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  1. Hey, Robert! I found you! Can't wait to read the entire thread. Thanks for your help with the Mobile Passport, it did work for us and at the time we were leaving the line there was MUCH shorter than the other one (around 8:30).
  2. Thank you! Was sad to barely miss Mario when we board 2/15 but will look forward to meeting Gamaliel. :)
  3. Thanks. Haven't met Francisco but looks like I'm going to next month!
  4. Mario is on on Serenade but something I read on his fb timeline indicates he'll get off the ship 1/25. I knew he was going to be gone before we get there 2/15.
  5. Yes, Rahul is the Concierge on Freedom. We have sailed with him twice. The first time, the wording in the letter in our cabin was confusing to us so we stopped into the lounge the first night to ask where the D+ were to go. Rahul seemed a bit dismissive and told us to go to the lounge in the front on deck five. We eventually learned that we would have been fine in the Concierge Lounge. However, we again sailed with Rahul in October and he was very nice, so the first time there may have been mis-communication.
  6. Me too, Karen! I will definitely pass on your message. I was a little sad to read that Ricardo was gone. He was our first ever concierge when we reached D status. But it sounds like we're about to make a new friend!
  7. Will be on Navigator 12/12. Haven't yet met, Amit so will look forward to meeting him, based on comments here.
  8. Oh wow Pat, I am so sorry to hear this. I hope to sail with you again, too. You can email me at my address, it's aol and the same as my CC name.
  9. Wow! Long time no see! As soon as I saw your post and where you were from I knew who you were. I know you two came up in a conversation between Jeff and I a few months ago, something to do with trash, as I recall, lol. Yes, we did talk about those cabins during one of our cruises together! We likely had one on the first cruise where we met, Mariner. BTW, circumstances since we last met dictate that I could change my CC name to "GrandmaDHair", but I'm not going there, lol! ;)
  10. I hear ya, it was a tough call. But the first time we took the JS and were upgraded AGAIN during check-in at the pier...couldn't complain about that Grand Suite at all, lol!
  11. I have had the deck 10 corner aft cabins many times. Coincidentally, the two times we were upgraded on those ships we were booked in the corner aft! Take care of 1400! It will be ours the week after your cruise!
  12. Awesome, and looky who the staff captain was, Captain Johnny! :D
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