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  1. Thanks for sharing this review. I think we were the last cruise on this itinerary on the Epic before things shut down on March 1st, 2020. Looking forward to going again next January, 2022.
  2. to book the shuttle through the hotel, I emailed the hotel to take care of that. For them to pick us up at the cruise port and then take us to the airport the next day. They were very helpful.
  3. We arranged the shuttle through the hotel as I remember. I don't remember the cost - but they also transported us to the airport the next day. A lot of NCL folks stayed there - I think we had three buses going to the airport.
  4. we took a cruise from Venice in October 2019? I think. We chose to find out own hotel and after a great deal of research chose Santa Chiara in Piazelle Roma (I may be misspelling this) and it was absolutely wonderful. I believe I did it through expedia (am I allowed to say this?) along with our flights and felt the price was exceptional. We stayed in Venice for about 4 days pre-cruise. You can take a the airport bus to the PR and it's a very short walk (maybe 5 minutes to the hotel, no bridges, just a few steps down to the hotel. I could not believe how close it was to the bus area. and to the port. I actually found a youtube video of someone walking from the bus area to the hotel and was able to easily use that to guide us to the hotel. We got a suite, kind of accidentally, and paid less than $150 per night, and it included breakfast. It was right on the canal, very close to transportation on the water, and very close to the port area. We walked to the port area and took the train to the port. When we came back from the cruise, we stayed at the Crowne Plaza (the one NCL uses). It was on the train line but seemed very far out of the main town. The room was fine, the food offerings were fine, but it wasn't like the Santa Chiara. We only stayed there one night. We also had a HUGE issue with their bus transporting us from the cruise to the hotel. We ended up waiting over an hour in the rain. So not sure we would use them again. And the price per night was not comparable to Santa Chiara. Good luck! Enjoy Venice. We hope to go back there next year.
  5. We are on this sailing too! So excited! I hope someone on a cruise before posts or does some video blogging so we can watch. Never been on the Encore or that class of ship, so even more excited for that. Looking forward to seeing crew and all of you and enjoying Alaska!
  6. Does anyone know who does the shore excursions for NCL for Halibut fishing, or the best company for a shore excursion? We booked my husband on the NCL provided shore excursion, but they only have one spot available and I would really love to go..... He only wants to do Halibut fishing, no salmon or anything else. Thanks!
  7. We always end up booking on the ship when we arrive the first day and haven't had too much trouble doing that. I've NEVER had luck doing it online.
  8. I saw that. Thank you. I did some more reading, and found the answer - like how late your flight has to be to take advantage of it. It sounds great. I hope we can make it work! Thanks!
  9. This is so cool! Can you give some idea which flights qualify for the Port Valet service?
  10. as far as combining certificates, we have not been able to do that. I've been told that it can't be done with different certificates from different events/venues. Only if you and your partner get a certificate at the same event. I have used FCC to pay for other cruises - I had some extra and used it for a different cruise, so you can do that.
  11. I'm with you. We took FCC and not cash for all of our cancellations, except for the most recent one or two where they just refunded without filling out forms. But rescheduled all of our cruises. The CAS deals are awesome and we love to cruise, even if it won't be for a while.
  12. Our Barcelona is a re-book of a re-book. We had it scheduled for last May, 2020, then to April of this year, now cancelled, and now to 2022. It was as easy as the re-books of the original cruises - my memory is that it was actually easier because I had already re-booked some other cruises and felt comfortable with the process. In addition, when better offers came along, like free gratuities or on board credit, we did take advantage and "re-book" the same cruise with the better offer. I had never done that before, even though I've seen it done (reading cruise critic), it was not something I was comfortable with. We did that 3 times, I think. If you get a weird answer from CAS, I would suggest calling again to get another rep. We had one rep that gave us bad information, which is how we ended up re-booking something - when we contacted a different agent, they gave us better info, which got us a better offer. Good luck!!!
  13. I have had to rebook 4 cruises that were land based certificates I had. I have had pretty good success with the re-booking, but I was told earlier this year that I only had 30 days to re-book the certificate end of the cruise - that is, I could get my refund for what I paid in cash, or refund in FCC, BUT I had to re-book the cruise I received from the certificate within 30 days of cancellation. The first time I rebooked was last April or May - we had a cruise from Barcelona that was cancelled, of course. At that time, we rebooked pretty quickly. On the last couple I rebooked the CAS NCL person contacted me directly to let me know about 30 day limitation. And we rebooked those. We have been successful in getting all 4 of our cruises rebooked, although we changed one from a Venice to Alaska and with that one received a wonderful upgrade. Unfortunately that one is scheduled for September of this year so we may not end up sailing. Hopefully we'll be able to keep our great upgrade if we have to rebook. Good luck! I would call right away about trying to get the certificate reinstated. I am interested to see how it all turns out for you. I hope this all makes sense. If it doesn't, please ask any other questions you may have. I've been booking CAS cruises for about 4 years and am VERY satisfied with their customer service.
  14. I don't know if that's true - if we would get the same offer we would have received from the casino. When we have not been available for the "party" to get our cruise certificate, we have not been able to pick up our letter offer at a different time, except for one of the casinos we go to. The other two would not allow it. I guess I will try with CAS next time we have to miss and see if they will go ahead and let us book what we were offered. (The times we have missed events, we have been on cruises so not a bad reason we miss the party!) And I don't want a percentage off - I want the "free" cruise.
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