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  1. If you do it incorrectly, yes it can. I have been wearing my nails for 20 years and my nail tech is my best friend and she has taught me how to properly "tack down" lifting nails in cases like this. I was on a 2 week cruise and was not going to be back in her salon until we came home a week later. No one except her (or one of her co-workers on rare occasions) have ever done my nails. I would not advise any one to do it themselves, I just stated that I went to the salon looking for nail glue and they did not have any.
  2. I don't think so. I wear acrylic nails and I had a couple chip and needed some nail glue when I was on my last cruise (Feb 18 on the Glory) and they couldn't even find nail glue in the salon. I know they can do polish but I don't think they can do acrylics
  3. Kim, I don't post often but I have been thinking about you and hoped that you busy doing all that paperwork for your office while you were laid up. I will keep crossing fingers and toes you get some answers, and some pain relief soon
  4. Anything non-alcoholic is available, they just cut you off from alcoholic beverages
  5. oh no! Get well soon and will look forward to more of your trip in the future
  6. I agree with @purplephenom my DH & I are booked on the Horizon in Feb 2021 to the ABC Islands. These are all totally new islands for us and a totally new ship. We are booked in a Havana Cabana
  7. about a week, I ordered mine last Wed and they attempted delivery yesterday and I missed the UPS guy, got them today
  8. As long as we are in the same cabin I share his benefits - we don't get 2 of things (laundry, pins, "chocolate delight") but his VIFP number would be used for boarding/disembarkation, tenders, dining and dining reservations, so yes in a sense I can "piggy back" on him turning Platinum first.
  9. We are still gold and our first cruise was in 2005, my husband and I each have 36 days right now, but in Feb he will have 44 and I will not. He is cruising with my son since my daughter and I are going to Europe for 2 weeks in July 2020. So I will piggy back off of his Platinum status since when ever we get there he will be first 🙂
  10. Can I see one for Circle C also please? My 13yo and my husband are going on the Magic in Feb (without me, boo-hoo) and he would love to see what goes on
  11. Thanks - Now I know to watch for these. will make a payment on my 2021 cruise and use the credit
  12. I just used a PVP for the first time when I booked by husband/son's trip for Feb 2020. He actually was very helpful as the room my husband had picked out was directly above the casino. Our PVP told me that (I had missed it) and moved them up a deck so that they were between 2 cabin only decks. Other than emails I have not heard from our PVP unless I contact him for something and that is even usually by email
  13. The use a comb to smooth and separate the strands. I have heard of people taking their own combs instead of using the ones they have at the stations
  14. I actually just asked this on John Heald's FB page a couple of weeks ago and he stated at this time there was no plans to implement any sort of mid-level plan. Kind of a bummer when you have teenagers that don't just want soda but aren't old enough for Cheers
  15. I think this is somewhere Carnival is dropping the ball. I think they need a package for kids/teenagers between Bottomless Bubbles and Cheers. I know my 13yo who is going on a cruise 2-2020 with his Dad would love to get Powerades/smoothies/sodas but all he can get with Bubbles is the sodas, his Dad will be getting Cheers and gets everything
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