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  1. I booked a snorkel excursion with Dive Fair Helen, for a snorkel tour, on their dive boat. I booked this with a third party, and then recently got an email that I need to contact Dive Fair Helen directly to coordinate a pickup spot. I have emailed Dive Fair Helen directly more than once, and tried to book the tour directly with them also, but have received no response from them. At this point, I'm wondering if I should cancel the excursion with the third party altogether. Anyone have experience with Dive Fair Helen? It's been over a week worth of trying to contact them.
  2. We are interested in the Pitons Cruise and Snorkel as well since our preference is to mainly snorkel. Celebrity says it uses a third party operator for this. Has anyone done this tour. I was comparing this to the Ambrose Spencer tour which is the same price but goes to two beaches. But the celebrity excursion says you snorkel directly from the boat versus Spencer where you snorkel from the beach I think. Woukd rather give my money to a local operation but it’s a hard choice in this case. We are on the November 2 sailing.
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