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  1. My wife and I are leaving on the Jazz cruise on the Equinox tomorrow. Even though we have a nice 2B on the six deck with a great balcony. I’m not all that happy. It’ll be the first time we’re not in Aqua in a very long time. In fact out of nearly forty cruises, mostly S-Class, we’ve been in the exact same cabin or the one next to it thirty times or more. The problem is wheelchair accessibility. Those cabins sell out so fast, we have to book as soon as they release them, which is usually more than a year in advance. So ask me if I like Aqua? No question there! One deck down and you have the Solarium the AquaSpa Cafe and spa facilities just a couple of steps away. Two decks up and you’re in Sky for the Elite party or some other fun event, and the best sailaway venue on the ship. The theater is five decks straight down. If it wasn’t for Blu, which is amazing, I might never get to another part of the ship! Nah, just kidding I need the coffee from Al Bacio, once in a while a specialty restaurant, and that occasional trip to the feeding trough in Oceanview. JMHO.
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