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  1. You will love the Encore and Alaska. I think she's my favorite ship, and our favorite place in the whole world. We went in September. Enjoy every moment. Stay warm. Love your masks!
  2. I was never able to book dining reservations online for our Encore cruise. I've never had good luck with that with NCL pre-cruise. But we have always had pretty good luck booking on embarkation day - I can't remember where we went to book on our last cruise, but we booked right after we had lunch. Also, during the cruise, we were able to easily book and change bookings at the reservation desk which is in the atrium. Have a wonderful cruise!
  3. The american diner is only open during the day and is really kind of outside. Hubby loved the burger, and I had the lobster rolls which were delicious! We are landlocked, no where near fresh fish, so I may not know a good lobster roll. But it was really good! Cute atmosphere as well. I wanted to try something different for lunch.
  4. We were on this sailing too. We loved our trip and our cabin - we were upgraded to a balcony two days before sailing. With regard to the temperature in the room - I think they turn off the AC when you are asleep or not active. We like to sleep with it a bit cooler and would notice that we would wake up uncomfortably hot. While we were awake and moving around, the room was comfortably cool. I will agree with you about the family reunion folks - they were incredibly rude. When we were getting our COVID test pre-boarding at the Marriot, the family group was pushing through the lines and trying to get ahead of everyone, only to be sent back to a different area - from what I gathered, at least some of them had not pre-registered for the COVID test. There were several times my husband and I were on the elevator and then got crowded into the elevator with these folks and ended up stepping off the elevator. Given that it was a maskless cruise, I really didn't want so many people in my space. We avoided the elevators by the Manhattan room as it seemed to be a gathering place for them. When we were in the casino playing cards, a dozen or so of the group would gather behind us talking very loudly and standing very closely. It was a bit disconcerting and very distracting. At one point, my husband asked them to back away and they did. As far as the latitude points - I would keep trying - we received ours without problems. We did not hear about the COVID issues until we got home, but I'm hopeful all the passengers and crew were ok. We had great food, and wonderful crew - everyone we met was so friendly and outgoing and made our trip very special. We had great meals at the specialty dining venues, including Cagneys. I would be very disappointed if a Tomahawk steak was not cooked properly! I'm sure it's something you looked forward to! It was nice to have lobster back on the menus and I enjoyed my lobster tails twice. They were small, but quite tasty to me. I was pleasantly surprised at Ocean Blue and the American Diner, two venues we had never tried before since this was our first time on this class of ship. We only went to the buffet once for lunch - and although it was huge, I didn't see much in the way of selections - I was surprised at how few Indian dishes there were compared to our other NCL sailings. And it was such a big space that I had a lot of trouble finding my husband. One of the staff had to help me track him down. Thankfully he is unique looking enough that she spotted him right away. lol. I much prefer the MDR or one of the specialty dining venues. We were also disappointed in the lack of the 360 degrees at Dawes. We actually went to dinner at that time thinking we would get a good view but missed out because of the medical transport. The lack of communication about COVID was surprising - I had hoped we would learn of issues while onboard instead of after the cruise. Since this was just their 3rd cruise out of the gate since their pandemic break, I thought they did a pretty great job getting back into the swing of things - hopefully the experience gets better and better for folks. Happy sailing everyone!
  5. I know I've gotten FCC for the insurance as well - it did take more time than the original FCC.
  6. We sailed 8/21/2021. Our email from Eurofins was in our junk mail. So make sure to check that. Once we got the emails, it was very easy to sign up. You can sign up at the testing site - by the time we sailed, there were two separate lines - one for those who had previously signed up and that one went fast. The other kind of slugged along - but there was a huge group of folks who appeared to be from outside the US and there was a lot confusion, and it probably took a long time to get them taken care of. When we went on 8/21, they did not look at our boarding time, but we took the NCL transfer from the airport, and signed up for the earliest time I thought we would get there, and the testing was in full swing when we got there. I would also recommend doing the NCL transfer if you're flying in. We normally find our own way with a cab or whatever, but because i was worried about figuring out where to go for testing and had never been to the Seattle port, we opted for the NCL transfer. The driver put all our luggage (which we tagged at the airport with our cruise ship luggage tags) and took it to the port for us. the driver talked to us about the testing and dropped us off in front of the two testing sites. And when we got to the drop off, a person from NCL got on the bus and explained the process to us. So even though I read through lots of posts about the testing, this reassured me about what to do. We ended up testing at the Marriot, which was fine, and quick. But very crowded, even though they had two testing centers - I believe the other one that day was at the convention center. The testing itself, once we checked in, was less than 10 minutes from test to result. And we were on our way to check-in for the ship. Good luck and have a wonderful trip!!! We loved the Encore and hope to sail her again.
  7. My minimum bid was accepted from an inside to a balcony cabin on the Encore 8/21/2021 sailing to Alaska. I did not find out until just 2 days before my cruise. It was an awesome upgrade. While I have bid before, I have never received a cabin. We get our cruises through CAS so I wasn't sure if we would ever get one since we pay so little for our cruises.
  8. We went on the Sun in 2017 for a back to back from Vancouver to Seward and back. It was our first cruise in years and first cruise to Alaska and it was just fantastic. Personally I like the smaller ships, but am on the Encore in less than a week for another Alaskan adventure. If you do sail the Sun, and have an inside cabin, I would suggest 10132. It is the LARGEST inside I have ever seen, larger than some balcony cabins without the balcony. It is an sideways inside cabin with a huge couch and extra storage space. As mentioned above, any cruise to Alaska is pretty darn grand!!!
  9. Thank you for such a wonderful thread. We are sailing on the 21st!! Such a special time.
  10. We're sailing in a couple of weeks so I'll try to confirm this with my own experience, and hopefully report back when we return.
  11. you might check your junk email if you haven't already. We've been getting a lot of NCL emails there. We got the email on 8/3/2021 at 11:28am MST. Still haven't received the refund.
  12. I sure hope that's true. On our last cruise in March, 2020, I got to Sapphire! And we have a cruise in two weeks and then in January, 2022.
  13. We received an email that they cancelled our halibut fishing excursion, and we'd be getting a full refund, although it hasn't showed up yet. We were very disappointed. BUT we have another Alaska cruise next year so hopefully we can do it then.
  14. We will be on Encore in two weeks! So looking forward to your live report! Enjoy your cruise!
  15. nevermind - have my answer from earlier in the thread.
  16. Thanks for sharing this review. I think we were the last cruise on this itinerary on the Epic before things shut down on March 1st, 2020. Looking forward to going again next January, 2022.
  17. to book the shuttle through the hotel, I emailed the hotel to take care of that. For them to pick us up at the cruise port and then take us to the airport the next day. They were very helpful.
  18. We arranged the shuttle through the hotel as I remember. I don't remember the cost - but they also transported us to the airport the next day. A lot of NCL folks stayed there - I think we had three buses going to the airport.
  19. we took a cruise from Venice in October 2019? I think. We chose to find out own hotel and after a great deal of research chose Santa Chiara in Piazelle Roma (I may be misspelling this) and it was absolutely wonderful. I believe I did it through expedia (am I allowed to say this?) along with our flights and felt the price was exceptional. We stayed in Venice for about 4 days pre-cruise. You can take a the airport bus to the PR and it's a very short walk (maybe 5 minutes to the hotel, no bridges, just a few steps down to the hotel. I could not believe how close it was to the bus area. and to the port. I actually found a youtube video of someone walking from the bus area to the hotel and was able to easily use that to guide us to the hotel. We got a suite, kind of accidentally, and paid less than $150 per night, and it included breakfast. It was right on the canal, very close to transportation on the water, and very close to the port area. We walked to the port area and took the train to the port. When we came back from the cruise, we stayed at the Crowne Plaza (the one NCL uses). It was on the train line but seemed very far out of the main town. The room was fine, the food offerings were fine, but it wasn't like the Santa Chiara. We only stayed there one night. We also had a HUGE issue with their bus transporting us from the cruise to the hotel. We ended up waiting over an hour in the rain. So not sure we would use them again. And the price per night was not comparable to Santa Chiara. Good luck! Enjoy Venice. We hope to go back there next year.
  20. We are on this sailing too! So excited! I hope someone on a cruise before posts or does some video blogging so we can watch. Never been on the Encore or that class of ship, so even more excited for that. Looking forward to seeing crew and all of you and enjoying Alaska!
  21. Does anyone know who does the shore excursions for NCL for Halibut fishing, or the best company for a shore excursion? We booked my husband on the NCL provided shore excursion, but they only have one spot available and I would really love to go..... He only wants to do Halibut fishing, no salmon or anything else. Thanks!
  22. We always end up booking on the ship when we arrive the first day and haven't had too much trouble doing that. I've NEVER had luck doing it online.
  23. I saw that. Thank you. I did some more reading, and found the answer - like how late your flight has to be to take advantage of it. It sounds great. I hope we can make it work! Thanks!
  24. This is so cool! Can you give some idea which flights qualify for the Port Valet service?
  25. as far as combining certificates, we have not been able to do that. I've been told that it can't be done with different certificates from different events/venues. Only if you and your partner get a certificate at the same event. I have used FCC to pay for other cruises - I had some extra and used it for a different cruise, so you can do that.
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