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  1. I’d love to say an Oasis class ship! Reality will probably be that Ovation and Voyager does a longer season to make up for one less ship.
  2. Going next week so will post back with an answer then 😁 I was interested too because I get insurance with my credit card automatically that doesn’t have a policy number like regular insurance. The correspondence from Carnival says that you can sign a waiver accepting financial costs if you don’t have insurance so regardless you’re never going to be stopped from going ashore. Worst case if they don’t accept that it’s on my credit card I’ll just sign that and get on with my day.
  3. To be completely honest it wouldn't be at the biggest loss to me not getting off at Noumea anyway, been there way too many times. And why would I want to not buy insurance to brag about it? 🤔 That is lost on me and I have no idea what point you're trying to make. I'll be happy just using my credit card insurance as usual and not bragging about anything to anyone but enjoying my cruise!
  4. Not at all - it has nothing to do with NC Government, it just seems it’s only anything under the Carnival umbrella that is suddenly pushing for Travel Insurance and in the same link that they send you saying that you require travel insurance there is a link to purchase insurance through them directly which never used to happen. I think you could be underestimating how many people wouldn’t have insurance when they get this and then panic buy the cruise lines insurance as the link is there which gives them the commission, it isn’t a conspiracy theory but a smart business move. I’m more inclined to believe it’s because some bozo didn’t pay their bill at the hospital, but cruise lines are always looking for new revenue streams so that wouldn’t surprise me either 😜
  5. I would really like to know what would cause them to make such a sudden change and enforcing travel insurance specifically for cruises! It's likely either- A- Someone was admitted to a hospital in New Caledonia, didn't have insurance and refused to foot the bill. B- Cruise lines have realised that insurance companies pay big commissions for sales and want to get a bigger slice of the pie. As others have mentioned would love to know what the situation really is, I can't imagine them lining everyone up on the dock at Noumea and going through every single passengers paperwork, that would be a logistical nightmare.
  6. Great news as UK immigration can be painstaking! I wish they could give us a definitive date that the change will take place, as all correspondence is so ambiguous “should be ready for the Summer”. Won’t hold my breath for an announcement though as that is the least of the UK’s priorities with Brexit looming.
  7. You can do it on every single Carnival ship except for when they leave from Australia 🙄 If only Carnival in Australia was actually operated by the real Carnival office in Miami and treated Australians with the same respect they give everyone else not like the Sydney office that treats people like second rate passengers. No wine on embarkation day. Room service not complimentary. No beverage packages. No lobster tail or filet Mignon on Elegant evening (on 7 night plus cruises) No PYOB (poor your own beer) These are all features on every other Carnival ship but apparently there’s too many wowsers in Australia to enjoy those fun things!
  8. Just off the Pacific Explorer and would never cruise with them again, everything seemed to be an additional charge on board and the entire novelty of cruising is lost and may as well just do a land based holiday with so many add on fees. Really restricted dining menus with paid options, activities extra, pay for shows and constant up selling. Asking money for burgers, fries and pizza is so stingy! If it was Lobster or a multi course degustation they wanted a surcharge for you could understand but fries and burgers... 😳
  9. Just my personal opinion but I really don’t think the added cost for Aqua Class is worth it at all, you get the exact same balcony room with different toiletries+ a spa pass for usually hundreds more in price. The restaurant is much the same as MDR so no real benefit there imo. I would book a regular balcony and then use the regular sauna/spa facilities that are free of charge, the paid section(thermal suite) only adds some heated tile loungers that really aren’t worth the $. If it were me I would jump from regular balcony to a suite for some actual benefits or better room.
  10. They will keep you safe don’t worry, it’s also in their best interests for people to have a good holiday so they will come back to cruise again! Your itinerary might be a little different to originally planned!
  11. People are going wild for The Key over on the Royal Caribbean boards and apparently they have been lifting the price from $19.99 to $31.99 for a lot of sailings so if you were interested and still have the lower price you may want to consider it 👍 Knowing RCI though they’ll hold a sale or a BOGOHO deal and reduce it back down to the original price and call it a discount 😂
  12. Credit card fee applies, about 1.5% from memory on Carnval. The fee is waived if you choose to pay by a debit card though so if you have that option it is best 👍. I didnt get any overseas fees and I’m with ANZ.
  13. My understanding was they don’t offer it on all sailings and sometimes only half way through?
  14. Haven’t used it but have never liked these pay to push in passes wherever they are used 😂 I like everyone just waiting their turn or earning their privilege, not just paying their way for it it. So this reponse wont help you but I hope this fails! 😝
  15. They compare like chalk and cheese. Carnival has far superior food, entertainment, drinks and better/more friendly service. It isn’t even fair to mention the two in the same sentence. Of all the the cruise lines I have been on Carnival is probably my favourite and P&O least favourite. Carnival just all round do everything well across the board and have never let me down. I find other cruise lines might be better at one particular thing e.g. dining but then will have terrible entertainment, Carnival have consistent standards across the board at a great price too.
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