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  1. Just received the email saying my Asia cruise in October 2021 is now cancelled. Was already using FCC from the same cruise cancelled this October towards that one, so really not sure now what to do. With so much uncertainty and cruises on sale for only the early part of 2022, likely to request a refund of the deposit.
  2. Some guests may have paid in full for cruises up to 15 October of course, but i suspect most it will be deposit only. Balance of payments are due soon for cruises after 1 August, if Cunard follow suit this will hopefully avoid similar pain for guests and administration for the cruise company
  3. And the remaining staff are being asked to work 20% less hours for 20% less pay from the start of July to end of November.
  4. I realise there will need to be adjustments and cruising in the future will be different to what we remember, but the whole experience is what we all enjoy. However in my opinion 2/3 full ships, half empty MDR, theatre and lounge areas, afraid to leave stateroom and walk round deck, reduced onboard activities and possibly being unable to stop at scheduled ports of call is not going to be much fun. Am not sure I would even bother dressing up for a formal night. I think my concern would be that any booked cruises are based on what we remember of the experience, nobody knows what cruisin
  5. Completely agree and for the time being no guarantee the cruise will happen, even in October.
  6. Am in UK and just checked, balance for October 2020 cruise that we are booked on is still due in July, 90 days before sets sail.
  7. The issue is that the tickets for the flight have been issued which to be fair I seem to remember being told a few months ago. I had no idea then where we would be now. I guess the cancellation fees are outside of the control of Cunard if it is a scheduled flight.
  8. Has anyone else been made aware of flight cancellation fees if looking to transfer a cruise after August 2020 to next year? Booked direct with Cunard for a cruise with return flights and wanted to transfer to 2021 when things will have hopefully settled dow around the world. No Cunard fee for transferring the cruise, but steep flight cancellation fees.
  9. Referring to Cunard, the art gallery is owned/run by Clarendon Fine Art who also have over 40 galleries across the UK going under the Whitewall Galleries trading name. You can buy direct from them and arrange shipping.
  10. Booked on the Tokyo to Singapore Cruise in October, have bought the guidebooks and so looking forward to it. The Med would be nice as a stop gap
  11. We saw a drone overhead when we left Southampton on QE last year, was a reasonable distance so as not to cause concern. A quick look after and I found a YouTube channel where the user uploads drone footage of every cruise ship that arrives and departs Southampton. As the cruise we were on departed from and returned to Southampton, I was able to watch footage of us leaving and arriving back to port. On that occasion QM2 was docking just behind us, so a bonus.
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