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  1. Hi, all, looking forward to finally getting back to cruising and have booked a sailing on the Norwegian Pearl. It's the first time I'll be on this ship. Based on the deck plans I've seen, it does appear that there are separate sauna, steam and thermal suite areas for male and female passengers that are within the spa area. Does anyone know if these are limited only to passengers receiving spa treatments or with some paid spa access option? Or are these available for free to anyone? Also, I see 2 "steam" areas designated outside of the spa facility, but no reference to gender. I also don't see any layouts for the locker room areas. Anyone have intel on either of these as well?
  2. Thanks very much, coldflame. Exactly what I was hoping to hear! I appreciate your reply.
  3. We'll be sailing on the Norwegian Pearl in January 2022 and have booked a Deluxe Owner's Suite in Haven on deck 10. Looking at some images and videos of similar rooms on sister ships, it appears that our private balcony is overlooked by the bridge (i.e. the glass wall of the bridge ends where our stateroom ends and balcony begins, so our entire balcony is visible from the bridge. Anyone have an idea what rules might apply to our ability to be nude on sea days (not while in port)? Or are we stuck with swimsuits even while enjoying our own balcony? Are there any CO areas anywhere on the Pearl, even if not officially CO but where it's tolerated and crew leave you alone?
  4. Ah, thanks for confirming that date. Shame you don't have a friend willing to commit! Think you'll go ahead and book and hope that one of them will come through? Would be nice to have a fellow Atlantan on board!
  5. Partner and I booked this new itinerary on the Norwegian Pearl just announced by Atlantis. It sails from Miami like the other Atlantis January Caribbean cruise, but has a more interesting (in my opinion) itinerary, including Panama, Colombia, Honduras, Cayman Islands and Costa Rica. Any others booked this trip also? Since it's new, it's currently available for booking only to Atlantis alumni, but I think it's opening up to everyone next week. I'm guessing it'll sell out pretty quickly.
  6. Hey, all, partner and I recently booked this trip, due to the unusual Black Sea itinerary. I know it's still a ways out, but has anyone else booked this trip or thinking about it?
  7. Hi, all, anyone else going to be traveling on this beautiful new ship to its exciting destination? Partner and I are really looking forward to it and hoping maybe others from Cruise Critic will be on board with us!
  8. Hi, Anyone else have this cruise booked over Christmas this year?
  9. That’s great news! Thanks for the info. I prefer being able to steam and sauna without a swimsuit, so your answers about Crown Princess make me glad they picked this ship. 🙂
  10. Extended family just booked a sailing on the Crown Princess and have convinced me to join them. Anyone have insight into the current spa situation on that ship? Thanks.
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