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  1. Heatherc73 I think we are on the same cruise! I was so disappointed to see how late we were getting into Dubrovnik. I have the same plan..getting a taxi and rushing to the walls, hoping they will keep them open a bit longer since thousands of people literally just docked! I posted a question on the TripAdvisor forum so I will let you and our roll call know if I get different advice....
  2. Thank you! That helps in my planning... So their responsibility is to get us into Venice before midnight two days precruise (Friday). And since the cruise ends on a Saturday, they would fly us home on Monday sometime? So we actually will have only one day to play in Venice (Bummer!) and two days in Barcelona. This will be interesting to see what flights we get from Detroit! $599 was a bargain though so we had to take advantage!
  3. I apologize if this info is somewhere and I just cannot find it! I tried searching just the NCL Board but there seems no way to specify, at least not on my iPad! CC has changed in the past few years that I have been inactive! We booked a cruise with two days deviation in Venice and Barcelona. Our cruise goes out of Venice on a Sunday, does that mean we will fly in on Thursday or Friday? If we fly in from MI on Friday, we will not be there until very late on Friday, so we would have really just one day to play tourist. Likewise on the way home, we get off the ship on Saturday in Barcelona. With a two day deviation, do we fly home on Monday or Tuesday? Want to plan hotel rooms and activities! Thank you so much, and again my apologies for unfamiliarity with the new CC search function!
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