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  1. We are doing the same thing. My husband and son are booked in one cabin and getting Cheers, and I am booked in another cabin with our other sons who are underage. I have severe migraines and cannot/do not drink. We don’t normally get Cheers, but it’s my son’s 21 bday cruise...
  2. 3smithboys

    Best beach in St. Thomas?

    Might be a crazy question, but is it possible to rent a beach umbrella at Sapphire beach? We burn so easily and need shade.
  3. 3smithboys

    Cove balcony vs Havana Inside

    We just called and switched our cove to a Havana inside. I hope we made the right choice! ( I think we did...) Excited to have a place to go that’s shouldn’t be super crowded and crazy during the day.
  4. 3smithboys

    Best Night For Steakhouse

    Thanks! I see what you are saying. We have anytime dining so we will be sitting by ourselves anyway, and don’t have to worry about not showing up the first night at our set dining table.
  5. 3smithboys

    Best Night For Steakhouse

    Thanks for all of your replies! I will check and see if there is availability for the 1st night left and book that. We are also going with our kids on the Breeze in 2019 to celebrate our son’s 21st birthday and he’s requested going to the steakhouse too. It’s good to know which night to book it on.
  6. We are going on the Horizon in July for a 4 day cruise. I’ve never eaten in any of the specialty restaurants before, so I was wondering which night would be best to make our reservation? I tried searching for the 4 day menus but couldn’t find anything for the Horizon and most searches came up with old menus. I’d appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!
  7. Has anyone ever done this? I was interested in maybe doing this on my own while my kids and husband did the extreme zip lining. I’ve never never been on an excursion on my own.
  8. 3smithboys

    Who else has booked an Horizon cruise?

    My husband and I are going on a 4 day on July 19th. Looking forward to it! :D
  9. 3smithboys

    12 Waterfalls Walking ?

    How long (time wise) does it take to get to get into the water? We are going in August and the 12 Waterfalls looks great; however, I suffer from migraines and can’t do extreme heat for long periods of time. If I can get into the water, I’ll be fine. We did a cave tubing excursion in Belize several years ago,and it said on the website that there was a short 15 minute walk. It was an hour....in the rainforest... in the summer... It was not “unBelizeable” ;p My kids still call it the worst excursion ever!
  10. 3smithboys

    Release dates for August 2019

    We booked a cruise on the Breeze yesterday for August 2019! The dates fit perfectly to celebrate my son’s 21st birthday and get him back to college. (The next day, but it will be worth it!!!) The ship looks great, and we are excited because we’ve never been to these ports before: Grand Turk, Amber Cove, and San Juan. My boys will be 21, 16, and 16... and like to do active things, does anyone have any excursion suggestions??
  11. 3smithboys

    Release dates for August 2019

    Thanks! My husband and I are going on the Horizon in July for a 4 day just the 2 of us out of NYC. We are really excited! So the Panorama would be great if that worked out or a Sunshined Triumph too! I will look out for those dates to be released.
  12. 3smithboys

    Release dates for August 2019

    Thanks for checking and responding. We are probably being too picky and our window is also narrow because my son really wanted to celebrate his 21st birthday on this cruise before we had to bring him back to college. So... this gives us like a 10 day window to find a cruise and get him back to school! I was looking at PC and also New York. It doesn’t look like there is anything out of NYC in 2019 yet; however, there is in 2018. Is that only because the Horizon is new and going out of there? If so, will another new ship be doing the same thing??
  13. I was looking last night at available cruises for August 2019, and there wasn’t a lot. When do the dates become available for then? I know it’s far away, but we have 2 occasions we are planning for, a lot of people in the mix, and a smallish window of time... :') Of course, I get to deal with all of it!Thanks for any information you can give.
  14. 3smithboys

    Thrill Theater

    I just did a Google search, but I'm still not sure what this is... can anyone be a bit more descriptive?? Is it more than a 3-D movie?
  15. 3smithboys

    When does FTTF become available to purchase?

    Thanks for letting me know! My husband was wondering if it wasn't being offered at all because we've gotten it before, and he thought it was strange that it wasn't there. This is the first time we've ever booked on a ship that was new though, so we thought that maybe that had something to do with why we couldn't find it!