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  1. yes it is the last sea day. We did the Dr. Seuss breakfast and then ran to the behind the fun tour. Wish we could have stayed longer at the Dr. Seuss breakfast. I hope the next one we will do the breakfast again so we can stay the whole time.
  2. What i did to to book ours as soon as i got on the ship went to the excursion desk. My husband just caught up to me. the faster you get to the desk the better. After i booked that then we went get a drink and eat.
  3. If you get the package with the canvas have the graduate take a picture by their self and use it as a "graduation picture" and try to sneak in a cap and gown lol
  4. I just use a folder like this. http://v501.britlink.com/P1110/DesktopDefault.aspx?Alias=StireOffice&TabID=45233&AID=-1&ItemID=2448070&Sku=UNV50780
  5. Your sister could ask her church for a way of the cross book and she could have her own service.
  6. My husband and I was asking the same question. We are booked for the Carnival give back with the church and it will be on Saturday but it will be before 4:00 so it will be too early for Saturday Vigil. So since this answers our question i guess we plan on just having bible time.
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