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  1. I'd combine your cruise with a land vacation and hit London and Paris plus something away from the cities. 20 years ago we took our boys on a three week London, Paris, Normandy (Bayuex Tapestry, Landing Beaches, and Mont Saint Michel) trip with some Loire valley castles and a weekend in Switzerland thrown in. They were 9, 11, and 13, and are all now independent travelers who love to see the world. I love cruising, and (fingers crossed) we're doing the Greek Isles in 2022, but I'm glad we did the trip we did with our boys.
  2. No, because we are not doing Caribbean itineraries any more except for family trips, and the airfare will price us out (we can drive to all Florida ports) when taking the kids and grandkids along. Hopefully by the time we want to do one of those, they'll be back in Florida. Fingers still crossed for Pacific and Europe in 2022!!
  3. Hubby is all done. I got my first Pfizer on Tuesday. Can't wait to be two weeks past the second dose!
  4. That's correct. We also booked the least expensive week, which was outside the L&S four week window. Also there was really good cabin selection, so there was no reason to keep our (highly doubtful) July '21 booking.
  5. Took your advice, cancelled the July cruise. Moved it to end of August 2022, and saved several hundred dollars on my aft JS!!
  6. Agree - when we started cruising with our boys, they were old enough to do their own thing on the ship, hang out in the tween/teen areas, etc. Having all the things to do on the ship, for all ages and stages made cruising the best all-around family vacation. And once our grandkids are past the toddler stage, it will be again. For now, our cruising is just the two of us, and new places to see is the attraction. We're still less than an hour from our front door to check-in at the Port of Tampa, and easy driving distance to the other Florida ports, so I'm sure there are plenty of "for the ship" c
  7. We are retired/semi-retired now, and don't need the "get away and be pampered" as much as when we were working and raising kids. We built our own backyard paradise a couple of years ago. Pool, spa, music of our choice, cheap drinks and no chair hogs. So these days we are all about the itinerary. We may do some Caribbean cruises to be with friends and family, but our currently booked cruises are all places we've never been.. Greek Isles, New Zealand, Transpacific. Of course, all this is up in the air, but we can wait.😁
  8. Sounds like we continue our game of chicken. We have a great price on a JS, so as soon as they cancel we'll try to Lift and Shift our Greek Isles cruise to '22.
  9. We're waiting for our July '21 Greek Isles on Rhapsody to get cancelled. Plan to lift and shift to '22. Wondering can/should we do that now, while stateroom availability is better...
  10. Agree. As a grandparent, I can't imagine living with knowing that my actions led to the injury or death of one of my precious grandchildren, regardless of legal consequences.
  11. When our July 21 Greek Isles cruise gets cancelled, we're going to buy a camper and hit the national parks. Since there's no vaccine on the horizon for me (hubby gets his second shot next week, but I'm not old enough) and international travel, hotels and restaurants seem like an unlikely option, this seems like a good option. We already have the tow vehicle, and travel trailers are pretty reasonable.
  12. We're booked for a Greek Isles cruise out of Venice in late July. We haven't booked air, hotels, or anything else. I don't think that it's going to happen.
  13. We got a really good price on a JS, so we may do a lift and shift, if it works to have the same price. Otherwise, if we could do a Greek Isles + Transatlantic B2B, that would be cool. Based on the evening news, the odds of a July cruise from Italy in 2021 are vanishingly low.
  14. We're booked on a July 2021 to the Greek Isles out of Venice. I am about 98% sure this isn't going to happen. We're hopeful for a spring 2022 B2B we have booked (New Zealand + Transpacific). If our July Europe cruise gets cancelled, we might look at doing something similar at the end of the Europe season, then combining it with a Transatlantic. Back in the before times, what did this look like? When does the repo usually sail back to the states? This is all pure conjecture and daydreaming, but that's about all we can do with regards to cruising right now, so all opinions and
  15. Not booking anything new, but we keep rebooking as our cruises get cancelled. Next up: July 2021 Greek Isles. I'm not optimistic, but if they cancel, we'll book something for 2022. We are really hoping that our 2022 B2B with Transpacific happens.
  16. Back to the original question - YES! My husband (over 65) just was able to sign up for his vaccine. I'm waiting for my demographic to open up. Also, my guess is that masks will be an ongoing requirement in public spaces for a while. Which is fine with me. Not everyone can get the vaccine, and it's not 100% effective. I just want to travel again!!!!
  17. I called Air 2 Sea, and right now due to current travel restrictions they are only booking flights in and out of the port city (Venice). Since we want to do a week in the south of France and a week in Italy before and after the cruise, we'd like to do an open jaw, Paris/Lyon and Rome. I think we'll sit on the sidelines for a bit longer, or book a refundable fare on the itinerary we want. On the other hand, if Celebrity is cancelling, Royal probably isn't far behind, so I may wait and see for a couple of weeks.
  18. We're booked on a July 24 cruise out of Venice. Ordinarily by now we would already have plane tickets in hand. Obviously, "ordinarily" doesn't apply this year. I'm starting to look at tickets, and don't WANT to wait until last minute, but... I just don't know what the sweet spot is for pulling the trigger, given the strong possibility of another cancellation. If you're in the same boat, how are you making the decision? Thanks!
  19. We just booked the Quantum transpacific for October 2021. It was a lift and shift from the April 2021 on the Serenade, and a GREAT price. Fingers crossed. I noticed that when you look at deck plans there is a pre-May 2021 and post-May 2021 option. Does anyone know what they are going to do to the Quantum that would change the deck plans?
  20. We are supposed to head to Cozumel on Royal Caribbean on 4/23. Their new policy is that we can cancel and get a full credit for a future cruise (to be used by the end of 2021) up to 48 hours before the day of departure. My company (which has a lot of smart people) has cancelled all non critical business travel and all attendance at conferences with over 100 people. My husband is over 60. The government and cruise industry don't have a handle on what to do if someone tests positive, and I don't want to risk spending weeks in a petri dish. We cruise a LOT, and have been to Cozumel multiple
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