. hancogran

    Barcelona Hop On Off Bus / Shuttle from Port ?

    We did the HOHO bus last week in Barcelona and usually had no problem finding a seat. The only exception was when we got off at Sagrada Familia, it was about an hour wait in line to get back on the bus. The buses came frequently but there was only room for so many passengers at a time... the line moved slowly. I guess it's because it was one of the more popular stops. It's a great way to see the city though.
  11. hancogran

    CD Mike Szwajkowski...

    I'd love to sail with Mike as CD again. He was the best! Can't remember if it was Voyager or Adventure we were on when he was CD and he really does a fantastic job. Someone mentioned the fountain skit-- it was hilarious! He left Royal Caribbean and joined the RCMP. So happy he's back.
  12. We were on Jewel this past May and the cable car lineup to come down wasn't too bad.. a few minutes wait. I believe we were the only ship in port that day.
  13. hancogran

    Radiance Class - Aft vs. Hump?

    We had 9660 on Jewel last April for the 14 day Trans Atlantic from San Juan to Rome! It was a fantastic cabin and the balcony was so much larger than any we've had on the hump. The walk to the dining room, etc is a bit longer but we didn't mind. I'd definitely take the aft over a hump cabin!
  14. hancogran

    Rebooking at lower rate

    Thanks Bob ! It could be tricky since the obc is from booking the Mariner, May 2018 Transatlantic that RCL canceled. My replacement cruise is only 8 days but they didn't reduce our obc when we rebooked our replacement cruise. :confused: Hmm...decisions, decisions! I guess $150 savings is worth a try.
  15. hancogran

    Rebooking at lower rate

    If you rebook at a lower rate (same cabin category), do you lose any obc you now have from booking the cruise from the next cruise dept. onboard? I think we have $100 each from our onboard booking but if we would lose it, it's not worth calling about. Our cruise has dropped about $150