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  1. Going on the Breeze next month and I hope they have more than cut up melon. I am allergic to cantaloupe and honeydew.
  2. We are cruising in 3 weeks with a stop in San Juan. I hope everything is ok by then- not just for us but for everyone there. So sad what’s happening...
  3. I’ve read along with this entire thread, and I need to ask a clarifying question... Do you think there is a difference between a t-shirt (just a shirt without a collar) and a graphic t-shirt (one with some sort of printed message or picture on it?) My boys have nice shirts without a collar- they aren’t graphic tees, just shirts, but I guess because there is no collar would be considered a tee-shirt. They were going to wear them with nice shorts on casual nights. They also have some polo shirts too for casual wear. They are going to wear long pants, shirts, and ties for formal night and when we go to the Steakhouse.
  4. Perfect! Thanks! Just trying to figure out how much cash we need to bring with us. I’m sure we can always get more, but being able to charge is easier for sure.
  5. We are planning on going to Jack’s Shack next month. Does anyone know if they accept credit cards or will we need to bring cash? Also, if we stop at Margaritavile do they take CC too?
  6. I am bringing all of my son’s Crohn’s meds in their labeled bottles and bringing his weekly pill divider with me. I will put in the container when we get there.
  7. Reading all of this is getting me excited for my August cruise too! There are a lot of good ideas/reminders here. I also like to bring pump hand soap for the bathroom and air freshener....
  8. Thanks for your clarification. I thought you were asking if I was going to add an additional tip to the tip line and also hand the wait staff cash. I was not planning on doing that. I am aware that an 18% gratuity is already included. We usually give an extra $1.00 when getting a drink. We have no perceived benefits from this, only being nice.
  9. No, just wavering in my mind... should I get cash ready for tips for the bartenders or just add it to the tip line. We already get cash tips ready for porters, taxis, excursions, etc... so I wanted to make sure we brought enough. Maybe just adding it to the tip line is easier. (As long as they are the ones actually getting the tips and from what I read on here, it seems like they do.)
  10. My teens prefer Carnival ships as well.... they have had the most fun on them (according to them) and thought the Dream was great- their best to date. We are going on the Breeze in August and can’t wait! My kids will be 21, 16, and 16 and voted for a Carnival cruise over all of the other cruises.
  11. Great, thanks! I wanted to get a tip pack ready for my son who will have Cheers so he can tip in cash for each drink. Maybe, I’ll just have him just write it on the slip and plan for the charge back to the room at the end. There seems to be no clear answer as to what the staff prefers, cash or having it charged on the sign and sail card.
  12. Can you order multiple things during the Sea Day brunch. I can’t believe that we’ve never been to one before! We are definitely going this cruise. I was thinking we could order and share a few different things, but if we wanted to order anything extra, is it ok?
  13. Yes, people do die on cruise ships every year. However, let’s say there was one Carnival ship where a woman was raped and beaten within an inch of her life, then the next month a couple dies together in their cabin, then a couple of weeks later someone else dies on the ship... and over a year 11 people who are seemingly healthy all died on the same ship. Now if Carnival Corp said.... nothing to see here folks....what would we all be saying?
  14. That’s good to know... so if one of the kids wants to hop on our WiFi, they can. Thanks! I’m sure it will happen!
  15. Thanks! We are definitely going to do that. This will be our first cruise with it, so I’m hoping that it works to stay in touch with each other. I also like the idea of being able to see menus and activities on it. Should be very convenient!
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