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  1. @Ourusualbeachis the BEST (worst) influence. 😉 should have heeded his advise. Instead I’m off to Wisconsin , the land of cheese curds and REAL wine for my annual girl’s trip 🥰
  2. The amount of desserts I ate this week was almost disturbing 😋 thankfully I am only up two pounds from pre cruise weight. Not bad considering how much time I spend traveling via empty elevators 😉 the molten chocolate cake is a winner. also the cherries jubilee was excellent. No photo tho ….. I would like to know what brand of ice cream royal serves, because it’s VERY good. more “birthday” desserts 😏
  3. Last few food photos. 😆 I don’t remember the French onion soup in the MDR looking like this when I’ve ordered it before, but it was very good. Seen to recall them just throwing some croutons on top and it being kind of bland wish you could still get a cheese plate from room service. Well, actually you can during the MDR dinner hours if you are in a suite, because it’s an always available appetizer Best meal of the week was the beef tenderloin, au gratin potatoes. Our waiter also brought us a few lobster tails on the side
  4. Hi Bill! hope you and Marie are doing well! I’m not out here very often myself, but I’ll have to make a not to make sure I am checking in then! Hope you’ll consider a live report! 🤗
  5. There were plenty of spots (Loungers with umbrellas) around the pool in the shade. And you are right about the oasis lagoon ones. They are behind a hedge. there are a few areas on the map with lockers.
  6. Schooner and the pub on the promenade had bar seating, but signs on every other seat that is was taken . Social distancing 😉
  7. Last few photos and a wrap up next 🤗 debarkation was a breeze. C&A benefits D+
  8. Coco Beach Club has its own Private entrance. It is not accessible to others without a wristband. Whether you are just there for the day pass, or the cabanas. I imagine it’s very quiet there now. when I was there last, I felt like the beach club chairs were very close together , but they are really spacing things out on both pool decks and at Cococay it seems
  9. For any of you thinking an 9 am flight is possible, it is 7:25, and tag number 1 has not been called yet. 😳 also, it’s not particularly intuitive what channel to tune into for departure information. Go to “”LIVE TV” , then option #2, “CRUISE COMPASS”
  10. Actually I think the oasis pool is nicer than the beach club pool, particularly with so few people there. I don’t recall the beach club pool being that big. There were plenty of loungers in both the sun and shade, and there’s good separation everywhere on the island. The beach club pass on our sailing was $169 per person. 😳 and the upgraded meal, while decent, isn’t worth this price, IMO. Or even at $145 we loved the beach cabana rental at the CC club when we were here in Feb 2020, but we also had 8 people so it was definitely more economical. With reduced capacity, I’m not sure I’d do a beach club pass or even a cabana rental. I haven’t booked anything yet for our Nov sailing. Going to see what crowds are like first.
  11. Last night we had dinner in the MDR. As soon as we walked up to the entrance, noticed it was lined on either side with staff, all waving and cheering “welcome back” . Not going to lie, I got a bit teary eyed. One we found our table, the waiter and assistant waiter came over immediately to introduce themselves and asked why they haven’t seen us this whole week 😔 we then got to chatting a bit with our waiter who told us how hard this has been on so many of them. They realize the new protocols are limiting and they miss the things they were able to do before to provide us a great experience…..pulling out chairs, singing happy birthday, hugs and photos with guests. he shared how hopeful they are for a safe return and his eyes welled up while talking with us about how important it is that they get this really right. they both asked if we would be back tomorrow. Didn’t have the heart to say no- that we had reservations at Hooked. Guess that will have to wait until our next sailing in February on Symphony. We decided instead to visit the MDR again tonight and tip the staff what we would have paid for our specialty dining. I can’t even imagine the hardships some of these people and their families have had to endure. and, both the meal and the dining experience was the best we had had this entire week 💕
  12. The Oasis Lagoon pool is fabulous. Our last trip here we had a beach Cabana at the cococay beach club, so I didn’t really see many other parts of the island
  13. Yes, this is true. We had friends who wanted to join us on this sailing, but it was in fact fully booked. When we boarded we spoke to a staff member who said there were around 2k booked, but our waiter in the MDR said the actual number who sailed was closer to 1400 due to cancellations the week of. I am personally enjoying everything about this cruise. I’m fact, it makes me want to book another in the short term while reduced capacity is still a thing. don’t miss quest or game shows. There’s evening musical entertainment and with the exception of flight, most of the shows are available for booking. Have only waited for an elevator twice this entire week, because they were at 6 person capacity.
  14. continental items are complimentary. All others have a charge of $7.95. If you are in a suite, you can order items from the MDR menus also, during their regular serving hours
  15. Perfect Day since we decided to not book anything and just wing it here, I’ll be wandering around trying to get some steps in to work off the countless desserts I have eaten this week.
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