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  1. I THOUGHT there would be travel bargains to entice passengers but looking at Alaska for June 2021 showed HIGHER prices and almost 100% balcony cabins booked. We were advised that if we book travel now while advisories are still in place that we would be unable to get insurance. Think we’ll just wait until the 2022 offerings. 😩
  2. SO glad our borders are closed. Humour crossing the border is the least of the issue and I definitely did not see any humour in your post.
  3. I can’t believe a HOST would post such an irresponsible post. This attitude is EXACTLY why the U.S. has such high rates of infection.
  4. We were on Regal December 8-15, cabin 323 on Baha deck 11. New mattress and pillows were super comfortable and lovely new bedding.
  5. We did the trip in September and our journey through the Rhine was picture perfect. Unfortunately my husband had some health issues which made it necessary to view from the cabin.
  6. We did Scenic Opal Budapest to Amsterdam and were on the port side. Going through the Rhine Gorge there was far more to see on the starboard side.
  7. Thanks! Happy to see Lion King! Our cruise is December 8th so maybe there will be some changes. Definitely said “Judy” in the email.
  8. Just read on a Regal Princess email that the MUTS include Judy and Yesterday.
  9. We would be thrilled if Lion King was showing on our December 8th cruise. Wanted to see it at the movies but knew I’d cry so......😀.
  10. I don’t drink alcohol or tea/coffee. I had the unlimited soda package in March which included hot chocolate which was awesome. For our December cruise the unlimited soda DOESN’T include hot chocolate now. Since I wouldn’t drink more than one hot chocolate a day it’s a better deal to get the unlimited soda and pay for my hot chocolate individually. A word of warning about the Strawberries on Fire mocktail. Following advice on CC I asked for it MILD. Couldn’t handle more than one sip. 🔥 🔥 🔥 Never did find a smoothie!
  11. March 2019 on Regal had a Bavarian Night. We LOVED the buffet so much we only ate in the main dining room one night. When we return in December we'll skip the main dining room altogether. The Italian night was my favourite. My husband was in seafood heaven EVERY night; always something he loved.
  12. We did a Scenic Opal Budapest to Amsterdam river cruise in September. There are tables for 2, room service is available and, with a passenger count of 148, you aren’t tripping over fellow guests. There were a number of excursion options available for most ports. In spite of being totally all-inclusive we didn’t come across one drunk passenger, didn’t hear one word of bad language (we’re 69/72 and are old school types) and found people just wanted to enjoy themselves.
  13. I just read an article in my latest edition of Cruise & Travel Lifestyles on Riviera River Cruises. Definitely sounds like what you’re looking for.
  14. Thanks skynight, this is exactly what I needed to know. Since I only drink one a day it's much better for me to just buy it at the IC.
  15. Senga


    We booked everything through Scenic for our September Jewels of Europe river cruise and it truly was no tipping, all inclusive. Airport transfers were included and we had a special offer that included transfers from home/airport, airport/home and even those tips were included. Excellent service.
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