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  1. Great advice. never thought of using a pill bottle for the lancets.perfect idea! I will certainly start doing that
  2. do you know if they have sugar free hot chocolate or should I bring my own?
  3. Happy to find someone else on these boards on the cruise with us..... Looking forward to seeing Alaska for the first time. Hubby has been, 30 yrs ago. Thanks for all the wonderful info ....
  4. Penny are you on Westerdam Sept 1? we are also doing a land tour first but only one night in Denali.
  5. I am trying to figure out the luggage policy for an Alaskan land /Sea cruise. the explanation is as clear as mud. I called and the person just read me what I had read. we are doing the land portion first. we fly in from Seattle through Holland . Spend the night in Fairbanks then on to Denali. then to the ship. it says we get one bag for that portion of the trip. Is that one bag(backpack tote) the one we need to carry with us , or will they also deliver one to our room at night?
  6. best way to see Denali in a short time period. half a day. we don't arrive in Denali till 1 pm. we have a 10 hr bus ride the next day to the ship. how are the ATV excursions?
  7. what are the best excursions Holland offers for the land portion in Denali ? Not interested in the flying tours. We are trying to figure out what excursion to book as we leave soon. thanks
  8. cruisin' mama this is our first trip to Alaska , so I am wondering what you would say the must do's are for this trip at each port? also Denali? thanks , your trip sound amazing and jammed packed. Enjoy!
  9. the Holland Cruise we are taking is R8L Seattle Single Denali. 2 1/2 weeks prior to the cruise sounds wonderful . Where are you planning on exploring before the cruise?
  10. thanks everyone, It sounds like we can expect to have a HAL representative meet us at the hotel in Seattle and may not see another HAL representative until we arrive in Fairbanks. I will look for more documentation when we get closer. Thanks.
  11. we are on the Westerdam! we are doing land first. we fly in and out of Seattle. Seattle one night(hotel) aug 29. then we fly to anchorage then to Fairbanks(hotel). then on to Denali for a night(hotel) . then on to Seward( Sept 1) where we board the ship for seven days. then bus to the Seattle airport. it is a one night Denali land portion and a seven day cruise both included.
  12. I haven't found any reviews that do the land portion first. Is anyone else on this cruise with us. I haven't found a roll call and am not sure how to post one! Looking for information on how the flight portion of this cruise goes after arriving in Seattle. Are we are on our own to get ourselves to Fairbanks or is there going to be representative with us.
  13. thank you for your wonderful recap of your experience. I am now looking more forward to my up coming trip. I think i will add air bourne to my list of things to pack and take it a few weeks before we leave too.
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