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  1. You need to be careful. We were on the Eurodam some years ago and on April Fool's Day there was a different day of the week rug in every elevator!
  2. The notice listed below is not correct. The new Statendam is sailing from Barcelona to Rome in Sept 15 2021 N Statendam - 17-Sep-21 - 7 day Canada & New England Discovery crunchii & Zarmengar
  3. We are sailing from Barcelona to Rome in Sept 2021, it appears that that cruise will actually sail. I called HAL yesterday to ask them if I can get a covid test on board to meet the US airline requirements for flying home. I was told YES, HAL offers the tests for free on cruises that disembark in foreign port. The agent I spoke to aid that this information is available on the HAL website; I said that I could not find it on the website which is why I called. He said it is on the HAL website but did not provide a hint how to find it.
  4. Thank you for the prompt answers to my query. I apologize since it seems that I touched a sensitive topic.
  5. We have just booked our first cruise on Regent, for August 2022. I see that Regent does not charge for gratuities, but do passenger tip? We have sailed Holland America often and we tip selected staff members based on our experience with them while in the cruise. Are those kinds of tips common on Regent?
  6. Here is some detail information about Piraeus..... https://www.whatsinport.com/Piraeus-Athens.htm some of it may be a bit dated.
  7. Piraeus is the largest and most important of Athens ports, about 10 km south of Athens city center. There is a train from Athens to Piraeus but it is an inconvenient walk from the train station to the port entrance with luggage. I suggest find a good hotel in Athens and hire a can from Athens to the port.
  8. We are scheduled on an April TA on the Nieuw Statendam. We booked Rudi’s online for $40 pp and assumed we would get a 50% 4Star discount. Today we checked the cost of Rudi’s on a midsummer Baltic cruise and it is $49 pp. When we double checked our April TA Rudi’s can still be booked at $40 pp. I believe HAL is honoring the original pricing but charging the higher price for new reservations. We will wait and see what discount we get….
  9. You need to do some research on each port. A good first start is to look at the excursions that HAL offers in each port. I am not recommending HAL excursions but just use them as a list of what is generally available in each port. If you have little experience in the Baltic region you will find that English is understood in most of Scandinavia and in Germany. Another easy place to look is Tripadvisor.com just enter the name of the city and look at things to do. You did not indicate what interests you: history, museums, shopping whatever. I have walked around a number of Baltic and Scandinavian ports and just visited highlights without much expense. St Petersburg is a special case and usually requires an excursion; there a several reliable companies that are much less expensive than HAL excursions.
  10. I have returned from a Caribbean cruise on January 26th. Since then I have received several messages from the HAL Navigator that are reservation reminders. The latest was yesterday on Feb 2 reminding me that I have a Pinnacle Grill reservation for 6:00 PM. I have not touched the Navigator since we got off the ship and I certainly did not make reservations for days I am not on board. Has anyone else had this experience?
  11. I appreciate the heads up to check the fares. I checked my fare from the pre-Thanksgiving private sale and discovered my Baltic cruise was now $1100 (for two) cheaper. East to get the fare adjusted. Thanks!
  12. In 2016 we had a full day tour for 3 of us from contact@ephesustours.biz which is part of a larger Turkish tour company whose name I cannot recall. We were met at the dock by a guide a driver and a comfortable car. We had arranged in advance for a full day tour of Ephesus and some additional stops. They were excellent and I would use them.
  13. We tried Blend on the Koningsdam in March 2019. We only did it because it was a sea day, we were a little bored, and the price was half off. We are reasonably knowledgeable about wine and we came away with a decent bottle of wine we enjoyed at home. The experience was fun, but I doubt we will repeat it.
  14. I have enjoyed upsells from Veranda to Neptune several times by hopefully waiting for an email or phone offering. Last time I wanted an upsell, I called HAL before they started upsells on that particular cruise and requested that I be considered; I later received and upsell that I thought was too expensive so I a said 'call me when the price drops again'. A week later I received and upsell offer that was about half of the first offer and I accepted.
  15. A few years ago I was on the Eurodam (I think) and there was a different day on each elevator carpet. Took me a few minutes to remember it was April Fool's day.
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