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  1. No Princess cancelled, we were still planning on going up until Princess cancelled.
  2. Received refunds to both c/c used for March 21 Ruby today. Option 2 FCC received a couple of weeks ago. Glad I got the refund without having to dispute c/c or hassle Princess.
  3. Received refunds to both c/c used for March 21 Ruby today. FCC received a couple of weeks ago. Glad I got the refund without having to dispute c/c or hassle Princess. Have further cruises that have been cancelled so will be waiting for refunds on those deposits. Now waiting until I can cruise again. 😀 🛳️⚓
  4. What I said is that they will not cover any trip for covid if the BOOKING was made after covid became known. A year policy lets you make multiple trips in the year. If travel is allowed to NZ in June and I book that, even though my policy was taken out last year before covid, I now would not be covered.
  5. I also had a year policy with them for multiple trips that I have had to cancel. I have checked with them and they have told me that it doesn't matter that policy was taken out before covid any travel booked after that became know will not be covered for any claim involving covid.
  6. I would be happy for Joe Public not booking inside cabins, they will be cheaper for us that dont mind 🤣🛳️
  7. Thanks Brandee - I have received FCC for 1 cruise, just waiting on refund to cc, that was for cruise 22/3 so I know they have my request. Will wait a bit longer, credit card refunds look like they are starting to move. I think the working from home is a big headache for everybody. I know my nephew who is in IT has had a lot of problems setting up laptops to access the company information, he says it not just a matter of giving staff a laptop and wifi. He must set up each laptop seperately, to access only certain information, and must make sure staff home wifi is secure etc as they need to make sure no personal information can be hacked from those staff working from home. I'm sure everyone on these threads would not like their account information and credit card details to get out on the big wide web, so I'm sure Carnival have to make sure their staff have secure internet etc. too.
  8. Here you go with doom and gloom again .... if people are saying they are getting refunds for cruises in that should have been in March and April then they are getting back the FULL amount of the cruise as they would have paid in FULL, not just the deposit. I for one are happy that Princess is finally coming through on the refunds and that all your comments about how they are going bankrupt and they are stealing money and every thing else you said over and over is not coming to fruition. Now we just need a vaccine, then we can all go back to normal- (except PrincessLuver who will have to cruise with a different cruise line. 😁
  9. I am also waiting on a refund for a March cruise and a June cruise. I have received FCC and an email saying March cruise is cancelled and penalty "nil" I am wondering if they are waiting to process the refunds because of some US tax filing or share form that is due soon. Maybe they need the cash to still show up in their account to make the figures look better? Or maybe the cash that they raised is not actually in their bank account yet. If so, I just wish they would tell us an actual day they will begin sending refunds - this lack of communication is disappointing.
  10. Article on ships with covid - check out the pie chart further into the article - Carnival have not done too bad in the number of infected ships BUT I think they are the top in infected passengers numbers. Also of note is the statement: "Carnival provided the most detailed reports, including breakdowns of cases by ship, crew, and passengers. It was the only company to provide this amount of detail." https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article241914096.html Wikipedia has list of ships and infections (might be accurate) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic_on_cruise_ships
  11. 21 March NO Refund YES FCC - did notice .01 short for each of us - wont ask for correction - they may need the .02 cents from both of us 😁
  12. I think it was more the case that incoming passengers, via ship or plan were required to self isolate for 14 days once they arrived home. I mentioned before, I think NSW put on the buses to the airport (not Princess) because they wanted everyone who had flights to go direct to the airport and not wander around Sydney first.
  13. So what judgement do you think Princess should have done, they didnt have the ability to do the covid testing, they took swabs of people with flu like symptoms, they gave them over at 3am, they let NSW Health know via medical log that people were sick that tested negative for flue - this was given to NSW Health 9.39am on the 18th and yet NSW Health still said not important passengers can disembark. The could have done a priority test on the samples that took a few hours, but they didnt , they put it through the normal process.
  14. If you check out the exhibits on https://www.rubyprincessinquiry.nsw.gov.au/hearings/ you will see that NSW Health sent email to Ruby Princess 4.01pm March 17 for information Ruby Princess answered 9.39am on 18th with spreadsheet showing swabs for covid19 were taken from passengers with flu A&B negative results. This should have been the warning to NSW Heath. They had that information in the morning of the 18th in ample time to make their decision by 4.30 that afternoon that should have been HOLD THE PASSENGERS UNTIL TESTS DONE. The updated 20 March spreadsheet should not have been needed.
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