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    Notes from Queen Victoria to the Mediterranean

    Thanks for all your updates. We are on Q.V. on 6 October sailing back to Southampton on 5 November. Am getting really excited. Sent from my iPad using Forums

    Stupid question re transfer

    We are also on this voyage, flying out from LHR on 6th October. I think our flight is a charter flight, can't find it on BA's website. Are you flying BA? Our flight is 7.35 am so an early start for us, but we are staying at Heathrow the night before.

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    We were due to be sailing with Emerald on Sunday, Amsterdam to Frankfurt but they cancelled the trip on Wednesday due to the low water levels. We had received notification from them last Saturday advising of the concern regarding levels and that they had changed the boat and would update us further on Wednesday which they did. We are disappointed as this would have been our first river cruise. We were offered a full refund or a future cruise certificate with 5% off our next booking. We decided to go for the full refund. Fortunately we were able to cancel our Heathrow hotel at no cost to us and we had no pre or post cruise tours booked.

    Any River Cruises cancelled due to low water?

    We were due to be sailing with Emerald this Sunday, Amsterdam to Frankfurt but it was cancelled on Wednesday. We had received notification last Saturday that water levels were low and that they had swapped boats and that they would give us a further update on Wednesday, which they did. Although very disappointing as it was to be our first river cruise, it has not caused us any problems as we did not have any pre or post things booked. We were able to cancel our hotel at Heathrow for Saturday at no cost to us.

    Flights to Barbados and St.Lucia??

    We flew out of LGW in March to Barbados; our flight was at 11.35 am. We were on a Thomson charter flight. In previous years we have been on a flight at 9.30 am from LGW.

    Booking a World Cruise

    We booked our 2015 WC with a TA who we had got to know quite well. They were really helpful; we had long discussions on where the best stateroom would be for us; and they rang us regularly to inquire if we needed any help with things. For us it was good to know that there was someone we could talk any issues through.

    Check in time question

    What would you go if you were boarding a plane?

    Formal nights on Caribbean cruise

    We are on Azura in two weeks time in the Caribbean and we have 4 formal and 10 smart casual for our 14 night cruise.

    World cruise blogs?

    thanks, have added to my favorites to ensure I get my daily dose of cruising.

    On board QV to the Caribbean

    Thanks for the updates. We have friends on board so it is good to keep up-to-date with what is going on.

    Oriana cruise cancelled?

    Yes, indeed good luck with getting money out of P&O. We are currently in dispute with them regarding a cancelled cruise on Adonia in 2019. 3 weeks before they announced the sale, we swapped our Azura cruise to Adonia, both out in the caribbean at the same time. Following the announcement we asked our TA to get us back to our original booking on Azura (after all we had only swapped from one ship to another in the fleet! sailing on exactly the same dates!). Well, they are having none of it, whilst we can go back on Azura, it will cost us the current price, not the price we agreed when we booked it earlier this year. We have written to Paul Ludlow twice now, even copied in David Dingle. He doesn't even have the courtesy to reply to us, our replies come from someone in Guest Relations. Our saga continues, are we are still waiting for our £900 deposit to be refunded. I hope that those who will now miss out on their Oriana cruise are more successful.

    Aurora Bruges rough weather concern

    You should get a reduction for the flight you are not using. We are on a B2B in caribbean next year and have a deduction for the flights we are not using. Hope this helps.

    booked on Adonia x2!

    We booked a caribbean cruise on Adonia just 4 weeks ago; we were already booked on Azura but decided to swap to Adonia as we enjoyed her when on board in August. Now really frustrated and annoyed; particularly as our TA had no end of problems, with P&O requesting a deposit of £900 as they said it was a new booking; all we were doing was swapping from one ship to another. In fact we almost didn't bother as they just kept coming back requesting more money; but in the end our TA beat them down. Wish he hadn't been so successful now as we will have to rebook (again back onto Azura); probably at an additional cost to us. Feel really let down by P&O.

    Hair on a world cruise

    On our World Cruise in 2015 on QM2 I used the ships salon. They cut and coloured my hair throughout the 4 months we were on board, however, I did take my own colour. They agreed to use it as it was a brand that they used . Do take into account that it can be quite pricey; but I didn't want to spend my time ashore looking for a hairdresser so was happy to pay the prices. They will try to sell you all sorts of treatments, just be firm and decline. In the months prior to our trip I had a "hair" kitty and put money aside to pay for my hair. Hubby also had his done on board a couple of times. I used a girl called Maureen who has been on QM2 for 10 years, she was good and I bumped into her again last year when we were on board.
  15. We visited New York on QM2 last September and were there for the day before heading up to Canada. We had booked a ship transfer to Manhatten and were advised to disembark at 7.30 am to enable us to go through immigration. We went through easily and in time to make our trip at 8.00 am. There were people who were doing their own thing and they also had no problems getting through immigration. I would suggest that you disembark as early as possible to avoid the queues once those who are getting off the ship start their disembarkation process. As you are in transit you shouldn't experience too many problems, I think the later you get off the longer you will take to clear immigration. As regards your return to New York from the Caribbean, you will have to go through the immigration process again so you won't necessarily gain anything by leaving your trip to your second visit to NY.