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  1. Did you indicate to Carnival whether you wanted a refund or FCC? If you didn't make the choice they automatically assume FCC.
  2. Just got my refund for fun shop purchases. That is my entire refund. My next cruise is on the Mardi Gras June 2021 (hopefully} and my daughter and I are very much looking forward to it.
  3. The credit card company would issue you a check for the credit. That's how most credit card companies work. You might have to call them to request it since it probably isn't an automatic process.
  4. 4/1 : Canceled 4/25 cruise over the phone 5/15 : Received cruise fare, taxes, fees and prepaid gratuities 5/19 : Received shore excursions refund Still waiting on fun shop purchases.
  5. Mine is the opposite. I received my refund for cruise fare, taxes and gratuities. I have not received the refund for shore excursions, internet and specialty dining.
  6. I canceled everything on the same day but only received cruise fare and taxes. Still waiting on excursions, internet and specialty dining.
  7. Received full refund of cruise fare yesterday and a specialty dining charge. Still waiting on the rest of the specialty dining, shore excursions and FTTF. Cruise date : 4/25/2020 Canceled : 4/1 over the phone
  8. Now I really know there's no rhyme or reason to this. I canceled my 4/25 cruise on 4/1 and have yet to get a cent. Unless the process to refund via gift card is quicker. Glad you got your refund.
  9. Judging by these time lines most folks that are now seeing their refunds canceled in March. I canceled my cruise on 4/1 over the phone so I don't expect to see my refund until the end of this month the earliest.
  10. This is promising. I canceled my 4/25 Panorama cruise on 4/1 and have yet to receive anything. Hopefully I'll see my shore excursions, dinners, FTTF and carnival kitchen classes refunded soon.
  11. For those who have already received their refund of the cruise fare, have you also received the refund for your extras like shore excursions, etc? If so, when did you get that refund in relation to your cruise fare refund?
  12. Here is the flyer: http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Odyssey/19070652_OY_Consumer_Flyer.pdf
  13. I want to book at Greek Isles cruise for my daughter and I so I'm anxioosly awaiting the release. Also, here is the updated release schedule: Deployment Schedule
  14. This is at the bottom of the Odyssey flyer: SUMMER 2021 Sailing from Rome, Italy 7-12 Night Mediterranean, Greek Isles and Holy Land Is Holy Land a new itinerary?
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