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  1. thank you. Mine is still saying final payment due on 9/5/2020 for my January cruise. Did they not change the final payment due dates on January cruises? I didn't get the letter either. I guess I'll need to call.
  2. where is the details? I can't find it? I have a January cruise with final payment coming up and would like to wait....
  3. Thank you, thank you. I emailed my NCL PCC after I got the confirmation about it because I didn't see that, but thought I'd check here to be sure. He hadn't responded so I emailed him again and he told me he thought he had added them - I'm pretty sure he didn't. I will say this - before all this, I never rebooked or tried to get a better deal or thought anything of getting those kinds of perks, I wasn't very savvy about that. I had called one time to get the perks within the last 6 months, and the NCL rep said I had to get all of them. I didn't want the alcohol, partly because of the gratuity and partly because it makes no sense for us. We sometimes maybe have a drink in the casino and we get free drink cards, so why pay that gratuity for a drink a day??? So I thought what she said was true and just took it for what it was worth. When I using my FCC to reschedule a cruise, the PCC told me that I could book what I wanted, and didn't have to get the alcohol, so I've been getting a bit more savvy about it. Since then, I try to get the perks I can! We have never sailed with anything but the single perk of the specialty dining. But all of our cruises coming up, FCC paid, have all the perks but the alcohol! After your email I went back and checked my reservation and on my NCL page. I compared my other reservations, and they do look quite different, without the dining gratuity. I was reading a lot about the suite, and thought it might be just included with that, but obviously not. Thank you for all your help. I read your posts often - they are very helpful.
  4. Oh yeah, I probably wouldn't have ordered them before Covid; it's just a wonderful dream. Glad to hear you got a nice upgrade!!! We tried to book the week before in the same aft penthouse but it was about $7000 and I just couldn't do it.
  5. Thanks for all your comments, they are helpful. We are on Deck 10. I've been having dreams of gummy bears. =0) Do you automatically get all the perks (dining, wifi, shore excursion?)? We never do the alcohol as we get enough alcohol in the casino and don't drink much. But the perk is not showing on our NCL page. But the OBC is.
  6. Well I'm hopeful. It is a year away. And if it gets cancelled, so be it. And maybe our next FCC for that one will be a comparable package. I would think it would be, We've already had 3 cruises cancelled this year, so I'll always be hopeful. As far as being stuck in that cabin for a few weeks, it would be much better than our inside cabin. I imagine it would get old, but hopeful things will be fine. Life is an adventure!
  7. I've been cruising for about 4 years with NCL as a Casino at Seas player. We have been on several great cruises on NCL, always an inside cabin offered to us, and we have chosen not to upgrade. We have three local casinos that provide us with Casino certificates, but none since March. Hopefully we'll get one soon. We did one cruise this March, right before the pandemic closed everything down and people got stranded, and the other three we had scheduled this year have already cancelled, and we've received our FCC. Our October Venice inside cabin was cancelled last week. So we called our NCL PCC to schedule our new cruise. So we had an Alaska cruise this summer scheduled, cancelled, and used the FCC to schedule NCL Jewel Vancouver to Seward and decided to wait to see if we would get any offers. Since we know we won't, we decided to use our recent Venice cruise FCC. We decided to make the trip a back to back So Vancouver-Seward-Vancouver. He gave us an Aft Balcony Penthouse Suite cabin, and we only had to use our FCC and another $96 for a cabin that is thousands of dollars. I have never an Aft balcony, or a suite on NCL. I am just amazed that we got that offer, with $600 on board credit. To upgrade our first week to that cabin would have cost us close to $7000! I don't understand how we got so lucky. And I'm looking forward to reading about the perks for this kind of cabin. Although over a year away, I don't think I've been more exited! So my big question is do we have the same kind of benefits of a Haven cabin? I've seen that we get a butler and concierge, and help with things. Also, we are not in the same cabin for both trips. Will the steward or someone help us move our stuff and when? We want to go explore Seward, but want to make sure we get moved. Any other advice to make the most of this experience is much appreciated!
  8. We're scheduled for 10/25 ourselves. Hoping we'll be able to sail. We had to cancel our May Barcelona trip on the Epic. Hopefully we'll hear soon.
  9. I have two cruises scheduled right now with CAS. 9/5/2020 for Alaska, and 10/25/2020 from Venice. My Barcelona cruise for this month was cancelled of course. I ended up using the FCC towards my Alaska cruise. I have another CAS cruise to schedule by 6/14. So here is my question - am I only allowed to reschedule for what I already scheduled - like another Alaska or Venice Cruise? Would I only get the $250 pp value for another cruise, plus whatever I paid on the other cruises? In my offer to set my new cruise, it has some good cruises on it, but I'm thinking maybe we'll schedule a longer, maybe Panama Canal cruise? I'm worried our September and October cruises are going to be cancelled. Any thoughts for those of you who use the CAS cruises?
  10. So so many! We got off the Epic on March 8th after enjoying seeing some folks from prior cruises and making new friends, hoping to see them again on our May cruise from Barcelona, which is not meant to be. There were lots of casino friends - Marie, V, Evoid, Hali, Coco (who we've seen on three cruises now), so many. And one of the hosts from Taste who remembered our names all week. We loved so many of the crew on the Epic. I hope they are all well. Several of them were close to going home - I hope they have been able to. On our last cruise on the Jewel last year, we really got to know some of the staff - had such nice conversations when I got to play cards by myself with the dealers. I have enjoyed meeting the crew and talking with them so much.
  11. We got off the Epic the morning you got off. I hope the friends I made with the staff are all ok, especially the casino staff. We loved our trip. And are very sad to cancel our trip in May from Barcelona on the Epic. Hopefully we'll be back on her some time soon.
  12. no, it's an excursion through the NCL Epic. I would prefer not to go through a company that isn't through the ship. I did see that those are good companies, but I prefer to stay with a ship excursion. I have no idea who runs the ship excursion or anything else. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. I haven't been able to find any reviews for their excursion in Castries, St. Lucia. Let me know if you have any input pleae.
  14. we were on the same cruise! Looking forward to your review. Congrats on the casino win! We spent a good deal of time there too, but mostly at live poker.
  15. 10132 on the Sun. Huge. loved it for our back to back Alaska cruises.
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