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  1. Our recent Scenic Opal cruise had 4 biking excursions of various lengths and terrain.
  2. Many thanks notamermaid for your helpful updates prior to our September 4th Scenic Opal Budapest to Amsterdam cruise. SO thankful to say we had a wonderful trip with NO water level issues. We were disappointed to have rain all day in Vienna but it turned out to be a blessing as we were just past Passau when they started doing bus tours and ship swaps. With so many low bridges and locks it's easy to see this itinerary could be very problematic. Glad we did it but with the high cost and anxiety over the water levels it's not something we'll repeat.
  3. We just completed Scenic Opal Budapest to Amsterdam and loved the experience except for the anxiety of water levels turning it into a glorified bus tour. Thankfully we made it without incident but ships after us had issues. Thinking of Siene or Douro next but will have to do research. We love Portugal and suggest anyone staying extra days check out Sintra.
  4. We just returned from a Scenic Opal Budapest to Amsterdam cruise and will now start investigating which river cruise offers the least likelihood of disruption due to water levels. We were so fortunate on this cruise as we had no issues but ships after us ran into problems. Once I catch my breath I’ll be back researching!
  5. notamermaid, SO looking forward to the rain subsiding and warmer, dry weather coming. We had a full days rain in Vienna and still managed to see and enjoy all the sights. The cloud/fog seemed to add to the atmosphere in Dürnstein and had no effect on our time in Melk and Passau. Rained all the way to Passau but we were still able to get some lovely photographs and not a drop of rain in Passau although it was a very chilly 13! Keeping our fingers crossed that YOUR forecast is more reliable than our weather people at home!!! Thanks again for all your helpful posts.
  6. Two couples from the U.K. (Leeds, Edinburgh) flew KLM Wednesday to Budapest via Amsterdam. Due to a 2 hour strike in Amsterdam KLM decided not to forward their luggage. IF they had been told, they could have put some items in their carry on. It FINALLY caught up with them late last night in Vienna. No clothes, toiletries etc. Scenic washed/pressed their clothing nightly, having it fresh for the next morning and did all they could tracking the luggage. The couples handled the situation with class and carried on as best they could. I’m ashamed to say I would have let it ruin my trip!
  7. Was expecting a night sailing under the chain bridge BUT, that’s heading in the wrong direction so it didn’t matter in the end. Sailing UP the Danube towards Vienna where we arrive around 4. I’m FINALLY getting my directions right!
  8. No, 3:15 in the afternoon. I had seen gorgeous pictures taken as the ship sailed under the Chain Bridge all lit up so that’s what I expected.
  9. Unfortunately no Koblenz and also sailed out of Budapest at 3:15 which was a disappointment.
  10. On board Scenic Opal and it “currently” looks like smooth sailing. Budapest is magnificent. Seated on the right hand side of the plane from Vienna affords awesome views of the Danube, river cruise ships and the Parliament Buildings. Expecting to be rafted in Vienna tomorrow. Day 1 had us on the “wrong” side of the ship so sun lounge wasn’t an option unless we wanted to look at a cement wall, the gangway and tons of cars.
  11. I'll need an idea of where you posted on TripAdvisor so I can locate the post and send a PM. Senga
  12. Excellent suggestions! I wouldn’t be keen on meeting up with “strangers”!
  13. 1of4: You sell yourself short saying you “sew bags”. Those are original works of art and something I would definitely be interested in seeing. Since there is no way to PM on cruise critic like you can on TripAdvisor, do you have a website? Senga
  14. Thanks 1of4. Verbena and the regular L'Occtaine scent will be fine for me; one less thing to pack. We have been to Europe numerous times and agree smoking is more prevalent but it's never bothered me thankfully.
  15. I have thoroughly enjoyed your commentary and gorgeous pictures. We are on our first river cruise September 4th, Scenic Opal Budapest to Amsterdam. With it being so expensive and having anxiety about water levels and it ending up being a glorified bus tour I had already decided a river cruise was a one-and-done deal. Your posts have me re-thinking!!!! I'd LOVE to do the Canadian war memorials and Monet's garden so...……. One question, I have sensitivity to some fragrances and none of the pictures of the L'Occtaine products can be enlarged to allow me to see what the fragrance is. Can you help? Senga
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