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  1. Try Celebrity. We are very pleased with them and have been on most of the cruise lines that serve the US, so we can compare.
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    Many thanks for your quick responses!:)
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    Does the Jewel have laundry rooms on it?
  4. OK-got it. I would confirm with NCL before or once you get on the ship, but the first payment for your $150 spent on ship, should be from the NR OBC and then your TA OBC of $100-they should take $50 and give you a cash refund of $50. I wish I could be of more help and maybe someone else can help more, but my best suggestion to ask someone once you get on board and if they will not do it the way I think they will, then you will need to make $50 in purchases on board not to lose it and then I would think about another cruise line. Not doing the way to benefit the cruiser is tacky in my opinion.
  5. Non-refundable OBC is just what it says it is- non-refundable Let's say you have $200 NR and $200 OBC from your travel agent(which is refundable). You spend $225 on the ship. You should get $175, or at least that is what every other cruise line I have been on(15+ cruises on different cruise lines). Just to be sure, check with them at the front desk. Also, good reason not to pay tips in advance or book cruises until you get on ship, so that way your OBCs will not be lost, no matter what NCL's policies are. PS-did not understand what UBP and DSC meant so answer might not be addressing what you are asking-sorry.
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    27 days out question ...

    I do not know the info about the upsells or losing dining package, but think that it may be a problem with the upsell, wanting connecting Haven and balcony cabins on the upsell. Good luck! Give your travel agent another call and say in message that if they cannot return the call today, that you will call back and ask for a manager. That might get a quicker response.
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    Considering other cruise lines - thoughts?

    I agree with the others about Celebrity. They are now our cruise line of choice but have to say that we that we look at the ports the cruise lines go to first. We also love Oceania a lot, but more expensive on every cabin/suite categories. I like Oceania's small ships. Better service-great service in fact- on smaller ships than the new larger ships. We just went on a terrible cruise with RCCL(ports great, many crew members were not) where someone at Customer Service desk told me not to expect a lot of RCCL, because they are the "cheap" cruise line. (Truth) We are sailing soon on NCL because of ports and great rates. Back to Oceania, Celebrity, and Cunard the remainder of this year. As you can tell, we LOVE cruising! Also, Celebrity and Oceania are casual dressing, but you can dress up, but no jackets required. FYI: Princess still requires(as of last Sept.) require jackets or long sleeved shirts for men. No special rules for women. Be sure to avoid Cunard if you do not want to dress up-they require jackets and ties most evens and black suits or tuxs for their formal nights. Women really dress up on formal nights and other nights more than office casual. Not a cruise line for those who do not to dress up.
  8. [quote name='abe3']Lol. All you people questioning people's pictures. Need to get a life. Lots more things to worry about than shrimp sizes, no shrimp and so forth.[/quote] Totally agree!
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    What currency for tips? And hair dryers or curling irons?

    *** We always leave all the tips on our cabin account(unless we have a problem with our cabin steward) and then give extra to all those crew members that did special things for us. All personal preferences.
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    Proper Cunard dress

    Thank you. I did use a travel agent. You comments made me look further on line and found out much more about the dress codes and I thank you. Our cruise actually have 3 nights where jackets are optional. The rest of the time my husband will be in a black suit, black jacket with other colors of pants, velvet jacket for formal nights, and of course, ties. We realize Cunard is a special cruise line and it is important to us to be properly dressed! We look forward to the cruise! Thank you!
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    Diamonds Inter/Tanzinite Inter

    No, you did not miss anything but getting ripped off. My husband bought me a tanzanite pendant and they tossed in some other junk for $2500. Got home, had an appraised and he said it was worth $1650. Turns out the stone was cracked, so worth less! The necklace they gave me with it-the closure broke first time I touched it. The guarantee the cruise lines gives you is not worth the paper it is written on. They refused to accept my appraisal because my appraiser sold jewelry out of his home. The appraiser had to be someone that did not buy or sell jewelry. They gave me one name in Charlotte(19th largest city in US), but I did not trust him. The others were 3 hours away( one was dealing with a brain tumor) or I could go to New York, to their person there. Admittedly, I am not an educated buyer, but many people who buy on cruises, I believe, are impulse buyers, like we were. Carnival and their guarantee people plus TI people were worthless. I may not be an educated buyer, but I am a person who takes her problems to the top. I contacted the CEO of my credit card and his rep contacted me within 2 days. Long story short(finally!), after about one month of complaining and send 40 pages of e-mails, I got my $2500 back from the credit card people! So, moral of the story, I would not trust DI or TI as far as I could pick up and through their store, unless you have money to throw away and don't mind possibly end up looking a like fool.
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    Proper Cunard dress

    Well said. Thank you!
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    Proper Cunard dress

    Thank you. We are traveling from Venice, to Zadar, Kotor, Corfu, Naples, Rome, Barcelona, Ajaccio, Monte Carlo, Livorno, and ends in Rome. We just came back from Oman and Israel and the dress codes were very strict and we were always properly dressed. We have never been improperly dressed on any cruise ship and cruise port, and most of the time, over dressed. We plan on packing to cover all possible dress codes enforced on the Queen Victoria. We appreciate all the kind and helpful comments we received on this thread and will go forward with packing, using those suggestions. Thank you all.
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    Proper Cunard dress

    I never received a brochure.
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    Proper Cunard dress

    Many thanks to all the people that commented. I feel much better now and know we will be dressed appropriately! Happy cruising! PS-this is one of the reasons I love Cruise Critic-kind people like you all!