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  1. cruisin-m

    Hull Art for Carnivals new LNG ship

    I love it, it’s about time that they tried a new look,they’ve been rocking the same style for way too long and it was showing its age.
  2. All of them are fine with AUD and anywhere that isn’t e.g. Noumea readily accepts card payments so no issues there either. Also for Duck Island you can pre book it at the main cruise terminal where you get dropped off with a tour operator and it includes the bus and your prepaid water taxi voucher as well using AUD.
  3. cruisin-m

    Turning up late to Traditional dining

    You would think it was the 1st of April making dinner 5:00pm 😉! Must be for the very senior and families (wonder if they give out bibs to everyone at this seating😂) The new second seating traditional dining is still too early for me now so definitely ATD if I was to go Princess. You would be back from the island at 3:30 stressing about getting ready for formal nights.. crazy. I agree it’s rude coming to dinner late but if I didn’t have another choice to pick I would also be coming at least 30 minutes late each night because that is a joke eating at 5:00pm!!! At least dinner service might not be as dragged out and slow as it usually is 👍
  4. cruisin-m

    Your Top 3

    I would say- 1- Current food menus 2- Photos onboard 3- Current bar menus I feel a lot of people would love to see these to get a feel for what’s like if they are planning a cruise and also to get excited! No matter how much you search online all that you can ever find is from US based ships which is not relevant here or it is extremely out of date.
  5. cruisin-m

    Honolulu Hotels

    Have stayed at Hilton Waikiki Beach (not Hawaiiian Village) and Outrigger Waikiki Beach and both were fantastic! The Hilton is cheaper but same standard because it’s a block or two back from the beach but an easy 3 minute walk to the beach anyway. Anything Waikiki charges a premium for being on the beach so up to you to decide how important that is. If the budget is there, have only heard absolute rave reviews about the Halekulani. On on the flip side the Ohana’s and Aston’s are good budget friendly 3 stars just don’t expect luxury 😉
  6. Haven't been on Carnival Australia in a couple of years so this could be wrong now, if anything it might be a little more- Wine - $33+ bottle, $10+ a glass. Champagne - Real stuff $80+ a bottle, cheapest sparkling $33 a bottle. Beer- $7.50 to $8.95 Spirits- $8 to $10 + 60c for the mixer Soft drink - $3 per can Water- $5 for liter. Can take 12 cans, they don't allow bottles and non-alcoholic only.
  7. cruisin-m

    Majestic or Ovation?

    Princess isn’t a good ‘first time cruise’ for people in their 20’s in my honest humble opinion even though it is an amazing product in its own right! If they had cruised before I would say go for it! I would say Celebrity Solstice would even be a little better fit if you want the “premium” experience. In saying that I think Royal and Carnival are best bets for people in their 20’s and still solid products that hold their own with Princess just cater better to a younger demographic with entertainment and activities.
  8. I was on P&O Pacific Jewel around NZ when it was having mechanical problems and missed half the ports including the sounds and got back late. Got a measly $50 cabin obc to say sorry so don’t hold your breath about being compensated adequately from P&O. Part of the reason they will always be my last choice for a cruise holiday going forward regardless of how much they try and jazz up their product. I realise it’s a reality mechanical issues and their t’s an c’s mean they don’t have to do anything for it, but when you look forward to something and invest in their product you hope they can deliver on it.
  9. cruisin-m

    Princess Room Service.

    This is a dual answer- if you are cruising Princess USA- 100% yes. If you are cruising Princess Australia- not required. Carnival brands in Australia reflect Australian customs and culture so no need to tip as service is already covered up front and in wages just like it is everywhere here.👍😎 Of course it’s discretionary and no one will ever turn cash down. Personally I don’t tip for anything Australian based but show my gratitude in other ways such as taking the time to leave great feedback for them by name.
  10. Check out Botel if you want to keep the budget in tact, it is very basic ex ship that is converted into a hotel has direct free ferry access to Centraal station every 15 mins. Remember it is extremely basic but it serves the purpose of cheap lodging centrally located. Otherwise check out Zaandam area if you want better quality whilst not busting the bank, hotel Zaandam has loads of charm to it as well. Like you mentioned central Amsterdam is not cheap at all!
  11. This is exactly the right attitude! When the OP booked they were happy with the price! Same with every single flight or hotel booking, I can promise you 90% of the time you paid more than someone else in the same flight/hotel as you. All businesses run promotions and sales, you win some, you lose some... the price could have went the other way as well. Honestly don’t think you will get a refund or entitled to one, you usually find last minute the cabins are the least desirable, don’t come with perks such as obc etc as well! Just enjoy your cruise and stop checking the price if you know it’s going to upset you ;)
  12. Yeah I could easily do $89 in a single day of drinks, but at least $89 a day for at least 8 days straight... not a chance! Used to see value and convenience in these packages but I couldn’t rack up a bar bill that big if I tried my best to ;);p
  13. cruisin-m

    Norwegian cruise line

    Even if they aren’t mandatory... they are mandatory Just factor it into the cost of your cruise and enjoy, if you really want to tip the crew personally you should do it on top of the service charge as that is an actual “reward” in my opinion. Besides does it really make a difference if you’re still paying them a gratuity anyway how it gets to them? The crew know passengers pay the gratuities to the cruise line and it goes to their wages. If you don’t get satisfactory service whilst paying a service charge then take it up with management and remove tips, although I doubt you would get poor service on a cruise anyway to justify that!
  14. Just had a thought as well... If NCL really is passing on the entire UBP gratuities... Let’s assume on average at least 50% of people have the UBP as a perk now so on a ship like Norwegian Epic you would have $17.80 x 2100 which equals $37 380 EVERY DAY in UBP tips alone. I would say that 100 Bar staff is a pretty accurate and generous number for a ship that size so divide by a 100 and you have each member getting $373.80 in UBP gratuities every single day, even if there was 150 bartenders it is still $249.20 every day for every bar tender. That is UBP gratuities alone, not including individual drinks purchase gratuities or wages. Which brings me to- A- NCL bartenders are better paid than most doctors. B- NCL is putting the money in their back pocket and telling you it is a gratuity. I think I’m more inclined to believe option B. ;):cool: I ain’t complaining, I think it is a fantastic perk regardless. I just don’t think the numbers add up :p
  15. If you’re from Europe,UK or Australia... free really does mean free as our service charges are included with “free at sea”. :cool:;p Perhaps you could use a VPN and book with one of these regions? Usually the cost is higher than the US though so it negates the benefit of having it included;) (its probably already included without us knowing about it) I think this is because of local regulations in these regions that the price you see is the price you pay and free has to mean “free”. “Free at sea” is never really “free” anyway as the cost is worked into the cost of the room. If you book a sail away room they are usually $300-600per person cheaper at least, aka $49+ a day extra to cover the drinks and then service charges added later as well. Celebrity cruises do the exact same thing price wise except they are kind enough to include the gratuities for everyone :)