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  1. My friend and I also missed Skywalkers and the wraparound promenade deck. I love walking on the promenade deck while listening to audiobooks. I really did miss that while on the Royal.
  2. I will be on the Royal with you. Please share your decibel readings so I can share with my audiologist daughter 😊
  3. Wow, three times! May I ask, what don’t you like about the Royal? I totally agree about Matt O!
  4. You go, girl or boy! That’s seriously awesome. I’m excited having two in one month but neither one is solo.
  5. These are people that are on a cruise ship, on vacation. I live in California and I’ve been around a lot of entertainers; I’m so sorry if I haven’t been in the right environment , lol.
  6. You are allowed to check your soda with luggage tags. I’ve done this on over 30 cruises without any problems except for the last two cruises out of the port of Los Angeles. Nine cans look like the photos, one broke open and soda leaked everywhere, and I think two survived without any damage. If I can manage it I will carry onboard but if not, then I will try it one more time. I always buy the soda package but I like to have soda in the room too.
  7. Thank you for your review and again for posting the MUTS & On Demand movies. I really appreciate it. How awful that the person didn’t pic up the dog poo. I hope they cleaned the carpet. I’ve never seen a service animal bark or growl at people.
  8. I’m confused, I thought the channel islands were north of the Port of Los Angeles in LA County, Santa Barbara County, and Ventura county?
  9. I have an iPhone 6 so maybe that’s where the problem is. It’s wonderful that yours is working.
  10. I love the whole idea about the medallion. When it works, it’s awesome. And as an added bonus, my bracelet looks super cute.
  11. HBCcruiser, thank you so much! This is perfect! Did you choose to be under the white awning or in the open sun? We will be there on a sea day heading towards San Francisco.
  12. We are thinking about booking a day pass to the Sanctuary on the Royal Princess. Do you have a favorite chair/location that you would be willing to share with us? There are two of us. I have to have a plan when I make a run for it. Also, I would love to see photos if you have any to share. Thank you!
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