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  1. jbiker: You're welcome, have a great time 😊
  2. To Jbiker: I'll make this my post-visit report ... answer a couple of your questions ... and go into a little more detail about Calabash Cove. This was our 3rd visit to St. Lucia, had done a beach day to Pigeon Island and a lengthy catamaran trip/land tour (both very good) on previous trips. I would never have known about this Resort if it hadn't been for the mention here in this forum, and the strong recommendation of Reed Princess. We visited on Fri., Dec. 6 off a Celebrity cruise ship. I had gone to the resort website and inquired about the public availability of the resort to visitors. (They don't call them "day passes" per se.) I received an e-mail reply from Konrad Wagner saying that access is based on a "space available basis" but that our date of choice should be "wide open". We got a taxi outside the port ... negotiated a fare to the resort ($25), and were off. It was about a 35-minute ride to get there, due to road construction in that direction (traffic in the opposite direction, toward the torn & port, was sailing along smoothly.) The road to the resort off the main highway was twisty & uphill, but the taxi driver was accustomed to that & drove very safely (in part, I'm sure, to preserve his vehicle). On arrival, we went into the partially open air lobby and were greeted warmly by the receptionist, who welcomed us & took our credit card for payment. It was $25pp and included only access to the (infinity) pool on the way down to the beach and to the beach loungers (we brought our own towels from the ship.) As advertised, it's a walk down a series of steps to the beach (but we're in our late 60's and had no trouble going down ... and later, back up. Just took our time). And it was soooo worth the trip. The view from the lobby ... pool area ... and beach is picture perfect. When we got to the beach, there were two couples staying at the resort there ... and there were plenty of loungers (both covered and uncovered) available as well as some chairs on the resort grounds behind the beach. There was a server on the beach to take drink & food orders (who then went up to the bar to get them). The beach was nice soft sand, with no drop-off into or out of the water. A very idyllic, peaceful place. When we were done with the beach, (and there are outdoor showers & foot showers right behind the beach) we walked up to the bar (which is adjacent to the pool with swim-up bar access from there), and had some libations there in the shade. At the beach or pool bar, they run a tab & you pay for drink/food when you're done. We didn't eat, but their menu looked good (and reasonably priced.) Also some loungers next to the pool & bar, most of them spread out for a feeling of privacy. All of the employees were extremely nice & friendly, and we felt like we we were being treated the same as the resort guests. When we got ready to leave, the woman at the reception desk called us a taxi ... and we waited comfortably in the lobby until our ride arrived. We waited about 30 mins for the taxi back to the port .... fare back was $20 (the taxi driver said that he was stationed at a nearby resort) and took about 15 minutes driving time. This was a wonderfully relaxing beach day and a way to step away from the crowds during a great, but port intensive, cruise. If (when!) we get back to St. Lucia, I would certainly do this again & the only change I would make would be to spend more time there (we were there about 3 hrs) & maybe take advantage of the infinity pool and food offerings (and a couple of more Caribbean drinks). My only selfish hope is that it doesn't get TOO popular ... and change the experience. I hope this helps you & others considering Calabash Cove and gives you an idea of what to expect.
  3. We went to Calabash Cove on a cruise last week (on the recommendation of this forum) and everything Reed Princess said above was spot on. Great experience. We were treated like regular guests. We were the only "cruise people" there, had our pick of shaded loungers. As stated above, there are many steps down to the beach and we're not young & real spry ... but so worth getting there (and drink service from the bar on the beach.) I plan to write a more complete review in the coming days ... but it was well worth the price and getting to, and we'd go again.
  4. Just back from a cruise that included Aruba, and we went to Reflexions for the first time. (Previously had been to Palm Beach) Reflexions a quick taxi ride from port ... lounger with umbrella was $20 I think ... nice sand beach with easy in-and-out of the water (no drop-off) and no rocks in the water. Not very crowded by Aruba beach standards. Reflexions Bar/Grill was good, good drink service at lounger. I plan to write a more detailed report soon. I've never been to Barcelo's, so can't make a comparison.
  5. Med02 When we did this last year, I think we paid $10-$15 total for the taxi to take us to the other terminal ... hand our luggage off to the porters (that only took about 2 mins) ... then back in the taxi to the Harbor Shops. I tipped the driver $10. Then the cab back from Harbor Shops to the port ... probably the same fare, which I think it pretty much a minimum. Getting a cab at Harbor Shops was quick & easy (we called Yellow Cab ourselves.) The process was well worth it to us and, in the big picture of what the cruises cost, the cost wasn't that much for the convenience. Have a great trip in January!
  6. Terry in NJ: I've been to Turner's Beach the last two years, and they've had jet-ski rentals there.
  7. I need some advice on post-cruise transportation, POM to a Fort Lauderdale Beach hotel, in December. It will be 2 people, about 5 pieces of luggage (we'll be coming off 21 days of cruising). I know Uber will be a suggestion, but I've never done them before and I'm thinking the post-cruise terminal chaos might not be the right time to start. I know some shuttles contractually can't go POM to Ft. Lauderdale hotels. I've looked at doing MetroShuttle ... but have seen mixed reviews on their service. Is there another service someone might recommend? I don't mind sharing a shuttle, but I'm also willing to pay a little more for a dependable, stress free ride. Thanks for any help you can offer!
  8. I am doing a similar thing as the OP in December, I'm staying at BW Ocenside+ after a cruise that ends in Miami ... never stayed there before, but (like the opinion of a poster previously), have heard good things about it's location & convenience. I haven't finalized transportation yet from POM to Fort Lauderdale hotel, but I'm looking at MetroShuttle ($30pp in a shared van). I know from past experience a cab will cost about $75 ... I've never used Uber, don't know if I want to make POM post-cruise chaos my first venture into that. Hope this helps!
  9. We did this last year, got off a RCCL ship (Adventure) to get on HAL ship (Koningsdam). We got a taxi ... had them take us to the Koningsdam pier ... had the taxi wait while checking our luggage in with the porters ... then had the taxi take us to Harbor Shops (lunch at Duffy's, pick up some snacks at the grocery store there.) It was a short trip for the taxi driver, but I told him up front what I wanted to do and that I would tip him well --- which I did. Then, after a short walk, caught a cab back to the port and checked in on the Koningsdam. Gave us a nice little break between the cruises.
  10. GimmeAdventure!: Try grainger.stan@gmail.com
  11. We have done the Marriott off a cruise on St. Kitt's 3 times, and plan to do it again next month. I echo Paul58 above on taxi price ... short length of ride (and gives you a nice scenic look at the island) ... and ease of getting a taxi back to the ship. The Marriott people treat you great ... the beach is peaceful & the loungers spread out, with plenty of shaded ones available ... pool also available along with a nice little hotel beach bar & restaurant. There's a reason we keep going back.
  12. We've done the Calabaza trip twice --- and have it booked again during a cruise this December. My Wife loves to snorkel ... I've snorkeled but enjoy just staying on the catamaran. Great service, drinks, food, clean & uncrowded. Maybe our all-time favorite excursion.
  13. Following up to the above ... I just booked this tour for Dec. 8th. Researched it, found the reviews to be good ... the photos look good ... the price is right ... but the real reason I'm writing this is to say how good the response from the tour operator (Stan Grainger) has been. Answered all my questions, quick to reply to my e-mails ... very impressive. This will be our first time to Grenada & I'm looking forward to this tour
  14. I'm interested in this for this date. I'll contact JNJ & check it out ...
  15. I've stayed at Fairfield Inn-Airport/Cruiseport twice, once with late arrival. Free shuttle airport-to-hotel, shuttle for fee hotel-to-cruise port. A Wendy's across the parking lot that stays open late (for the night you arrive). Nice, convenient hotel.
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