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  1. Absolutely! I’m optimistic about cruising next year too. And my post was just to describe a technique. I bought several hundred shares about three weeks before two Caribbeans and a TA. Soon as I got the confirmation, used the online form, got the credit. Then ‘X’ cancelled. I’ve already sold them all for that 29% profit. Then I sold another option, far out, where I’ll probably end up with the 100 shares, about a month before our next cruise (mid-21). If I don’t, and it expires worthless, I’ll use the profit to just buy the 100 shares, and then apply for the credit on a
  2. That’s a really good post. And it goes directly to the point of why your broker should be directly looking at why you should hedge, and presenting you with other potential investments. Yes, the cruise credit is great, but it’s a pittance compared to potential losses, or gains. I’m not talking about taking a flyer on options, investing in a hedge fund, or some other crazy strategy. I’m just saying that if you’re retired, you want to limit your downside risk, and you’re concerned about risk, these are real concerns. After all, you really don’t want to experien
  3. For me, it presented a great opportunity. I like to invest in beaten down stocks and bonds, where I have good hard analytics, and the securities are taking undeserved punishment. I believe there was an article out today, specifically citing RCL as being in a strong position, compared to the other cruise lines, with cash / credit to “weather the storm”. So, my RCL latest investing experience is detailed below. No taxes either! In: 3/25/20 at $28.41 Out: 4/24/20 at 36.67 Profit: $8.26 / share or 29% / month. However the real money was is the options, so I gues
  4. Lost? Holy mackerel, I’m up 120%, as of today’s closing market data. Check out the charts. In Mandarin, the symbol for opportunity, and danger, are extremely similar. Odd coincidence right? Been going on for millennial, just accelerated with the the velocity of today’s markets. Somewhere, here on CC, I laid out why this might be true. Search my profile to find the post. See you on another cruise! Hopefully not too far in the future!
  5. Well, I officially pronounce you as a genius, because you listened to all of the official advice, even when others castigated the rest to of us for honesty. E-mail reply only.today, totally impossible to get through to a live CVP., as of several days ago. Thanks for weighing in, nice to know that there are still a few rational individuals left in on the planet!
  6. Totally with you. Sad thing is that we’re still locked down here in South Florida, at least for the long term. Can’t leave our homes without masks, protective equipment, and a valid excuse. No end in sight, anytime soon. So I can’t provide any of you folks with any more information. Really sorry, but our municipal, local, state, and national governments don’t want to give us more up-to-date, or any true and forthright info. As I posted, and was vilified for, 2020 is dead for us. Not my opinion, it’s what X has already posted. Sorry, Wish I had b
  7. Thanks, Good post. You’ve always brought great info to the threads, and we appreciate your quality input, and insightful comments! Ruth and Larry
  8. Yup, Until they add another 100 days, because we’re not sure yet. Optimistically, I hope it's done long before. Thanks!
  9. HCAT, Thanks for that last post. Makes me feel good for posting items on issues, those for which I actually have documentation, and evidence. It captures the essence of why the purported “misinformation”, info of which many bloggers deny is hurting cruisers. So ... they continue to post about how the whole thing is overblown, and I’m an alarmist. Top number one comment, “We’re still going, no matter what!”. Great until you’re cancelled a week before you try to get on a plane. Thanks for engaging with fact, not innuendo!
  10. Pushka, Tough decisions, and the only advice I can legitimately provide, is that you live in a beautiful, diverse, and really large country. Jump in your car, travel at home, support your local businesses, and wait for all of this nonsense to fade away. As it ultimately will over time, but maybe a quite a protracted period of time! The EU will be more far more restrictive than our US politically motivated leadership. So their restrictions will long extend beyond those of the US. Take the offer for a 100% refund, if that’s what they offer to you, so you can weather the s
  11. Pushke, Not to add to the bazillion points, already discussed here on CC. CC just put new info up on the site: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5275/?et_cid=3326246&et_rid=16875594&et_referrer=Boards It summarizes many things on our minds, and may provide info that hasn’t shown “down under”, yet. Ruth & Larry
  12. Yup, Not only is it 100% true for you Aussies, but I think the Kiwis are in the same situation. I'm US based, so our terms are different. I’ve taken Celebrity’s offer to cancel everything, for a full refund through the end of 2020. My advice, for what it’s worth, if you wait, you might get a better deal. Look at the Celebrity site for how their “Cruise with Confidence” policy applies to Aussies. We’ve moved some cruises out to mid-2021, at no cost with only a small down payment required, but only where we had unique itineraries, ones that we really wanted.
  13. I agree with your precept completely. Expanded credit lines, reductions in workforce, and preserving liquidity are exactly what RCL needs to do to weather this potentially disastrous, and quite possibly extremely protracted financial storm. Slow-rolling reimbursements, expanding the credit line, lengthening out the pace of the “Revolution” (already happening), asking for more time to pay for Edge, Apex & Beyond, along with other prudent financial moves? All necessary. The cost borne by their loyal employees, that’s a completely different matter, and quite frankly, a
  14. Boy, things have really changed in the twenty years we’ve cruised with X as well. Also, my comment about the dedicated CVP had more to do with my spouse’s mobility issues than our status, just that both events happen to coincide in time. I appreciated your comment about getting tired of repeatedly getting pinged. I get some pretty nice comments from cruisers I’ve tried to help with port knowledge, and itineraries. In particular scuba excursions, as I’ve been teaching, and organizing trips for both disabled and able-bodied divers, to the islands. I know many good operators who are r
  15. Since cruise ships frequently port in the US, and RCL prides itself on “Accessible Cruising”, and already has procedures for handling medical waste like sharps.I wonder how the “Americans With Disabilities Act” (ADA) will play into this new paradigm? My European friends tell me that the EU has a similar law, although there are significant differences, especially with respect to “grandfathered” facilities? I guess they mean older historic structures, which that wouldn’t apply.in this case. Or maybe it would, at least for the older ships? Maybe the industry could come up
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