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  1. 10132 on the Sun. Huge. loved it for our back to back Alaska cruises.
  2. well I answered the question myself so I'll share. Rental at LAX cheaper than the Torrance and than Long Beach airport. And premier shuttle will take us from the port to the rental car place (away from LAX property, but associated with LAX) on Aviation road for cheaper than super shuttle. Thanks all for your help!
  3. So I checked your idea out. Shared shuttle (via supershuttle - I didn't check any other brands) was way more than $15 a person. They had limited rental cars and they were more than the one I've reserved in Torrance. BUT, it gave me the idea to check out LAX. We are flying back home from LAX. And they had a lot more rental car choices available. And were close or less than the price of our reserved rental. Supershuttle is $47 to LAX. So that may be a better option. My only concern is taking supershuttle and finding the car rental shuttles - but I can't imagine it's that hard at LAX right? Anyone care to offer up opinions? Thanks all for your help.
  4. I have the same question - and will they pick you up at the port? Thanks for asking Overlake7!
  5. Will Uber/Lyft pick us up at the port? Or do we have to manage our way to a street somewhere? Thanks for the info on Long Beach car rentals. I'll check the price, but I found Hertz at the Torrance Marriot for about 330, versus over $700 at the Avis in Long Beach. But I'll keep looking. It's been a while since I booked my Hertz that I don't remember if I priced it out and that's why I decided on the Torrance Marriot Hertz. Thanks all!
  6. We get to San Pedro port on a Sunday. We rented a car at what I think is the closest rental car place open on a Sunday at Torrance Marriot. (Hertz). What is the best way to get there? Taxi? Uber, other? We have a hotel in Orange, CA. Thanks for the help!
  7. We loved the Star last year for our Venice cruise. We did a little bit of a different itinerary. To Drubovnik, Olympia, Athens, Kotor and Split. I may be missing one port. But it was fantastic. We stayed in Venice for a few days before. We loved the water bus, and the unlimited ticket was the way to go because we took the wrong bus a few times, and just toured, and got on the next one! As far as going to the port and checking in and then going back out, we found the trip in to the ship was time consuming (not the wait, but getting to the ship from the people mover), and we were exhausted. But I'm not sure that you'll be docking at the same place any more. I spent a lot of time on deck 6 or 7, just walking around and looking. I highly recommend the Santa Chiara hotel right in P.Roma. I felt like we got a great deal with the hotel and air. And it was just a beautifully luxurious place to stay close to transportation and to the port. I know you will have a wonderful time. I didn't have much time to plan as I working like crazy and my husband is not a planner. We ended up doing ship shore excursions for Olympia and Athens. Kotor and Split we easily did on our own. Enjoy the planning and the trip!!
  8. Hi shadowmeboy. I love reading your reviews! Will you be doing a review/vlog of your trip through NM? I'd love to see it....and see what you ended up doing.
  9. we flew to Seattle and had to wait about 6 hours before our train to Vancouver. In that time, we walked from the train station to the Skyview Observatory - cheaper than the Space Needle, and I thought a better view. I believe it's higher. Just a gorgeous way to view the city. We then walked down to Pike Place Market and had lunch at Lowell's Restaurant which had a lovely view of the water on the third floor. Then we walked along the water back to the train station, and stopped at some shops. I was surprised we were able to do all of that and still had time (too much of it) at the train station waiting to go on to Vancouver. https://www.skyviewobservatory.com/en-US/experiences
  10. thank you for the wonderful review! We did a 7 day on the Star last October from Venice. We didn't have the same ports. For those looking for a hotel in Venice, I would highly recommend Santa Chiara. It's on the water, right by the stop for the airport bus, and close to the train to get to the ship. Very delightful place.
  11. We are sailing on 3/1, and it doesn't look like ours has changed. Yet....
  12. we did two for our stateroom, so I'm sure you can do more than one. Our came back the next day before dinner.
  13. I'm going to suggest a different hotel. We stayed at Santa Chiara - took the airport bus to PRoma, and walked less than 10 minutes to hotel, with no bridges to cross. The water bus station is right there as is the people mover which takes you to the cruise port. It was perfect location and a decent breakfast buffet included with the room. Do NOT stay at the annex.
  14. we're back from our trip - still trying to figure out the new boards..... I said I would come back and report on Santa Chiara. It was fabulous!!! gorgeous room, great location, very easy to get to. Much easier than I expected. Very short walk from the airport bus. And very close to the water bus, and other transportation. The breakfast buffet was great. I loved it. So glad I read about it here and on the europeforvisitors website! I would stay there again.
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